Sam & Todd at Power get active

Power FM Nowra's new Breakfast Show 'Sam & Todd' had active-wear guru Lorna Jane on the show this week to chat about her 'Active Nation Day'.

Lorna Jane challenged the boys to get active in the local community, and the video below is the end result.

Nice active wear boys!


What you never hear in Geelong at finals time

With their beloved Cats looking very impressive as they prepare to take on a bruised Sydney Swans tonight, a great video from K rock Geelong on how footy finals are discussed in G-Town every year. 

A clever and fun way to tap into what the local market is talking about at this time of year.


Hot FM's Ned & Josh nail 500k bike ride

Well what a week for Hot FM Western Australia's Ned & Josh. The duo have cycled all week on a tandem bike 500km along the Great Eastern Highway from Northam to Kalgoorlie raising funds for Lifeline.

Adding to the degree of difficulty, the tandem bike is decorated as a horse and the boys were dressed as jockeys to mark Kalgoorlie’s Race Round. 


Tom & Olly go to the Henty Field Day

Tom Bainbridge, from Star FM's 'Tom & Olly' show is a city boy at heart. So when Olly sent him to the Henty Machinery Field Day and ensured there was video footage of the experience, well it went about as well as you might expect it to.

On the plus side, he learnt a fair bit about tractors. See the video below.


Rumour Mill / File / Mongering

With all the rumours flying around at the moment about who will be where, with whom, on what station in 2017, we thought it might be fun to get some rumours from you and get them out there. The wilder and wackier the better.

So let it rip. What have you heard, what's going to happen, and what do you reckon about it *

* disclaimer: it is highly likely any rumours in the comments below are complete fabrications.


Triple M Producer reveals a hatred of Sport

The excellent, award winning, and always serious news publication The Betoota Advocate has published a stunning revelation about a Triple M Sydney Producer who passionately dislikes both Rugby League and Cricket...obviously a serious flaw in the interview process.

In the article, the Producer is quoted as saying:

“The problem is, I hate rugby league. I think it’s dumb. Cricket is worse, I guess you could say that I don’t really like sports in general. All that macho bravado bullshit never stuck with me, how I ended up in commercial radio, I’ll never know.” 


Did 'Lakey & Larnz' jinx Brangelina?

As sad as it is to hear of any marriage breakdown, the Brangelina split yesterday provided content for radio stations all over the world, and most had a lot of fun with it. 

The newly relaunched Star106.3 in Townsville was no different. Alana "Larnz" McLean from the 'Larnz & Lakey' Breakfast Show picks up up the story:


Cosmo get personal with Jess & Tommy from Star

Tommy Casha from the "Jess & Tommy" Breakfast Show on Star FM Shepparton is one of the contestants in the Cosmo & TInder Media Bachelor of the Year.

Tommy is getitng quite a deal of publicity in the local market, largely self-generated, including an interview in the local paper.

So to cut him down a peg or two, Tommy's co-host Jess setup a fake interview with a 'reporter' from Cosmopolitan Magazine, writing the questions herself and having the Cosmo interviewer aka an actor friend, ask a series of personal, random and strange questions.


K rock or K Block ?

Avid viewers of 'The Block' might have picked up that two of the stars of the show, Andy & Ben, are from Geelong and often are wearing clothing branded K rock.

Whilst both Andy & Ben are schoolteachers in Geelong, Andy has been a regular for the last two years driving the K rock station vehicles and giving out free stuff to listeners in Geelong and the Surf Coast.


Hot Tomato's Flan & Emily Jade get into the movie biz

Kylie Minogue and Guy Pierce are heading to the Gold Coast to film a movie, and there is a vacant role yet to be 'cast' for an 'obese Labrador'.

Cue a fun, local Breakfast story arc - Hot Tomato's Flan & Emily Jade have decided to to the heavy lifting and find the Gold Coast's perfect dog for the role.


Rove & Sam's 'Office Survivor'

With the television show Australian Survivor a perhaps suprising ratings hit, the 'Rove & Sam' show on 2DayFM are this week running a series of challenges they've called 'Office Survivor'.

The most recent challenge? Taking dictation.

See how it went below.


Ned & Josh horse around for Lifeline

Hot FM Western Australia's Breakfast duo 'Ned and Josh' have launched a story arc which will play out across this week.

The boys are are fundraising for Lifeline by riding a tandem bicycle 500km from Northam to Kalgoorlie to try to make it to the Kalgoorlie Cup, the mode of transport was developed on the show with listener input - and the trip will run for 500 kilometres from Northam to Kalgoorlie. Ned & Josh are planning to make their destination by 8am this Friday. 


SCA has a vacancy for a Casual Journalist - Brisbane. Details


Grant Broadcasters has a vacancy for a Digital Content Manager - Geelong.  Details.


Nova Entertainment has a vacancy for an Executive Producer for Kate,Tim and Marty. 12 month maternity leave role. - Sydney. Details.


96.5 FM has a vacancy for a Content Director. Details.


 96.5 FM are looking for On Air talent for their Talent Bank.  Details


SCA has a vacancy for an Announcer / Operations. -Triple M Brisbane. Details.


Light FM has a vacancy for a Casual Announcer. Details.


Canberra FM has a vacancy for a Studio Technician. Details.


SCA has a vacancy for a General Manager - Mackay. Details


SCA has a vacancy for a Breakfast Announcer - Merredin WA.  Details.


Nova has a vacancy for an Assistant Producer for Smallzy's Surgery - Sydney. Details


Grant Broadcasters has a vacancy for a Broadcast Engineer - South Australia. Details.


Chilli FM has a vacancy for a Breakfast Personality. Details


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