Top 30 FM stars of all time (30-21)

A few weeks ago I wrote about how great talent matters.

So I decided to put my list together of the Top 30 FM Radio Stars since the start of Commercial FM radio in 1980. 

Over the past 3 decades in Australia there’s been some great world standard talent. Most are still powering on radio, some in TV, film and other media. Some we have never heard from again!

The list includes individuals and teams who consistently deliver (or delivered) great radio content, have or had longevity on the air, have achieved high ratings and are unique and innovative. I've taken into account market size, shift, format and national coverage.

So here is my Top 30 FM Radio Stars of all time on commercial radio, starting today with numbers 30 to 21:

30 Robyn Bailey
29 Club Veg
28 Adam Hills
27 The Cage
26 Brigette Duclos
25 Grubby and Dee Dee
24 Fifi Box
23 Jamie Dunn
22 Tracy Bartram
21 Ugly Phil

On Wednesday Radio Today will list the next 10 stars from 20 to 11. And feel free to let me know your list, or anyone you feel I should have included.

And soon on Radio Today I’ll list the most promising newcomers on FM radio in Australia.


bianca(20:26pm 11 Mar 2012)
great list - so many inpspiring chicks on there :) love it!!
Anonymous(22:51pm 11 Mar 2012)
Great list guys! So glad Ugly Phil is back on the airwaves on Star...even if you have to webstream it.
Anonymous(1:08am 12 Mar 2012)
Great list so far!

cant wait until next week..... good TSL
Brett Debritz(2:13am 12 Mar 2012)
Great to see Robin Bailey there, but Jamie Dunn only 23rd? How many other programs have topped the ratings scored by the B105 Morning Crew in the late 1980s and early 90s?

And how about the longevity factor?

Also, I believe Jamie was FM's first million-dollar man. He may not have set the world on fire in Sydney, but his Brisbane results at his decade-long peak are hard to beat on any scale. (I also think Jamie's long-time co-host Ian Skippen should rate a mention. Maybe he's higher up the ladder?)
Adrian(7:56am 12 Mar 2012)
Going back a few years but what about Mobbs & Fletch? Barry Bisell all those years of take 40 Aus. Also Spoonman.
Grant Spatchcock(11:11am 13 Mar 2012)
Hoping Get This makes the list.
Matt(11:47am 13 Mar 2012)
Get This team at number one! Or at least Tony Martin, even if the fools at Triple M (Dobo I'm looking ight at you) could not realise this
Randy Velvet(21:02pm 21 Mar 2012)
clearly Brads not thinking clearly.
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