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AFTRS Next FM Phase 2

The second phase of AFTRS pop up station, NEXT FM, has started broadcasting today.

Just like the students from phase 1, the students build the station and its online presence from scratch and then perform all roles from announcing, production and management.

"Until October 11th Next FM is broadcast live from the Australian Film, Television & Radio School. After studying hard for a year the 2012 Radio Broadcast students are ready to show you what they’ve got"

Check out their website here, follow them on Facebook here or stream them here.

Meet the students below, see behind the scenes and hear how they handled a fire alarm going off mid-break...


Published on Friday, 28 September 2012 11:45 Category: What's New

Vale Jill Meagher

ABC 774 have posted the following message this morning following the terrible news overnight regarding their colleague Jill Meagher.

On behalf of Local Radio Victoria, we are deeply saddened and pained by the tragic news of the death of our friend and colleague Jill Meagher.


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SCA develop TV poker game

Southern Cross Austereo have combined with mobile technology company 'OpenMarket' to create a new program that will broadcast on the regional Southern Cross Ten network, and on the Network Ten digital station 'One'.

The program is a live poker show allowing viewers to play along every Tuesday night for a chance to win a Sanity voucher worth between $100 and $500. 

The 'Poker Showdown' will have Texas Holdem Poker hands dealt on screen, and television viewers will have the opportunity to text in (at a cost of 55c) guessing the winning hand to win the Sanity vouchers.


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CRA's Conference Program

Commercial Radio Australia have released their conference program for the upcoming event which is now only 2 weeks away.

See the program below and you can start working out what you want to check out throughout the afternoon.

We'll see ya there !!!


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AFL Live Grand Final call expands

Crocmedia's AFL Live syndicated program will be broadcast through 96 stations this weekend with a potential audience of 8 million.

Every state will be taking the Grand Final call that stars Rex Hunt, Sandy Roberts and ex-Hawk Shane Crawford.


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The $1 million job hunt

Australia's unemployment rate decreased to 4.9% this year. But for Tasmania, it’s the highest in the nation at 7.7%. So 7HOFM in Hobart are coming together with Manpower, a local employment agency, to get Hobart working again.

During the campaign, they are aiming to create $1 million worth of employment.


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Osbourne to attend Radio Conference & Awards

Sharon Osbourne, music manager, TV host, author and wife of Ozzy, will be the special guest at next months Australian Radio Conference and Awards.

Sharon has most recently been a judge on the 'X Factor UK' and 'America’s Got Talent', as well as a guest on 'Celebrity Apprentice' in the USA and currently is co-host of 'The Talk'.


Published on Wednesday, 26 September 2012 12:30 Category: What's New

Jules Lund gets tough

One of the most exciting 'fitness event' brands that has come to Australia in the last year has been 'Tough Mudder'. After launching in Melbourne a couple of months ago, the Sydney event happened at the weekend, and the Today Networks Jules Lund hooked in boots and all. 

He did have some help, from Olympians Melissa Wu and Frankie Owen, and the three of them got covered in mud, electrocuted but more importantly obtained plenty of audio to use on the air.

See the pics from Jules 'Tough Mudder' day below;


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Green Day's Brilliant Brand

'Brand like a Rock Star' is a book written by Steve Jones who is the Vice-President of Programming for Newcap Radio in Canada.

After Green Day's outburst at the iHeartRadio music festival, put on by Clear Channel, Steve has written a post about Green Day's brilliant brand.

Read it in full below...


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Changes to metro survey's in 2013

The Metro Radio Survey schedule is now available for next year, with one significant tweek.

Survey 1 has been a standalone survey with a double sample collected in a 4 week period.

With extreme weather conditions often impacting the field work and survey compliance in Survey 1 (eg. the Brisbane floods in 2011) the Board of CRA and the Industry Research Committee have worked with Nielsen to try and fix these issues.

They are rolling out these changes to the design of Survey 1...


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Fox arvo jock quits

According to his Facebook page, Tim Lee has resigned after 3 years at The Fox.

This is his post....


Published on Tuesday, 25 September 2012 10:54 Category: What's New

ABC Radio National staff "sick to their stomachs"

Details of ABC Radio National's 'Production Sustainability Project' (PSP) are set to be released today.

This project is said to include job losses and program cuts to RN as they try to make $1m worth of savings.

An article in 'Crikey' has revealed that 'voluntary redundancies are expected and around five programs are set to go. The drama unit — which produces Airplay, a weekly hour-long program of radio plays — is expected to be among the hardest hit.'


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Nova Entertainment has a vacancy for an Ideas Director based in Melbourne. Details.


2EC and Power FM in Bega are looking for a Radio Journalist. Details.








ARN has a vacancy for an Assistant Content Director based in Sydney. Details.


Fairfax Radio Network has a vacancy for a Direct Sales Account Manager based in Perth.  Details


96.5 Wave FM has a vacancy for a Breakfast Show Producer in Wollongong. Details.


SCA has a vacancy for a Breakfast Announcer based in Albury. Details.




97.3 Coast FM and 6MM in Mandurah have a vacancy for their Talent Bank.Details.


Radio Release has a vacancy for a Release Coordinator based in Melbourne. Details.


Nova Entertainment are looking for Casual Announcers for Nova 96.9 Sydney. Details.


The Barefoot Investor has a vacancy for a Head of Content based in Melbourne. Details.


Fairfax Radio Network has a vacancy for a News Journalist - Part Time based in Sydney. Details.



ARN has a vacancy for a Show Image Producer based in Sydney. Details.


RCS has a vacancy for a Managing Director based in ChristChurch. Details.


SCA has a vacancy for an Announcer at Hot FM Townsville. Details.


102.9 FM Hot Tomato on the Gold Coast has a vacancy for a Breakfast Show Executive Producer. (Maternity Leave Contract) Details.


ARN has a vacancy for a Campaign Coordinator based in Brisbane.Details.


91.9 Fresh FM has a vacancy for a Station Manager based in Gladstone. Details.


ARN has a vacancy for a Creative Writer based in Brisbane.Details.


Got a question? Got a suggestion?

Got a Story?

Email Blair anytime here.


Josh Olek is on the move from Snow FM Jindabyne to do nights and production at Wave FM in Wollongong.

Peter Samios is taking up a position as content director at Star FM Dubbo. He was with 2SM in production.


Andrew ‘Dunks’ Dunkerley is returning to the position of Program Director with Snow FM and 2XL.


Brendan Egan has moved and been promoted to a new role with Grant Broadcasters as a Network Producer in their Hub operations. 


Jodie Williams is set to join Triple Z in Lismore, NSW.

Cheryl Lardner has moved to Melbourne and joined ARN as Sales Manager of Mix 101.1.

Beth Krapljanov has landed  her first full-time job in radio at Spirit FM in Broome. Beth recently attended Central Institute of Technology in Perth.


Catherine Sligar is leaving her post at Radio Release® after a nine month stint as Release Coordinator.


Kenny Williams has joined the team at Hitz 939 Bundaberg as Music Director and Drive Announcer.



Lee Stamps has joined KRock Geelong as their new Drive Announcer and Music Director.


Canberra Ratings

1 104.7 17.3 (17.5) SCA
2 Mix 106.3 16.8 (15.9) SCA
3 ABC666 16.4 (15.6) ABC
4 triple j 10.0 (10.3) ABC
5 Classic FM 8.2 (10.2) ABC
6 Radio National 7.6 (6.9) ABC
7 2CC 7.0 (6.6) Capital
  • 10+ overall share Mon-Sun, Survey 2/2014
  • GFK

Gold Coast Ratings

1 Gold FM 15.0 (17.1)* SCA
2 Hot Tomato 13.9 (12.3)* HT
3 Sea FM 8.8 (10.9)* SCA
4 triple j 7.6 (8.0)* ABC
5 ABC 91.7 FM 6.6 (5.6)* ABC
6 ABC612 4.2 (4.7)* ABC
7 4RN 2.7 (3.0)* ABC
  • 10+ Overall Share Mon-Sun, Survey 2/2014
  • * previous survey


Brisbane Ratings

1 97.3FM 13.8 (15.3) ARN
2 Nova 106.9 11.7 (11.6) NovaEnt
3 ABC612 10.8 (9.2) ABC
4 B105 9.4 (10.1) SCA
5 Triple M 9.1 (9.3) SCA
6 4KQ 8.0 (7.3) ARN
7 triple j 7.5 (7,2) ABC
8 Magic882 5.0 (5.2) Fairfax
9 4BC 4.4 (4.9) Fairfax
  • 10+ overall share Mon-Sun, Survey 5/2014
  • GfK

Perth Ratings

1 Mix 94.5 14.2 (15.1) SCA
2 Nova 93.7 12.4 (11.8) NovaEnt
3 96FM 10.7 (11.1) Fairfax
4 triple j 10.3 (9.7) ABC
5 6PR 10.2 (9.0) Fairfax
6 ABC720 10.0 (10.6) ABC
7 92.9 8.0 (9,3) SCA
  • 10+ overall share Mon-Sun, Survey 5/2014
  • GfK

Auckland Ratings

1 Newstalk ZB 13.4 (13.0) TRN
2 Coast  9.6 (8.1) TRN
3 The Edge 7.8 (6.0) Mediaworks
4 The Breeze 7.0 (6.5) Mediaworks
5 Classic Hits 6.7 (5.9) TRN
6 ZM 5.9 (5.6) TRN
7 Mai FM 5.2 (4.3) TRN
  • 10+ share, Survey 1/2014

Christchurch Ratings

1 Newstalk ZB 17.0 (16.1) TRN
2 More FM 10.7 (11.8) Mediaworks
3 The Breeze 10.2 (8.8) Mediaworks
4 The Rock 9.0 (10.3) Mediaworks
5 The Edge 6.9 (6.5) Mediaworks
6 The Sound 6.0 (6.4) Mediaworks
7 Classic Hits 5.7 (5.7) TRN
  • 10+ share, Survey 1/2014

Wellington Ratings

1 NewstalkZB 15.3 (10.5) TRN
2 The Breeze 13.7 (14.6) Mediaworks
3 ZM 11.3 (12.4) TRN
4 The Sound 7.5 (7.1) Mediaworks
5 The Rock 7.4 (8.3) Mediaworks
6 The Edge 6.6 (8.3) Mediaworks
7 Coast 5.7 (4.6) TRN
  • 10+ share, Survey 1/2014

Newcastle Ratings

1 KOFM 15.3 (16.1)* SCA
2 ABC1233 11.1 (12.0)* ABC
3 triple j 10.8 (11.2)* ABC
4 2HD 10.3 (8.8)* BOG
5 NXFM 9.7 (10.3)* SCA
6 New FM 9.3 (8.4)* BOG
7 Classic FM 4.7 (5.1)* ABC
  • 10+ Overall Share Mon-Sun, Survey 2/2014
  • * GfK  Survey 1/2014


Adelaide Ratings

1 Mix 102.3 15.9 (16.3) ARN
2 FIVEaa 11.4 (10.6) NovaEnt
3 ABC891 10.9 (10.8) ABC
4 Nova 91.9 10.4 (10.8) NovaEnt
5 Triple M 9.2 (9.1) SCA
6 Cruise 1323 8.7 (8.5) ARN
7 SAFM 8.0 (6.8) SCA
8 triple j 7.1 (7.6) SCA
  • 10+ overall share Mon-Sun, Survey 5/2014
  • GfK

Wollongong Ratings

1 I98 23.8 (28.5) WIN
2 Wave FM 16.0 (17.3) GRANT
  • 10+ Overall Share Mon-Sun, Survey 1/2014
  • IRIS Research

Central Coast Ratings

1 Sea FM 17.7 (12.4) SCA
2 2GO FM 13.2 (17.5) SCA
3 Star 104.5 11.4 (14.3) NovaEnt
4 ABC 92.5 10.7 (9.9) ABC
5 2GB 9.8 (8.9) MRN
6 Triple J 5.8 (5.2) ABC
7 WSFM 2.8 (0.7) ARN
  • 10+ overall share Mon-Sun, Survey 1/2012
  • Nielsen Media Research

Albury Ratings

1 Star FM 22.9* (22.7)** SCA
2 The River 20.7* (27.0)** SCA
3 2AY 16.6* (11.9)** ACE
4 ABC Local Radio 14.0* (11.2)** ABC
5 Triple J 9.9* (4.2)** ABC
6 Radio National 2.2* (1.6)** ABC
  • 10+ overall share Mon-Sun, Survey 1/2014
  • * Xtra Research/ ** Nielsen 

Melbourne Ratings

3AW 13.9 (12.8) Fairfax
ABC 774 11.7 (13.1) ABC
Fox FM 7.8 (7,2) SCA
Triple M 7.6 (7.6) SCA
Gold 7.2 (7.6) ARN
Nova 100 6.8 (6.7) NovaEnt
smoothfm 91.5 6.6 (6.7) NovaEnt
Mix 101.1 6.2 (7.1) ARN
  • 10+ share Mon-Sun, Survey 5/2014 (GfK)

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