Sydney vs Melbourne Breakfast. Is there a difference?

The FM breakfast landscape in Melbourne has never been more competitive.

On Friday we looked at the rise of Chrissy, Sam and Browny on Nova100, and today we hear more from programming experts on just how competitive the Melbourne breakfast market is....and in particular the differences between the Sydney and Melbourne breakfast markets.


Could Nova’s Chrissie, Sam and Browny be the best new breakfast show of the decade ?

There have been quite a few breakfast lineup changes in FM metro radio since 2010.

Rove and Sam to 2Day, Ed Kavalee to Triple M Brisbane, Brendon Fevola joining FOX, Matt Dyktynski to Mix94.5 Perth, Osher on Hit105, Jo Stanley to Gold, Matt & Meshel on KIIS, Lewis and Lowe at Nova Adelaide, Bogart & Glenn, and Mike Perso on Smooth.

However the best new breakfast has to be Nova Melbourne’s Chrissie Sam and Browny; it’s a stand out.


Profile or Performance? What really counts in Metro Radio?

Radio Today asked a panel of metro programming experts the question: “In cap cities would you rather have someone with a high profile, with little or no on air experience on Breakfas,t or someone who is experienced on air, sounds great and had no profile“.

Generally, the feedback was that CD’s would take great On-Air performance over profile, but both is best. Here are some thoughts from the experts.


The Top New Talent 2016

Talent can be described as natural aptitude, skill, brilliance, cleverness, artistry, flair and expertise.

Its that time of year again, when Radio Today looks around at the best new talent on radio and this year’s names all have those qualities.

In collaboration and consultation with metro and regional Group CD’s and Content Directors, Brad March has put together the Top New Talent of 2016.


Meshel Laurie talks about her Campaign for sex abuse victims.

Meshel Laurie is co-host of ARN's KIIS Melbourne breakfast show has never been one to shy away from tackling the difficult subjects. Meshel is the organiser behind the GoFundMe campaign to raise money to send Ballarat child sex abuse survivors to Rome to see Cardinal Pell give evidence at the commission - Brad March talked to Meshel about the campaign.


Andrew Denton talks Podcasting with Brad March

Andrew Denton’s ground-breaking podcast series Better Off Dead launches this week. It’s been more than a decade since he was on breakfast radio with Amanda Keller on Triple M Sydney, and his foray into podcasting sees Andrew tackle the serious and sensitive subject of euthanasia.

It was more than a year in the making. Andrew spoke to Brad March about the series.


The Top Programming Moves and Shakeups of 2015...The Year That Was

As the 2015 ratings year comes to an end, looking back it’s been a big year of programming and talent moves on FM. Some moves will affect next year, and some have had strong impact on ratings and revenue already. Moves that raise the bar and change the game. 

The majority of significant moves from ARN and SCA, with only a couple from Nova Entertainment. Most are from SCA, a result of change at the top.

So here’s to changing the game, raising the bar, transitional change, greater traction, proactivity, outside the box thinking, taking it to the next level, upsizing, downsizing, captains calls, greater synergies, less paralysis by analysis, more continuous improvement, strategic initiative, runs on the board and to moving forward!

Here are some of the major moves that have already, will, or should make a difference! 


Bring in the new blood but … experience counts.

Firstly congratulations to Matt Anderson, 2Day FM’s new Content Director. Matt comes from New Zealand and was previously Hit Network Content Director and prior to that Assistant Content Director for Youth Brands at NZME, which included the Flava and ZM Networks. 

We wish Matt all the best in what is the most important programming role at SCA and also the biggest programming challenge in Australian radio.


The Value of Podcasting for Radio Talent

Ryan Jon, breakfast announcer from SCA’s Hot FM WA has a podcast series called ‘From The Internet’.

The rapidly growing medium of podcasting which is enjoying somewhat of a renaissance is well suited to developing radio talent and for those who wish to perform work that may not be suited to their current on air roles.

Podcasting is the ultimate in audio self-distribution.


How will Rove go on 2Day FM in 2016? Here’s the Verdict.

The Rove move is a strong one by new Southern Cross Austereo’s CEO Grant Blackley – advertisers will like it, the share market liked it, but will the listeners like it? I think they will.


Canberra FM has a vacancy for a Journalist - 12 month maternity leave. Details


5RM and Magic 931 are looking for a Creative Copywriter and Announcer. Riverland S.A. Details



Nova Entertainment has a vacancy for a Senior Campaign Development Manager. Brisbane. Details


 2ST and Power 94.9 FM has a vacancy for a Sound Producer. Details


Magic 931 are looking for a Breakfast Co Host / Journalist.- Riverland S.A.  Details.


Nova Entertainment has a vacancy for an Agency Sales Manager - Melbourne. Details.


Nova Entertainment has a vacancy for a Senior Producer for Fitzy & Wippa. - Sydney. Details.


Capital Radio Network has a vacancy for an Announcer / Music Director for 2XL and 3GG.  Details



RCS has a vacancy for Customer Service.  Details.


7XS has a vacancy for a Breakfast Announcer. Details.



SBS PopAsia has a vacancy for a Music Producer - Sydney. Details.


2EC and Power FM has a vacancy for an Account Manager - Merimbula. Details.


RCS has a vacancy for a Customer Service role focused on Aquira. Details.



7HO has a vacancy for a Breakfast Announcer.  Details


SCA has a vacancy for an Announcer - Hot FM - Townsville.  Details.


Macquarie Media are looking for Integration Executives for Sydney and Melbourne.  Details


SCA has a vacancy for an Announcer - Albury. Details.


Nova Entertainment are looking for Announcers for the Talent Bank - Sydney. Details


NG Media has a vacancy for a Radio Trainer / Coordinator. Ngaanyjarra Lands - WA  Details.


Nova Entertainment has a vacancy for a Casual Programming Assistant - Nova 91.9 Adelaide.  Details.


I98 FM has a vacancy for a Casual Journalist. Details


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