Does Being Based in the Market Matter Anymore?

The Em Rusciano Radio Show, with Harley Breen, will have talent not be based in Sydney but from Melbourne. That’s a fact but does it matter?

Great content is great content, I don’t mind where it comes from”, Hit Network Head of Content  Gemma Fordham told Radio Today.

Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph quoted a SCA spokesperson over the weekend confirming “they will be “commuting” between their home bases in the Victorian capital and Sydney.”

Some talent being based in another market is nothing new, several networks shows already do it in Drive and Nova will be doing the same thing for Mornings and Afternoons; pushing Nova Sydney talent to Melbourne but Breakfast has generally had the main talent based in the market they broadcast from.

Radio Today  quizzed Gemma about how The Em Rusciano Radio Show, with Harley Breen will work:

“The show production will be in Sydney and the talent will be between Sydney and Melb. Great content is great content, I don’t mind where it comes from. As we all know every network has shows with the same fluidity and coming from other markets (and countries at times).”

In Sydney – we are pretty confident all the main Breakfast teams live in the market – take your pick WSFM, smooth, KIIS (outside Kyle's LA jaunts), 2GB, Triple M.. the list goes on – so does being On-Air not being based in the home market everyday matter any more?

Righto(21:18 16 Jan 2017)
Gemma is right, it really doesn't matter where the talent are based. KIIS and Nova both already regularly have talent sitting in studios on opposite sides of the planet sometimes and the audience would never know.

It's a problem when it doesn't work though. Do Em and Harley know Sydney? Getting suburb and street names wrong and being unaware of the huge changes Sydney is currently through could be a problem if they are in Melbourne.
Michael(21:48 16 Jan 2017)
Of course broadcasting locally matters, especially in a place like Sydney. This new breakfast show has enough up against it without not even broadcasting in your "home" city. Listeners are not stupid. SCA seem to have a death wish when it comes to this slot and this station. I wonder if Gemma Fordham has had the proverbials to put her job on the line over this decision, because that's exactly what the presenters are doing.
Seriously(23:35 16 Jan 2017)
No it doesn't matter any more. It hasn't mattered for a long time.

It's the nature of this business now, and as long as the product is made with care, no listeners should ever know where their hosts are in the country... as long as they're there with them in that moment as a listener.

Can we quit finding more ways to kick 2Day while she's down. It's just like everyone kicking Donald Trump before he even moves into the White House. Let's give everyone a go before throwing stones :)
Reg(0:38 17 Jan 2017)
Only when Kyle is your competitor. Dumb move which will backfire
?(1:03 17 Jan 2017)
So who is EP of the show, and what role will Jase play having minimal face to face contact with them? Is Adrian or Gemma looking after them more than normal
Anonymous(1:32 17 Jan 2017)
If the content is strong and compelling or its an established brand it probably does not matter , if your trying to build a new relationship with listeners it could matter. Breakfast is the flagship so slightly different rules apply. I'll keep an open mind.

As for Trump , well he has said enough to justify criticism even before entering the white house, even if he does exceed expectations while in office. Let's hope giving him a go is worth the gamble.
Mark(2:03 17 Jan 2017)
It matters only if you make it an issue on your show by pretending to be somewhere that you're not.

Be upfront about it, or don't mention it at all, but don't pretend.
Anonymous(2:21 17 Jan 2017)
Logistically, it doesn't matter. Culturally, it can be a struggle unless you make a point of immersing yourself in Sydney culture.

Things like AFL vs NRL, State of Origin, state government issues and roads and traffic and all sorts of things... easy to sound foreign unless you have a thorough understanding.

I do wish them the best of luck though.
Anonymous(2:36 17 Jan 2017)
Looks like 'Local' doesn't matter anymore eh?

Here you go Spotify and Pandora... have a big free kick from today's knowledgeable radio veterans.

This show will last as long as a 14 year old at Swedish backpackers.
Julie(2:36 17 Jan 2017)
I've seen a few articles reporting this as if it's some sort of disaster. Honestly, in 2016, who really cares? The world is so interconnected now. It's a non-story.
yeahbutno(2:57 17 Jan 2017)
I would expect that living in the city in which you are broadcasting would help in connecting with the audience- talking about the weather, the traffic, what you did on the weekend, the suburbs you visit ect.
Anonymous(3:25 17 Jan 2017)
Interesting point about the Donald Trump analogy. For example, regardless of what questions he's willing to answer at a press conference, surely "great answers are great answers" ? Think we all know the answer to that one: style gets to "trump" substance. Perhaps there's no one answer regarding location of announcer compared with vicinity of audience, but let's keep critically thinking about this. Not all of today's changes ought be tomorrow's status quo.
Way back when(3:45 17 Jan 2017)
Peter Moon used to come into Fox to broadcast to 2Day, and did so for years. No one complained about it even way back then.
Anonymous(3:54 17 Jan 2017)
Righto/Seriously, so we're saying it doesn't matter where talent is located when launching a new breakfast show for a market the size of Sydney on a station that is now into it's what?? 4th breakfast show since K&J. Seriously, WTF is this industry coming to? Each time they hit the reset button they are starting over. It takes years to build a strong breakfast show... Em and Harley need to be out there - not stuck in a studio, get them out and let them be seen, touched, let the listeners see they are real for gods sake. I can't believe we treat the audience with such disrespect yet expect to get rewarded with ratings? Unbelievable. BTW Just because Nova and KIIS do something... doesn't make it right. I've heard networked days into Melbourne on Nova and even though DC is a great operator, just doesn't have the same vibe. Sadly I think 2Day will be in for another year of pain in that slot. End rant
Anonymous(3:59 17 Jan 2017)
Peter Moon was based in Melbourne when he was a part of The Morning Crew - that wasn't much of a failure?
Anonymous(4:26 17 Jan 2017)
It matters. When I was in LA recently the announcers on all the FM stations I sampled were live and local in LA. Small towns are one thing, but major cities expect local content for the most part.
Anonymous(7:37 17 Jan 2017)
Me thinks Kyle will have a view on this when he gets back onair.
Anonymous(8:49 17 Jan 2017)
It's going to make what is already a very tough job, even tougher. Radio's great strength is its localism and I'd have thought, given the previous 3 failed breakfast shows, they'd want to make things easier, not harder for themselves
Anonymous(8:59 17 Jan 2017)
I listened to one segment of Em's national summer breakfast show, and it was about her spewing her guts out "on the side of the Eastern Freeway" while on her way into work. Pretty much sums it up. Made complete sense to me as a Melbourne listener - but I do wonder what Jane in Joondalup or Ben from Baulkham Hills were thinking.
ben(11:08 17 Jan 2017)
i actually think being based in the market matters. i will also say i'm not in the industry but a listner of large amounts of radio content.
it's the small things that can trip you up and annoy listeners. let me give you an example. I listen to newsradio and they have traffic reports. one major road up here in brisbane is Rode road. i've heard it pronounced "road road" so many times it just doesn't work with the wrong pronunciation (it's Roadey Road by the way) and is enough drive me nuts, especially when most in brisbane know the correct pronunciation. it's these little things that will trip you up
Anonymous(20:32 17 Jan 2017)
Of course it matters, can't believe that SCA would let this one through. Talk about starting from behind the eight ball. Kyle is going to field day about this. Its all over before it begins and to put a first time CD in charge!... hardly fair on that bloke either.... good luck guys hope I'm wrong.
Damo(20:39 17 Jan 2017)
Let's assume that the on-air product doesn't suffer from the talent not being in the market.
what is this going to mean for show prep? client engagement? galvanising the Sydney team? attending local functions and events that are important to Sydney?
Breakfast radio's strength = Live and local content and real people talking to a city about things that are important to that city ....

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