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The coulda, shoulda, woulda's of Australian Radio

Liam is the PD and Breakfast Host of 96five in Brisbane and writes for Radio Today.

The ACRA’s have been and gone and the cream of Aus Radio have been crowned yet again.

Let’s remember for just a minute those shows over the years who were very under rated and never got the accolades, success or fame they deserved. Be it, they gave up too early, were in the wrong place at the wrong time or just never lived up to their full potential.

Here is my Top 5 Shows that Could Have Been Contenders....

5. Mobbs and Fletch

These guys were the first of the big FM night shows. Nipping at the heels of the likes of Jono and Dano and Club Veg, Mobbs and Fletch were the cool rock guys on the air.

Mobbs is one of the original Radio Rock Dogs as was evident when he left a nice farewell on Facebook to his last employer Bay FM.

The boys just knew their music, had fun and were a breath of FM fresh air. Sadly the lure of the big city had them in their grasp as they climbed the ladder and the flame finally snuffed out as they out grew their timeslot.

4. Rod and The Flack

Dead set, the hardest working guys in Australian Radio, EVER. I’ve always said I'd never work in a market against them cause they just give, and give and give till it hurts. Their chemistry is great, just mates having a chat.

Rod is the professional, Flack the personality. I’ve seen them work a full week on breakfast and still jump on air for a Live Saturday Night show where they hand delivered pizzas to request winners. These boys had an amazing work ethic.

Flack's ability to try anything resulted in great content, from being tattooed, to marrying a local listener live on air. Sadly a case of wrong place, wrong time. Fingers crossed they re-unite somewhere soon, they're just too good to not be on-air together.

3. The Budski’s

Jamie and Paul were ground breaking in their day. Look out, the Budski’s were on the air and took no prisoners.

With half the show hailing from America, the accent helped with the mystique of these two. They knew the bosses weren’t listening at that time of night and they made the most of it. They ran a muck, had the best in-studio listener parties filling their studios with a hundred or more at a time, they didn’t care and their listeners loved them.

They eventually split, with Jamie teaming up with a young Mike Goldman to form the Rubber room, till the lure of the Disney Dollar was too great, scoring a voiceover gig in Asia.

2. The Fat Boys

What potential these guys had. An 80’s radio legend, Dave Daly teaming up with Steve St John in what was one of the first new FM licences given in regional Australia.

The Sunshine Coast wasn’t ready for these two who letterboxed the entire city with nude pics of themselves complete with Sea FM tattoos on their butts, as a great publicity stunt.

The rumour goes that the PD of Triple M in Brisbane kept a photo of them on his wall, not just to keep his current show on their toes, but the dream was always to move these boys onto bigger markets.

They self imploded a few times, reuniting in Ipswich and again in Newcastle but could never repeat their dizzy success of their Sunshine Coast Sea FM days.

1. Gibson and Duckworth

Ok, the biggest call ever. Gibson and Duckworth were the greatest breaky radio show in Australia that never achieved the ratings success they deserved.

Rob Duckworth and Dave Gibson, individually both unbelievable talents, both Triple M demi-gods of their day, but just never reflected their own popularity in the surveys.

Duck was slick, Gibo was hilarious, providing an array of amazing character voices for the show, which were used around the network. His pinpoint accurate impression of ABC gardening guru Peter Cundle was spot on. Himie Fimie, station accountant, was also popular as was their razor sharp cutting wit.

Up against the well entrenched juggernaut that was Jamie Dunn, the guys never appeared to stand a chance, but the guys were loved. At that time, everyone said they listened to B105, but they loved Triple M.

Both left for Sydney and morphed into Rob, Sammy and Dave, and well, it was never the same.

If only things were different.

Who do you think was seriously under rated ?


robbo(8:46am 29 Oct 2012)
I was at the M's when both Gibbo & Duck and The Budskis were on the air! Forget individual shows, with Bogart Torelli on Mornings, Ian Strachan on Drive Dan Bradley on Late nights, and an awesome bunch of people behind the scenes, the whole station should have rated much better than it ever did...
One of my favourite times in 23 (actually I think it's 24 now)years in Radio.
Johnny Lonely(10:22am 29 Oct 2012)
What a load of bunkum. Everyone on this list had a fair chance to make it. Woulda what? Shoulda what? Coulda what?
Phil(14:08pm 29 Oct 2012)
I would have classed 4 out of the 5 shows listed as being successful. Every different show has a lifespan as did these shows. No show lasts forever and these guys all did their jobs, and I imagine a few of them are still employed in the industry. I can only imagine how anyone involved in these teams would feel reading about themselves being 'couldabeens'. Anyway, that's my rant.
Jason McLean(15:20pm 29 Oct 2012)
I remember the Budski's....I was there towards the end of their tenure at Sea Fm Gold Coast. I'll never forget the time they exposed a guy who masqueraded as a soon to be star of Beverley Hills 90210, turns out he was some bloke from Tamworth. They left Sea because Ugly Phil had just emerged, then when at Triple M, I heard their demise had more to do with off air issues. Still, they did well for a while and had the coolest name.
Jamie Meldrum(15:36pm 29 Oct 2012)
Haha :) That was a lot of fun, what I want to know though is where the hell did you dig up those photos!?!
Jamie Meldrum(16:13pm 29 Oct 2012)
Sea FM on the Goldie was AWESOME! Actually we left because Gracie made us a great offer to go to the M's in Brisbane, Ugly Phil was on after us on late nights so the timing couldn't have been better and he slid right in to nights and you know the rest of the story :)
Brett Debritz(19:55pm 29 Oct 2012)
I agree entirely about Gibson and Duckworth (and let's not forget LJ). From memory, they peaked at a rating of 16 or 17, which would have put them at No. 1 today - if not for the fact that Jamie Dunn, Ian Skippen and the Morning Crew were then rating in the 20s, and at one stage attracted more than a third of the total Brisbane audience. There were many factors that killed off the Gibson and Duckworth show, but expense was a major one. They were on killer packages.
Jason Bouman(19:57pm 29 Oct 2012)
I worked with Sammy at MIX, and she was an absolute pleasure to work with. Hard working, loyal, and very funny, and I know Duck and Gibbo think, and would say the same:)
Jodie Davies(20:43pm 29 Oct 2012)
I too have worked with Sammy, along with my husband Vic Davies, Clubveg . I totally agree with Jason, Duck and Gibbo would say the same about Sammy. Sammy brings a spontaneous, intelligent, creative and hilarious perspective accompanied with a champagne flute full of sassiness.
Bianca Dye(6:03am 30 Oct 2012)
Sammy Power paved the way for radio ladies like myself to not be afraid to be brassy ballsy funny & the life of the show rather than the "giggling sidekick chick" - she is a natural star - i adore her.
Wade(8:32am 30 Oct 2012)
I always thought Liam and Luisa was great... or should that be Liam and Loretta?
Drex(11:15am 30 Oct 2012)
Matt(16:07pm 30 Oct 2012)
What the hell would this Liam kid know anyway? Sammy Power can turn any carwreck of a show into something hilarious and entertaining.
Dave Daly(16:30pm 30 Oct 2012)
Don't Panic Fatboys just taken a 15 year break working on some new material
wow number 2 on the top 5
Liam Renton(17:32pm 30 Oct 2012)
Hey Guys,
Great to see so many strong responses, that's great.. In reference to the wonderful Sammy Power, I wasn't making any reference to her, her skills or ability as an amazing broadcaster at all. I was merely referring to Brisbanes loss of the mighty Gibson and Duckworth. For the record,I am a fan of Sammy's and agree she is a great talent. FYI her legendary "Storm in a d cup" billboard located in Carseldine in Brisbane was a traffic stopper. Much respect.
Liam Renton(17:36pm 30 Oct 2012)
Such a thrill to see a few radio icons that made the list respond.
Jamie Meldrum, Hope things are good overseas, this city misses you.
And Dave Daley, you old sea dog, when are you and St. John's putting the band back together. I still laugh when I think of how you guys applied for the Seafood Managers job at Franklins Big Fresh Maroochydore live on air. Very funny, PS, I'm not sure why you didn't take it, cheap seafood is a better perk than any free can of icy cold coke. Looking forward to seeing where the Fat Boys pop up next.
Woods (8:35am 31 Oct 2012)
Great to see Mobbs make this list. To say he was snuffed out because he out grew his time slot is not quite right.

Mobbs has always provided stations with a vibrant, unique take on things and has refused to be boxed in by dull formatics and liner cards.

It's amazing with so many under achieving stations, there are so much great talent unemployed at the moment...
Matt Nikolic(9:14am 31 Oct 2012)
I gotta throw one more suggestion in - 'King' John Peters and Trish Mulholland on Eon FM's Top 8 at 8 in the mid-80s.

So much energy and fun in the show, would love to see where it could have gone. When I was at school you were absolutely nobody in form assembly if you hadn't heard last night's antics. I remember him playing Wham! at double speed night after night to get it over with because he was so over the song!

PS: Hi Jamie Meldrum!
ray peters(14:12pm 31 Oct 2012)
I guess the "Fat Boys" on Triple M didnt quite work out .
PS How ya going too Jamie !
Jamie Meldrum(14:58pm 31 Oct 2012)
Hi Matty! Hi Ray! Good to see you guys still hammering away :)
Sandro(17:30pm 31 Oct 2012)
The legendary John Peters never given enough kudos...or homage paid to.... Paved the way for many...

Remember listening to early Ugly Phil and thinking....ummmm
Dave gibson(0:03am 21 Nov 2012)
You forget some of the other greats. Woozie and The Screach . . Two male prostitutes that filled in for Bazz and Pilko over the Christmas break and gave away bum fucks instead of cash. They only lasted for one show, but still make a decent living on rundle mall and continue to live in the promotional vehicle they got as a pay out. And what about "the wanderers"? Bob bentley, Bill bobley and funny man Ben "the funny man" Bailey. They shocked Albury with their unique mix of Mozart and finding ways to say how they hated Albury. Their final OB was in a vat of acid. And what about Pookepsie, Waldo, Martindale and Bongo? They never actually made it to air - but the PD that hired them was the first staff member that Austereo ever managed to have legally strung up by the thumbs without HR getting involved.

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