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The Top 20 Metro FM Breakfast shows of all time

For more than three decades, since the launch of FM radio, there’s been some great, compelling breakfast shows around the country. Despite our small population, Australia has always been one of the most competitive breakfast markets in the world, offering an extraordinary high standard of breakfast radio.

In thinking about who I’d include on the list of all time great shows, my criteria for choosing the Top 20 was based on a few things.


Published on Monday, 14 April 2014 06:00 Category: Brad March

Farewell Charlie Pickering

Last night Charlie Pickering signed off after 5 years on The Project, so what can radio talent learn from Charlie?

The former radio host, who worked at triple j over a decade ago, proved to be an exceptional host on The Project, the best radio breakfast / drive show that's not on radio.

Charlie's intelligent, self effacing, smart and his role on The Project was much more than just an anchor. As well as steering the show he contributed great content, insightful interviews and, behind the scenes, was a major generator of ideas for the show.


Published on Tuesday, 08 April 2014 06:00 Category: Brad March

The Battle of Radio vs New Media

Radio will continue to compete with other delivery platforms and innovations like Apple's dashboard 'CarPlay' which is another exciting step into the in car entertainment future.

Radio brands will compete with all the other apps that will eventually dominate our dashboards and play to radio’s strength of portability and ‘in car‘ listening.

But it will be the content behind those apps that will be the decider for the consumer.


Published on Monday, 31 March 2014 06:00 Category: Brad March

Where to now for 2Day FM ?

It was a far greater ratings explosion than expected.

This week’s crippling ratings blow at 2Day FM, following the departure of Kyle and Jackie O to KIIS 106.5, will see the executives at SCA (Southern Cross Austereo) doing some serious soul searching. However, it also gives SCA a new starting point in 2Day FM’s history.

Because now, quite literally … the only way now to go is up!


Published on Thursday, 13 March 2014 06:00 Category: Brad March

What radio talent can learn from The Boss

One of the first albums I ever purchased, at the age of 15, was ‘Born to Run’. Later, I once went to five nights of Bruce Springsteen shows in a row at Sydney's Entertainment Centre.  And, during his current tour, I’ll see Bruce play in Sydney, Hunter Valley and Auckland. So, yes, I’ve been a long time fan of Bruce Springsteen.

The amazing success of last year’s 'Wrecking Ball' tour paved the way for  Bruce to return this year with the 'High Hopes' tour. The tour has had record attendances, brilliant reviews, and admiring fans raving about the shows - some describing his as ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’.

It led me to think 'What can radio talent learn from Bruce Springsteen'?


Published on Monday, 24 February 2014 06:00 Category: Brad March

The Top New Talent To Watch in 2014

Last year’s list of Top New Talent to Watch had a big impact on the radio industry and many have taken big steps forward in their careers (see here).

As discussed in Great Talent Matters, great talent are the ones that offer something different, unique, and memorable – and the truly great talent eventually become “Stars”.


Published on Monday, 17 February 2014 06:00 Category: Brad March

Coming soon: The New Talent To Watch in 2014

Following on from the recent article Great Talent Matters, coming soon on Radio Today I’m going to list the Top New Talent to Watch in 2014.

Before we take a look at the new talent this year, it is worth looking back over the last 12 months to see how last year’s Top New Talent to Watch in 2013 are going.


Published on Monday, 10 February 2014 06:00 Category: Brad March

Great Direction Matters Even More in 2014

Earlier this week I talked about Great Talent (see here).

Having the talent is only the start of getting a great gig. It’s also important to have the drive to succeed, a will to win, a desire to improve, the ability to be resilient and resourceful …


Published on Friday, 31 January 2014 06:00 Category: Brad March

Great Talent Matters Even More in 2014

Really great, unique, hard-working talent who make a difference are worth every cent they're paid - and there are great rewards if you do make it in radio or in other media. In particular, great breakfast talent is difficult to find and develop.

Great talent really matter, and the really great talent often earn more than the execs who hire them.


Published on Wednesday, 29 January 2014 06:00 Category: Brad March

The Battle of the Sydney FM Breakfast shows

Who will be the winners and losers in 2014 ?

Southern Cross Austereo have announced their new 2DAY breakfast show. I like it. Nothing terribly new or clever but strong casting. The show is a Crew / Zoo format similar to The Panel, The Project and The View from television. And that’s a smart move as it's a departure from the male / female duo, so it's clearly differentiated from Kyle and Jackie O as well as the rest of the Sydney Breakfast market.


Published on Monday, 16 December 2013 06:00 Category: Brad March


Nova Entertainment has a vacancy for a Casual Journalist / Newsreader for Nova 100 and Smooth 91.5 based in Melbourne. Details.



SCA has a vacancy for a Technology Engineer based in Perth. Details


Grant Broadcasters has a vacancy for an Imaging Producer based in Geelong. Details.


Nova 93.7 Perth are looking for a Music Director.  Details.


ARN has a vacancy for a Sound Designer based in Canberra. Details.


92.9 Voice Fm in Toowoomba has a vacancy for a Content Director / Announcer.Details.


The Capital Radio Network has a role for an Announcer in the Snowy Mountains. Details.


ARN are looking for a Sales Manager for 104.7  in Canberra. Details.



Mushroom Promotions has a vacancy for a Senior National Radio Manager. Details.


Star 104.5 on the Central Coast has a role for a Sales Manager. Details.


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3BA and Power Fm in Ballarat has a vacancy for a Journalist. Details.


Light FM are looking for Casual Weekend Announcers based in Melbourne. Details.


C91.3 FM in Campbelltown has a vacancy for a Commercial Producer. Details.


Nova 100 in Melbourne has a vacancy for a Breakfast Show Audio Producer. Details.


2EC and Power FM based in Bega has a vacancy for a Radio Jounalist. Details.


Andy Robertson is now a Sales Account Director at Nova Entertainment. More.


Christian Hull from SAFM is joining national drive show Dan and Maz as their Digital Producer. More.


Ryan Nicholls has joined Radio Goulburn as Eagle FM’s new breakfast host. More.


Katie Bridges has been appointed Nova Entertainment's Adelaide Sales Director. More.


The Edge's Emily Goddard is moving to co-host breakfast on Snow FM in the Snowy Mountains. More.


Adam Richardson is returning to 3AW and Magic 1278 as the Melbourne Sales Director. More.


2GN breakfast host Craig Pritchard is now Program/Content Director for 2GN and Eagle FM. More.


Nova Entertainment has promoted Simon Joyce to the new role of Group Sales Manager. More.


Darren Pike is now FIVEaa Direct Group Sales Manager after moving from Fresh 927. More.