5 Simple Ways to Add More Punch to Your Promo’s

Imaging producers are constantly searching for new exciting ways to help their promo’s stand out on air.  The script and the voice talent are two of the most important factors that go into a good promo and generally they are out of the producers control.  So we need to have to ability to make the best of what we are presented with whether it be good or bad.  And that doesn’t mean producing the loudest promo possible with as much compression, sound effects and voice effects that can be squeezed into 30 seconds.  Although they are important factors I believe a bit of creativity goes a lot further to helping a promo stand out.

Here are my top 5 simple ways to add more punch to your promo’s:


David Bowie Tribute

Michael “Sideshow” Andersen from Triple M has pulled together a great tribute to David Bowie. Sideshow wrote: 20 years at Triple M Sydney and this is actually the very first piece of production I have ever done for David Bowie. Although he's always been in the back of my mind subliminally shaping sounds and ideas. One of the greats. I've never seen an outpouring of emotion for someone like this before. Thanks to all your Facebook status updates. You'll hear a lot of them here in my script. RIP David Bowie.”

Take a listen.


How We Got Em Rusciano’s Podcast to the Top of the iTunes Charts and How You Can Do It Too

When Omny launched Em’s podcast on December 2, 2015 we were very excited. She’d been pestered for years to do a podcast and with her strong following on social media we knew that with the right launch tactics her podcast would be a success. And we were right - it went straight to number 1.


Writing Great Radio or The Tools of the Trade

One of the things I love about our business is that we get to constantly create and engage with our listeners on a daily basis. This is not just through the music but also in the way we craft our stations. 

Getting the music right is one thing, and in some ways I ‘ve always thought that’s been relatively easy, but building a station’s persona requires a special talent.


PR releases...why are so many so bad?

Can we get better content from PR?

As someone that has worked in public relations and content production for almost nine of my eighteen years in media I am still flabbergasted by communication companies delivering irrelevant content.

It comes in all forms of press releases, product and book deliveries and pesky PR people to name a few. 


5 ways localgov comms is exactly like commercial radio… sorta

I love a few things a lot. My beautiful and patient wifey, along with my 2 boys. The North Melbourne Football Club (long suffering). Netflix (I rarely leave the house these days). Everything Marvel (yeah, I wanna be Iron Man) and for most of my life I have loved radio. Not just loved, but BELIEVED in radio, what it can achieve, what it means to people.


Goodbye Atticus

Lisa with AtticusGoodbye Atticus, everyone loved you. You were just that kind of dog.

If the truth be told, it was his brother who I first fell in love with on a beach in Port Macquarie.

Emerging from the ocean and making his way up the sand, his look and his walk reminded me so much of my first Rotty. He was tall for a puppy, jet black with the tan markings that define this beautiful breed.

I touched his soft fur and held his little face to mine, but I couldn’t keep him. He had a family and they wanted to take him home.


Not all men are creative equal (see what I did there?)

Sean Craig Murphy is the owner of the Australian Radio School and Mix 102.3’s Drive Announcer in Adelaide.

He’s had a long and successful career in radio and knows a thing or two about being creative.

Sean recently chatted to Spotd and gave a few tips you might find useful.


'Think about your Voice Casting'

Radio Today's Daryl Missen spoke to Sydney based voice-over artist Jane Ubrien earlier this week.

Jane is one of Australia's finest voice talents, heard on radio and television commercials, and on television shows nationally, and she had some comments for radio creative writers;

"The first thing I would say to a radio creative, or any creative, is to think about your casting. You've done all the hard work, you've written a fantastic ad, don't let it down by putting the wrong voice on your ad."


What are your commercials like?

Darren Slaughter is a web designer, and he specialises in web design for home improvement companies. What does he have to do with radio? Nothing.

However he makes a lot of sense when he 'breaks down' a radio commercial that he heard on his favourite station. See what he thought below;

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