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Who's the best music jock in Australia? Melbourne

Radio Today continue the search for Australia's Best Music Jock.

The winner in Brisbane was Pete Curulli - see here.

We're working our way through each capital city and want you to vote on which weekday, daytime music jock you think is the best. It's whatever you believe makes them 'the best', let's not overthink this. It's just supposed to be a bit of fun.

For the next 2 days you're voting for Melbourne then we'll move onto Sydney.

Then we'll take the 5 winners and get you to vote, with one person to be crowned 'Australia's Best Music Jock'.

It’s mate against mate, network against network, who’s going to be triumphant and take home the coveted (only slightly shithouse) namebadge ?

Voting has closed for Melbourne. See the result here.

Note - we have only included stations that are part of the Nielsen survey. They appear in the order of station ranking (10+) and then shift order. We will include triple j jocks in Sydney's poll.

Michael Christian Fox FM

Tim Lee
(who has only just left the station)

Fox FM
Craig Huggins Gold
James Grove Gold
Gavin Miller Gold
Dylan Lewis
(who has only just left the station)
Nova 100
Kelli Paun Nova 100
Dangerous Dave Triple M
Higgo Triple M
Aaron Chilcott Mix 101.1
Peter O'Callaghan Magic
Ric Ditchburn Magic
Ty Frost Smooth 91.5
Byron Webb Smooth 91.5
Cathy Dinn Smooth 91.5


Published on Published on Wednesday, 21 November 2012 06:00

The Music Man (12:11am 21 Nov 2012)
Ummm guys... no one from Easy Listening station 1377 am My MP on your list.

Think someone slipped up!
mark hales (12:43am 21 Nov 2012)
The Music Man - there is a note on the article that says...'we have only included stations that are part of the Nielsen survey. They appear in the order of station ranking (10+) and then shift order.'

Maybe we could expand it to include all stations next time.
Digitalworld (12:46am 21 Nov 2012)
Cathy Dinn... best by far!
Bugalugs (2:46am 21 Nov 2012)
Wow. Tim Lee - who only just left the station yet no Simon Diaz - who also just left the station (and allegedly is still on in Melbourne on Smooth unlike Lee) so just a little bit of bias there, wouldn't you say?
squinty (2:50am 21 Nov 2012)
Damn! Wish I could vote more than once! Some great talent in Melbourne!

Tim Lee

These guys are my top 4 in no particular order.

Special mention to Kelli Paun, I know she is good but haven't listened to her shift enough.

mark hales (3:03am 21 Nov 2012)
Hi Bugalugs.

No bias whatsoever.

Simon left a month ago. Tim Lee left on Friday. When we put together the lists over a week ago we decided we would include current jocks or those that have only just left (1 or 2 weeks).

Simon may be doing work on Smooth but as he isn't part of the main workday lineup he wasn't included for that station.
Frances Rizzo (3:27am 21 Nov 2012)
Craig Huggins Gold 104.3 ALL THE WAY !!! and i ve been listening for a very longgggggggggg time..

Great Music Jock, he covers numerous styles of music to break up the day.. Always a pleasure listening, its a day perker, PERKS ME UP !

Dave Kesat (3:33am 21 Nov 2012)
I'd probably go for the 'turntable slave' out of this horrible lot, as he sounds like jamie angel a little bit. Got me wondering about Aaron Chilcott though, as I haven't listened to him before.
Anonymous (4:42am 21 Nov 2012)
higgo is a really big bastard isn't he. Big Higgooooooooo
Pete Nelis (4:50am 21 Nov 2012)
I have a fair ear for radio! Nova's Kelli Paun is simply all class!
Rick Wade (7:25am 21 Nov 2012)
Lee Simon?
Kcb (8:56am 21 Nov 2012)
Higgo & Byron!
Larrisa martin (9:09am 21 Nov 2012)
Higgo all the way he plays what we wanna hear and keeps everyone entertained!!!
Tyla (9:42am 21 Nov 2012)
Higgo all the the big lug.
Kimmi Lohman (9:52am 21 Nov 2012)
Higgo - all the way
Blair (9:54am 21 Nov 2012)
Anonymous (10:03am 21 Nov 2012)
Dange Dave Williams got my vote. Gavin Miller is not bad, enjoyed listening to him when he was on the M's. Where is Lee Simon?
Magdalena (10:04am 21 Nov 2012)
Higgo Rocks the house!!!!!!
Wayne Taylor (4:04pm 21 Nov 2012)
Higgo all the way
Anonymous (7:27pm 21 Nov 2012)
Jamie Angel once told me if you are not listening to Dangerous Dave you are not trying hard enough
Tamara (10:59pm 21 Nov 2012)
Anonymous (12:10pm 22 Nov 2012)
Higgo/Dylan Lewis

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