G.R.L. is taking over Nova Sunday

G.R.L. is on a roll with Nova Entertainment - it started out with Smallzy early in the week, then Friday the intimate showcase with Meshel and Tommy we told you about, and now they're taking over Sunday.

G.R.L. is Taking Over Nova this Sunday from 1-3pm.

G.R.L. will play their favourite songs and talk about their latest single Ugly Heart amongst other stuff.

In the meantime... they say G.R.L. get undressed in Smallzy's Surgery - view if you wish.


No Experience needed

You get the call and news.

You are down 3 jocks – because of sickness and some are away on holidays – and your fill-in guy is out of town as well.

You ask yourself the question “how the hell am I going to cover the shifts today?”

Thankfully the idea came to mind, to ask the Ballarat listeners to fill-in for the afternoon shift.



Jamie Row joins Nova Entertainment

Jamie Row  is back in the Nova Entertainment fold full-time, joining Nova 106.9 as Programming Manager:

Back in 2013, Jamie was the anchor for Chrissie & Jane on Mix 101.1 in Melbourne. Since then,  we hear he has been covering casual shifts around the place, including Hot Tomato on the Gold Coast

Veteran Tony Dickinson hospitalised

Tony Dickinson, veteran radio and TV broadcaster is in hospital after being diagnosed with cancer 18 months ago.

Tony pioneered Australian TV's 6pm one-hour news format and he is best known as the frontman of Channel Ten's Adelaide News in the 1980's. Working alongside Anne Wills, Jane Reilly and Anne Sanders - just to name a few. 

"Dicko" was a former Program Director of 4BH in Brisbane, he’s also best known as the breakfast newsreader at 2UE where he was the first to break the news about the tragic Granville Train Disaster.

Well wishers can contact Scott Mayman - 4BC News Director. Scott worked with Tony in Sydney Radio and has been asked to act on behalf of the family. Call 0415 728 195 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Almost Keeping Up with the Kardashian's?

The Kardashian reality empire is huge. Running since 2007 on the E! Network worldwide.

So how did one, Polly Gillespie at THE HITS in NZ spark a family stoush?



KISS - goodbye

Mike Fitzpatrick, Triple M's Network head, has just pulled all Kiss tracks from playlists nationwide.

It follows comments by Kiss’ Gene Simmons -

Tells Depression Sufferers: ‘F*** You! Kill Yourself’

"Gene Simmons' recent comments are misguided and insensitive," Mike said. "Depression and Suicide are not topics he should be using to further his notoriety or sell records. His desperation to use mental health issues to find relevancy in a modern age is sickening. I can only put it down to a brain fade on his part. "

"The Triple M Network can’t and won’t be playing or supporting this dickhead’s music. I put the challenge out to other stations across Australia and North America to also drop any of this nudnik's songs until such time as he reconsiders his thoughtless and insensitive position."



Every ball is to aim at Dave Thorton’s head

"I want him injured in some way”, Fifi said prepping her team.

This morning is was Fox FM’s Fifi & Dave inaugural Trampoline Dodgeball Tournament at Bounce Blackburn.

Fifi ended up ‘dodging’ the game due to injury and Dan Anstey filled in for (and dressed up as her).

“How does this game work, I am so confused”, she commentated from the sidelines. But who won?


2UE’s John Stanley Honoured

2UE’s John Stanley  recently took out the award for Radio Commentator of the Year at the Kennedy Awards.

“I work in a terrific industry with some very talented people and it’s such a privilege to be behind the microphone every day interacting with our audience. Being recognised by a panel of your peers is a terrific honour,” Stanley said.

The Kennedy Awards recognise excellence in journalism in NSW.



A bucket list Sophie won’t forget in a hurry

Sophie Tiller of NXFM's Sophie, Heath & Normy turned 30 today.

Heath & Normy have helped Sophie with her 30th Bucket List all this week including: a Nude Drawing Class, a Manual Driving Lesson, and this weekend Sophie will Jump out of plane to help conquer her fear of heights. 

The big On-Air celebration happened this morning featuring a very special audio package from Sophie, Heath & Normy's great mates...  we think the message got lost in translation.


SCA is back Streaming

Earlier in the year all regional markets around the country went silent.

Collectively regional groups – Grant Broadcasters being the first, followed by SCA, ACE and others went dark – switching off their internet streams over a dispute with the PPCA, who were after some more cash with a revised fee structure.

Today, SCA has turned some markets back on.

Southern Cross Austereo Chief Content Officer Guy Dobson said, 

“Gold Coast, Newcastle and Canberra are big cities with regular radio surveys and so we have decided to bring them back into line with the other metro stations when it comes to online streaming. We are in agreement with CRA on this matter, in that being asked to pay, at a much higher rate, for the music we already pay for is double dipping and extremely unfair on local radio stations.”


Triple M Brisbane, did it differently

You’re a male targeted station. 

The biggest show from the country, is in the big smoke.

Kids, cows, fairy floss and show rides – the Brisbane Ekka.

Sure you can do the standard OB thing with a studio and the rest….

Triple M Brisbane, did it differently.




Intimate with G.R.L

First they were Smallzy’s G.R.L’s, now it's Nova 100’s Meshel & Tommy's turn.

Tomorrow arvo, 30 of G.R.L’s biggest fans will attend an intimate performance from the hottest new female group at Nova’s Melbourne studios.

All week  Meshel & Tommy have asked listeners to upload an Instagram video of themselves lip syncing to G.R.L’s hit song ‘Ugly Heart’ to win a spot. You can see some of the efforts below.


3BA and Power FM Ballarat are looking for a Creative Director. Details



AFTRS are looking for a Head of Radio. Details


C91.3 FM has a vacancy for a Radio Journalist.  Details


7XS has a vacancy for a Breakfast Announcer. Details


Vision Australia Radio has a vacancy for a Coordinator of Volunteers based in Perth.  Details



Hot Tomato on the Gold Coast has a vacancy for a Drive Announcer. Details.


ARN has a vacancy for a Radio Broadcast & IT Support Technician based in Adelaide. Details.


2ST Nowra has a vacancy for a Breakfast Personality. .Details.


Nova Entertainment are looking for Announcers for their Talent Bank. Details.


EON Broadcasting has a vacancy for an Account Manager. Details.


West Coast Radio has a vacancy for a Direct Sales Rep. .Details.







ARN has a vacancy for a Broadcast Engineer based in Adelaide.  Details


ABC North & West Port Pirie has a vacancy for a Breakfast Presenter. Details.



612 ABC Brisbane has a vacancy for a Producer. Details.


Nova 96.9 has a vacancy for an Integration Project Manager for Drive. Details.





Tasmanian Broadcasters has a vacancy for an Executive Producer for Tasmania Talks. Details


Power FM Nowra has a vacancy for a Breakfast Personality. Details.


Grant Broadcasters are looking for an Assistant Content Director for the Sunshine Coast. Details.



Triple J are looking for a Hack Radio Producer based in Sydney. Details.


KIIS 101.1 has a vacancy for a Producer. .Details.




Nova Entertainment has a vacancy for a Campaign Development Manager based in Melbourne. Details.


Recent Comments

Jocelin Abbey will lead the ABC Radio and Regional Marketing team as the new Head of Radio and Regional Marketing


David Salmon is the new GM of Radio TAB. He joins the national racing brand from Seven where he was Brisbane Deputy Director of News. 


Chris Sewell is joining Wave FM Wollongong in June as their afternoon announcer/Social Media Guru.



Samantha Rose Spence is the new Executive Producer of Brisbane’s Nova 106.9’s Ash, Kip & Luttsy.



Tony Aldridge has been appointed as Content Director at i98FM Wollongong


Brisbane Broncos player Sam Thaiday is now part of a new weekend breakfast show on Nova 106.9.







Former 4BC News Director Scott Mayman joins the Super Radio Network as the new breakfast presenter on Radio 97 Tweed Heads,


Nicole Bence is joining NOVA Entertainment as thier new Digital Commercial Director 



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  ABC720 9.7 (9.7) ABC
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  The Rock 8.3 (11.0) Mediaworks
  The Edge 7.7 (7.4) Mediaworks
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  The Hits 3.7 (4.3) NZME
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  Nova 91.9 12.0 (11.5) NE
  FIVEaa 10.6 (9.2) NE
  ABC891 11.4 (12.3) ABC
  Cruise 7.4 (6.8) ARN
  Triple M 10.5 (11.5) SCA
  hit107 9.7 (10.9) SCA
  triple j 6.3 (6.8) ABC
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