Reflections of a not so deep thinker

Like any story worth telling this one involves a girl.

Ha! Not really – actually it involves the toilet. Because honestly, that’s where it all began. I was perched unsuspectingly when the heavens opened… err… I’m talking about the divine melody that came from my pocket-kinda-heavens.

I wasn’t going to miss that call for anything.


Matt Preston's Secret Sound on smoothfm

Jeff WortmanI heard an ad on smoothfm last night for Matt Preston's new radio show (Saturdays at 4pm).

I wasn't aware that he had made the jump from TV to radio but I applaud the move. He's got a nice, deep announcing voice, a good sense of humour. This should work...

I'm going to tune in this weekend and I'm hoping to hear Matt put his own (food based) spin on some of my favourite radio segments.

Will there be a 'Matt's Meltdown'? Or a 'do you prefer cream or tomato based pasta' phone topic? Only time will tell...


Meeting of Old and New Part II - You Thought it was NEW?

You thought it was a brand new song, right?  We featured Part I yesterday.

Another 12 tracks with their orginal song at the front the recent version follows.

Take a listen to Part 1 here and Part II is below..



Meeting of Old and New - You Thought it was NEW?

You thought it was a brand new song, right? But  it's sample, or real roots go a lot deeper.

It's been doing the rounds on Youtube, a collection of hit songs from the past 2 decades which have sampled songs of previous eras way back. Take a listen to part one.

Ross Wallman at 929 in Perth put it into play during the week as well. 



Can't handle more Kimye? Don't click this

If you're all Kimyed-out... it's best you don't click on this story.

Really. You won't like it.

K-Rock's Departure Lounge team featuring Josh Buckle (he's on the right of this pic) and Aiden Grant (on the left) is claiming it has a worldwide exclusive from the douchebag wedding.


“Eating for 2” is a BS excuse to eat for Australia!

Sarah Levett is a successful standup comedian, writer, MC, co-host of the New FM Breakfast Show … and soon to be a Mum for the first time.

Here, Sarah writes a series about the experiences of being pregnant while working on the radio.

Read part 1 here and part 2 here.

Below is part 3 - “Eating for 2” is a BS excuse to eat for Australia!


The Ratings Stole My Baby !

What the Doctor said - “Your due date is January the 30th”.

What I heard - “Your due date is in the double diary sample in Survey 1. Shit!”.

Here’s the next instalment on the journey towards becoming a Mum – while being a career woman and doing breakfast radio.

Warning: features a revealing description of the conception. Male readers may feel offended.


I've been lying to everyone

Bianca Dye is a breakfast presenter on i98FM in Wollongong and the Illawarra, NSW. She recently wrote this piece for 'The Hoopla'....

I’ve been lying through my teeth.

I’m not proud of it but maybe by being honest I can help other ladies who feel the same way feel better about themselves. So here goes…


Boy Bands : a tweenie love story

Wendy Harmer is an author, journalist, and editor-in-chief of The Hoopla website

My little girl has left the building. Or at least she’s hovering at the door of womanhood.

How do I know? For the first time, there’s a picture of a boy band stuck on her bedroom wall. (Sob!)

The five faces of the clean-cut lads from the UK-Irish group One Direction – Zayne, Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis – beam out from a Dolly poster.

Haven’t heard of them? If you have a tweenie daughter you’ll know who I mean. You have probably heard their sweet pop sound through the bedroom wall on high-rotation.

Here’ are some of the lyrics from their hit, “What Makes You Beautiful”:

You’re insecure, don’t know what for

You’re turning heads when you walk through the door

Don’t need make up to cover up

Being the way that you are is enough

You don’t know Oh. Oh.

You don’t know you’re beautiful!


Here’s a sample of the messages left on their website from adoring fans (complete with nutty spelling) :


Hope Media has a vacancy for a Content Director - Sydney.  Details


Nova Entertainment has a vacancy for a Drive Show Producer for Fiveaa Adelaide. Details


Grant Broadcasters has a vacancy for an Infrastructure & Development Manager - Digital Media. Details.


C91.3 in South-West Sydney & Macarthur have two vacancies for Journalists. Details.



Hope Media in Sydney has a vacancy for a Producer for the Open House program. Details.



SCA has a vacancy for a Breakfast Producer - Central Coast. Details.


97.3 Coast FM Mandurah is looking for a Music Director/Announcer. Details.




SCA has a vacancy for an Announcer / Promotions Assistant - Dubbo. Details



Chilli FM has a vacancy for an Announcer / Music Director. Details.


SCA has a vacancy for an Assistant Content Director - 2Day FM. Details.


SCA has a vacancy for an Announcer/Music Director in Newcastle.  Details.


Fresh 92.7 Adelaide is looking for a Sales Coordinator . Details.



Nova Entertainment has a vacancy for a Technology Manager. - Adelaide. Details.


Tasmanian Broadcasters has a vacancy for a Journalist / News Presenter - Hobart. Details.


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