The Collective to fill in for Smallzy on Nova

The Collective will host a series of shows across the Nova Network on Sundays from 1pm.

The boys will fill in for Kent ‘Smallzy’ Small from 30 June as the team from Smallzy’s Surgery take a break after broadcasting from London’s Summertime Ball.

The Collective have enlisted a number of artists to join them in studio including Taylor Henderson, Bonnie Anderson and Swedish pop star, Kim Cesarion.


Australians win silver at Radio Lions in Cannes

Australians have picked up three silver awards at the Radio Lions in Cannes.

Clemenger BBDO was awarded for its Mars M&Ms campaign; Saatchi & Saatchi’s for its Capi Sparkling water campaign; and Leo Burnett, Sydney for the radio component for Samsung’s S:Drive safe driving activity.

Leo Burnett Creative Director Vince Lagana told AdNews: “I think we [the Australian industry] are getting better at it and trying different things. I was impressed with the quality of work from this year and how it really stood up to the rest of the world – there’s a couple of silver winners in there.


SCA Sydney CEO sleeps out for charity

Jeremy Simpson has camped with a piece of cardboard for a mattress.

Southern Cross Austereo Sydney's General Manager once again joined the annual Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout.

Simpson raised more than $3,600 for St Vincent de Paul’s homeless services.

Sleepouts were held around the country.


Chicken signs off from K-ROCK

Paul Dyer aka Chicken has quit K-ROCK's B Team.

The former Big Brother contestant, who owns Winkipop Surf Industry, is looking forward to hitting the waves and spending time with his family.


Kyle Sandilands vs Magda Szubanski again

Kyle Sandilands has insulted Magda Szubanski again.

The KIIS breakfast host has recorded lines for a theatrical performance of Snow White.

Sandilands voices the Disgruntled Mirror, while Szubanski plays the Wicked Queen.

Australian Associate Press reports Sandilands didn’t know who his nasty lines were targeted at when he went to record them.

When he asked who was playing the Queen and was told it was Szubanski, Sandilands said his stomach dropped.


Nova 937 finally gets a new Music Director

Nova 937 finally has a new Music Director.

Well, they will when he starts in three weeks.

Former MD Claire Marshall left Perth in April to take up the newly-created role of Music Marketing Director for Nova Entertainment in Sydney.


Triple M's footy mid-season lunch

Triple M held its annual football mid-season lunch in Melbourne this week, giving key partners and sponsors an update on the AFL season with an opportunity to get up close and personal with its leading AFL call team including Campbell Brown, Wayne Carey (left), Jason Dunstall, Damian Barrett and Ash Chua.

Hamish McLachlan was emcee of the event which kicked off with a video message from The Rush Hour’s James Brayshaw and Billy Brownless, and was followed by a heated panel discussion between the most opinionated footy heads in the business.


Help former jock: Sydney's Happiest Amputee

Mathew McHugh calls himself Sydney’s Happiest Amputee.

The former Nova and StarFM announcer, who also spent time working in production for Triple M, lost a leg after a paragliding accident in Sydney two months ago.

McHugh was hurled into a cliff at more than 100 kilometres an hour when his glider’s canopy crash.

He was stuck on the cliff, injured and losing blood fast.


Howard Sattler launches legal action against 6PR

Howard Sattler has launched legal action against former employer 6PR.

The veteran announcer was sacked by the Perth radio station after an interview with former Prime Minister Julia Gillard in which he questioned the sexuality of her partner Tim Mathieson.

Sattler has launched defamation proceedings against 6PR claiming unquantified damages due to the unlawfully termination of his employment. He also has a separate action alleging unfair dismissal.


ABC RN introduces digital magazine

ABC Radio National has launched a digital monthly magazine.

White Paper incorporates what listeners hear on air with video, audio and indepth articles

The iPad version is out now, while the Android version is still in development.

It’s also available online and has its own Facebook page.

Have a look at the introduction video.


Watch StarFM's Bluehemian Rhapsody video

Ahead of State of Origin Game 2, Star 104.5's Dan Taylor has made a music video to support his mighty blues.

We think the NSW boys would approve of the drive announcer's take on Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

Taylor's version, in which he's playing keys and sporting a healthy mullet, is called Bluehemian Rhapsody.

It's a five-star performance and if there was a trophy for song parodies, this would get it.


ACCC wants better dispute resolution in performing rights arrangements

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has reauthorised the Australasian Performing Right Association’s (APRA) arrangements for the acquisition and licensing of performing rights in music, subject to certain conditions.

APRA holds the rights for the performance of almost all music in Australia. 

A large number of businesses, including retail businesses, hospitality venues and broadcasters, must purchase a licence from APRA to broadcast music. 


7HO FM Hobart is looking for a Promotions Manager. Details.


7XS is looking for a Breakfast Announcer. Details.


Nova 106.9 is looking for an Activation Specialist. Details.

Gulf News Broadcasting based in Dubai are looking for a Head of Content. Details.



Wave FM has a vacancy for a Workday Personality / Social Media Manager. .Details



Radio Africa Group is looking for a Content Director. Details.



96five has a vacancy for a Casual Producer.  Details


ZM has a vacancy for a Breakfast Producer based in Auckland. Details.


ARN has a vacancy for a Broadcast Engineer based in Melbourne. .Details.




Nova have a role for an Integration Project Manager for the national Smallzy's Surgery Evening Show.. Details.


Recent Comments

Rob McCasker will be the new Breakfast Executive Producer/ Anchor for Jodie & Soda on Mix102.3.


After a 29 year career with ABC radio, Peter Riley hosted his final program as the breakfast host on ABC Illawarra.




Damon Wise the GM of both SEA and Heart in Hobart will wrap up with the group on April 7th

Greg Tremain will be joining the Australian Radio Network in the newly created position of Partnerships Director.






Tom Martin the CD of Adelaide community station Fresh 92.7, has landed the Breakfast EP’s gig for Heidi, Will and Woody at hit929 Perth.


After 23 years on-air, Hilary Barry has decided to depart MediaWorks in New Zealand.



Kathy Gramp will be stepping down as Non-Executive Director at the SCA June Board meeting.



Toni Street and Sam Wallace will be the hosts of a new entertainment show on NZME’s The Hits


Liam Renton has been announced as the new Promotions Manager of Hot91/Zinc FM on the Sunshine Coast







Former 4BC News Director Scott Mayman joins the Super Radio Network as the new breakfast presenter on Radio 97 Tweed Heads,


Nicole Bence is joining NOVA Entertainment as thier new Digital Commercial Director 



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  KIIS 1065 8.9 (7.7) ARN
  smoothfm 95.3 6.9 (7.4) NE
  Nova 96.9 7.1 (7.2) NE
  triple j 7.0 (7.5) ABC
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  Mix 94.5 15.0 (150) SCA
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  96FM 7.9 (7.7) ARN
  triple j 9.7 (11.3) ABC
  ABC720 10.0 (9.6) ABC
  hit 929 10.9 (9.8) SCA
  6PR 8.2 (7.8) MRN
  6IX 4.3 (4.5) CAP
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  Fox FM 8.6 (9.7) SCA
  smooth935 6.9 (7.1) NE
  KIIS 101.1 6.4 (6.8) ARN
  Nova 100 6.0 (6.8) NE
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3 Sea FM 9.6 (9.5) SCA
4 ABC 91.7FM 7.9 (6.7) ABC
5 triple j 7.8 (9.4) ABC
6 ABC612 5.2 (3.3) ABC
7 Radio National 2.5 (2.3) ABC
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Christchurch Ratings

  Newstalk ZB 15.3 (17.0) NZME
  More FM 14.6 (10.7) Mediaworks
  The Breeze 9.9 (10.2) Mediaworks
  The Rock 8.6 (9.0) Mediaworks
  The Edge 6.9 (6.9) Mediaworks
  The Sound 9.0 (6.0) Mediaworks
  The Hits 3.5 (5.7) NZME
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  104.7 17.9 (18.8) SCA
  ABC666 15.9 (15.3) ABC
  Mix 106.3 13.6 (13.9) SCA
  Classic FM 10.0 (8.6) ABC
  triple j 8.2 (8.2) ABC
  2CC 6.8 (6.1) Capital
  2CA 6.0 (5.5) Captial
  Radio National 3.9 (3.6) ABC
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  97.3FM 12.1 (13.5) ARN
  Nova 106.9 11.0 (12.7) NE
  ABC612 9.6 (12.6) ABC
  4MMM 10.8 (8.4) SCA
  hit105.3 10.3 (10.7) SCA
  4KQ 8.2 (8.0) ARN
  TRIPLE J 8.4 (7.3) ABC
  4BC 5.0 (4.6) MRN
  Magic 882 2.8 (4.6) MRN
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  • B105 now hit105.3

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  Newstalk ZB 13.4 (13.4) TRN
  Coast  7.8 (9.6) TRN
  The Edge 7.7 (78.) Mediaworks
  The Breeze 7.8 (7.0) Mediaworks
  The Hits 5.3 (6.7) TRN
  ZM 4.5 (5.9) TRN
  Mai FM 5.2 (5.2) TRN
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  Mix 102.3 11.4 (13.0) ARN
  Nova 91.9 11.6 (11.2) NE
  FIVEaa 9.6 (10.2) NE
  ABC891 12.6 (12.4) ABC
  Cruise 7.2 (8.5) ARN
  Triple M 10.2 (8.7) SCA
  hit107 10.1 (8.4) SCA
  triple j 8.1 (6.8) ABC
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