The Expat Files: Cameron Plant

With so many Australian and New Zealand radio professionals doing great work around the world, we like to keep in touch and discover what they used to do here and what they are up to right now. Cameron Plant made the leap overseas a few years back.

It’s a journey that has seen him work in some of the biggest markets in the world. From Europe, Dubai and China, to Malaysia, Indonesia and India. Cameron is the Chief Operating Officer - International Radio - Astro Overseas Limited and VP Astro Radio, Director - Adrep China.

We caught up to talk about his career. We talk about the difference in Sales in the markets he works in versus here back home. How has the digital space impacted their operations? And If you want to make the move to working overseas in radio – what are three cores skills you need?


Expat Files: Allan Cameron

With so many Australian and New Zealand radio professionals doing great work around the world, we like to get in touch and discover what they used to do here and what they are up to right now.

Allan Cameron is currently the Group Content Director in one of Asia’s most competitive markets – a market of just under 20 million people.

But before we find out where, let’s step back in time a little – Where did you get your start and where were you before heading overseas?



Barry Keohane: Behind the Great China Firewall

Barry Keohane has been in the industry since the late 90’s. These days, he is 1 person in a sea of 1,366,220,000 people. Right now he calls China home.

We caught with Barry in Tianjin, just a small city of 14 million people to get some insight into the potential of one of the biggest radio markets on the planet.



Drex jumps in the deep end

Justin “Drex” Wilcomes has made the jump from FM to AM in Canada and it’s not AM music, but AM Talk.

You might recall Drex got himself into a bit of trouble last year at another network, when he asked Canadian Premier Christy Clark what she thought of being a MILF.

His new boss, Ian Koenigsfest, brand director of AM programming at Corus Radio told The Globe and Mail““He comes at things from a different angle, and if we have an opportunity on night-time radio to be irreverent, brazen and bold and do it in a smart and savvy way, he’s the guy who is doing it.”


Expat Files: Nick Karkazis

Nick Karkazis is Production Manager at Spin 1038 in Dublin, and also hosts the UK Top 10 show on KIIS1065 in Sydney. He spoke to our friends at Radio Today Ireland.

Tell us about how you started in radio

I started out working for a community radio station at 14 on the Gold Coast called Radio Metro. I did that every weekend for about four years on and off while I went through school. When I finished school I tried a few things like hospitality and real estate. But as anyone in radio knows, it’s in your blood. You can’t avoid it.


Expat Files : Jamie Meldrum

With so many Australian and New Zealand radio professionals around the world doing great work, we like to get in touch and discover what they used to do here and what they now do in another country.

In today's Expat Files we chat to Jamie Meldrum who spent his early radio career in Brisbane and the Gold Coast working with a long list of Aussie radio legends.

He's now working in Singapore as Senior Program Director of 3 stations.

Let's start by going back to the beginning and find out which stations he worked at here ....


Expat Files : Michael Pearson Adams

Michael ‘Gomez’ Adams is an expat radio pro who has crafted an extraordinary career in sound and digital audio production in the US.

I personally enjoy reading and being inspired by other people’s success stories and I’m sure Michael’s journey from 4BK in Brisbane, to present will inspire and give hope to many of you looking to re-align your career trajectory.

I had the chance recently to chat with Gomez and reminisce over all the stations we’d worked together at. I started by asking about his radio journey that started over 20 years ago.

Take note of the tips and wisdom Michael gives at the end of this article.


Expat Files : David Raines

I first came across David Raines in the 90's when he was Production Manager at Triple M Adelaide and I was on the streets, literally, handing out icy cold cans of coke and hot pies and pasties (good times ;)

He's been out of radio for a number of years, but has moved into a very interesting production field.

We chat with David in Radio Today's Expat Files....


Expat Files: Justin 'Drex' Wilcomes

Drex is a former PD for Prime Radio Central Queensland & Hot100 & Mix1049 Darwin and has been working in Canada for 3 years.

He is now the Vista Coast Group Program Director on Vancouver Island BC and looks after  98.9 Jet FM, 1240 The Port, 99.7 The River & 95.7 Sun FM

Drex has written up this piece for Radio Today's 'Expat Files' in q&a style answering your questions.

Johnno KeetelsTell us about working conditions, pay, treatment of "talent" in smaller markets, difficulty in getting a gig in metro radio?


Expat Files : Keith Fowler (final)

Keith Fowler has 40 years experience in radio,  television, press and new media.

He has written over the past week on his experiences and lessons from being involved at a senior level in radio in multiple countries in Asia. Today, in the final instalment, he continues with 'lessons learnt'.

You can re-read Part One here, and Part Two here.

But now onto the final few lessons:


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