The First Cut is the Deepest?

You’re about to get the snip, what better way to prepare than have your mates tell you some stories about what’s in store.

Sydney’s Triple M Grill Team member Matty Johns revealed he is undergoing a vasectomy after the show this morning.

After some of the stories, it's safe to say Matty is happy that he is being knocked out completely.

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Resonate’s next international move

The Resonate Group has fast turned into a success story, both here and in the USA. With two successful Hawaiian radio properties and stations in Queensland as well, a couple of members of the Resonate Management team have formed a new radio consultancy to expand into the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest and emerging radio markets.

Keith Fowler and Rex Morris have formed a new radio consultancy called Resonate Project Group.

We talk to Keith Fowler about the markets they are looking at, their point of difference and how it all came about.


the iPad mini....

As the New Year rolled over, we’ve been asking for your feedback on Radio Today and it’s been bloody great!

Thanks to everyone who helped out. Look out for changes to Radio Today in the coming weeks.

We had an iPad Mini up for grabs for answering the question:  “What do you think are the most important issues for radio in the next 12 months that Radio Today should be covering?”

It was a tough one, but there can only be one winner – below is the Answer Judged Best by our esteemed panel members.


First Taste: hit 104.1 2Day FM

As the marketing battle hots up, hit 104.1 2Day FM has launched a new TVC to the Sydney market.

It hit screens this week showcasing key artists, the hit elements and brand thread along with Dan & Maz.

hit 104.1 2Day FM First Taste below - “Sydney it’s time for something new”


iHeartRadio & Soundwave – Match Made in Metal

ARN’s iHeartRadio has hooked up with the Soundwave Festival 2015 and launched a new customised station to thrash everything rock, metal and punk in the lead up to the largest rock event in Australia. 


Next Level Research

Most groups around Australia do perceptual market research, online or auditorium music tests, the run of 8 second song hooks, show content and a bunch of questions to boot… pretty standard fare but NOVA Entertainment have again taken their audience research one step further.


Making Waves: The Differences in working in Commercial Radio versus triple J

Making Waves is a new “behind-the-scenes” radio show.

The first guests are Tom Ballard, who was on triple J breakfast and Craig Annis who was with SAFM and now STAR FM breakfast on the Central Coast.



Vale Rob Maynard

News that Rob Maynard has sadly passed away. Originally from Melbourne, Rob got his break into commercial radio at 2TM Tamworth. His radio and voiceover career spanned a number of other markets over the years including 2AY Albury, 2GO Central Coast, 3UZ Melbourne, 7HT Hobart, 2HD Newcastle, 3KZ Melbourne, 6IX Perth,2CA Canberra and 2DAY FM Sydney.

He moved to the Central Coast in NSW in the mid-nineties and retired in 2004 and was a volunteer at community station Coast FM 963.

There may be no one good enough for Triple M Melbourne?

You’ve got a workplace full of big talent -  Eddie McGuire, Mick Molloy, Merrick Watts, James Brayshaw, Lee Simon, Dave Williams….

So who is good enough, and big enough to join that daytime line-up?




Imaging Blueprint: KIIS package 2015

Exported from the UK to Australia, Contraband Media are the guys behind the new KIIS Network imaging in play for Sydney and Melbourne.

ARN’s Duncan Campbell have given them a good wrap:  “When expanding the KIIS brand into Melbourne this year we needed something to energise the station in a way that would excite audiences and set the brand apart from our key competitors. The team at Contraband Media have come up with a fresh twist to the usual and predictable 'jingle sound’, which integrates perfectly with our playlist. They're loud, vibrant, exciting and full of energy...we love them!”,

You can hear their handy work below.


Who was Merrick’s first Guest?

This arvo saw the launch of  Merrick … and Australia across the Triple M and Localworks Networks for SCA.

Mark had a bet with his footy mates to be Merrick’s first caller – Winner!! - $50 bucks off his mates. Then it was Merrick’s first real guest, his mate Sky News Paul Murray talking politics.

Hear the first four breaks below, this is Merrick … and Australia day one.



Melbourne’s Latest Pop Up thing

Melbourne’s new thing, is pop up stuff. The latest was the Heston Blumental’s (the bald chef from the UK) three Michelin-starred restaurant called The Fat Duck. Getting a table is as scarce as hen’s teeth.

Tommy from Nova 100’s Meshel & Tommy  said, “I would love to say that we’ve got a table at The Fat Duck to give away, wouldn’t that be the duck’s nuts. No we haven’t! We’ve got the next best thing”.

Meshel & Tommy’s The Chubby Pigeon

Sure, it will have intimate surroundings.  It will even serve the Heston for Coles range to Nova’s discerning diners. Meshel & Tommy will broadcast live from The Chubby Pigeon’s secret location on Friday with one diner getting a double to the most exclusive restaurant in Melbourne, the real one.  

ARN has a vacancy for an Account Director.  Details


I98 FM has a vacancy for a News Editor. Details


5RM and Magic 931 are looking for a Creative Copywriter and Announcer. Riverland S.A. Details



Nova Entertainment has a vacancy for a Senior Campaign Development Manager. Brisbane. Details


 2ST and Power 94.9 FM has a vacancy for a Sound Producer. Details


Magic 931 are looking for a Breakfast Co Host / Journalist.- Riverland S.A.  Details.


Nova Entertainment has a vacancy for an Agency Sales Manager - Melbourne. Details.


Nova Entertainment has a vacancy for a Senior Producer for Fitzy & Wippa. - Sydney. Details.


Capital Radio Network has a vacancy for an Announcer / Music Director for 2XL and 3GG.  Details



SCA has a vacancy for an Announcer - Bendigo. Details.


7XS has a vacancy for a Breakfast Announcer. Details.



SCA has a vacancy for a Casual Announcer Fox FM- Melbourne. Details



SBS PopAsia has a vacancy for a Music Producer - Sydney. Details.


2EC and Power FM has a vacancy for an Account Manager - Merimbula. Details.


RCS has a vacancy for a Customer Service role focused on Aquira. Details.



7HO has a vacancy for a Breakfast Announcer.  Details


Macquarie Media are looking for Integration Executives for Sydney and Melbourne.  Details


Nova Entertainment are looking for Announcers for the Talent Bank - Sydney. Details


NG Media has a vacancy for a Radio Trainer / Coordinator. Ngaanyjarra Lands - WA  Details.


Nova Entertainment has a vacancy for a Casual Programming Assistant - Nova 91.9 Adelaide.  Details.


WSFM 101.7 has a vacancy for a Producer. Details


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