Uniqueness beats 'better'

The Ten Network launched their new Breakfast show today, bringing it forward by four days due to the leadership issues in the Labor party.

No doubt that there will be programming executives at Ten, and elsewhere, analysing the execution and structure of today’s show, as happens with all new shows. However, it would be unfair to critique the execution of the first day of any show, and we don’t propose to do that.

However there is a more fundamental question, and that is one of strategy, and from a radio perspective it has parallels.


Sams back for the footy

After being dropped from Triple M Melbourne's football commentary team under controversial circumstances a few years ago, and following his public resignation from MTR a month ago, Triple M have brought Sam Newman back to the fold for the 2012 season.

Sam will be a part of the friday night football coverage, and will be a regular guest on the Breakfast show.

It is a good move by Triple M. As a listener, your views on Sam are irrelevant. He gets talked about, and his content makes headlines.  For Triple M, even if Sam 'misbehaves' it is good for them. In Melbourne, Sam is the most 'controversial-est' broadcaster in football.

SCA senior management changes

Southern Cross Austereo have this afternoon announced Jeremy Simpson as Sydney General Manager with responsibility for 2Day FM and Triple M. He has most recently been SCA's National Sales Director, and prior to that spent ten years with Southern Cross Media leading their radio and television sales teams nationally.

Jeremy Simpson commented - 'There already exists an excellent culture of openness and cooperation across the company as well as a burning desire to develop the best possible content and ideas by investing in the best talent in the business - both on and off the air'

Jeremy's replacement as National Sales Director for SCA is Cathy Thomas, who is currently Director of Radio Sales and has been with the business for 18 years.

'My focus will be on establishing one unified sales offer that embraces assets across metro and regional radio, regional TV and digital with the remarkable ability to reach 95% of Australians' - said Cathy.

Presumably an immediate task for both will be ensure the relationships with key advertisers and agencies are smoothed over following what has been a difficult three months since the now infamous Kyle incident. Whilst it is debatable as to whether the incident will have a negative impact on ratings, it has certainly provided an upturn in revenue for DMG and ARN.

In an internal staff memo Rhys Holleran and Guy Dobson commented -  'critical to our business, Jeremy and Cathy's appointments will ensure our continued success as market leaders'.

Both appointments are effective immediately.

3AW celebrates

Powerhouse Melbourne talk station 3AW today turns 80, having launched on 22 February 1932. It remains the only AM station in Melbourne to retain it's original call-sign, which came from the original owners - Allans Music and J.C.Williamson. However it has had a number of frequency changes, most notably five years ago when it exchanged frequencies with sister station Magic.

3AW is seen as the jewel in the Fairfax stable of radio stations and was the key driver behind the recent failed acquisition attempt by the Macquarie Radio Network as they looked to obtain a strong presence in the Melbourne market. 

Below is a 3AW television ad from 1990, it is a who's who of Melbourne media identities, and an interesting observation of hairstyles 22 years ago.

'Where are the Chicks?'

We appreciate all the comments that have been coming in on Radio Today, and encourage you to share your views on our content - even if you have an alternate perspective. We have observed the level of commentary from the advertising community on the Mumbrella site and believe that the radio industry should also have that. This level of discussion is what we hope for Radio Today to achieve.

Over the next few days we will be adding an 'anonymous' feature to our comments box which will allow you to make a comment and not have your name published. This is an acknowledgement that for some people, for quite valid reasons, you might prefer to give a perspective on an issue without having your name attached to it.

Both Wendy Harmer and Shandra Moran have already commented that they would like to see 'more chicks'. Fair enough. 


Knowledge is power

The Radio Today 'airplay' menu item (above) contains the most comprehensive and up to date data on music airplay and advertiser airplay in Australian radio courtesy of our friends at Aircheck. This system has been specifically designed for Radio Today and is not available elsewhere.

So how does it work?


Watts, Corbett, Schiller talk up drive

The excellent Mumbrella website has interviewed the new Southern Cross Austereo drive program, Merrick Watts, Rachel Corbett and Julian Schiller in the leadup to the shows debut next monday.

The interview is unlikely to soothe the relationship with Kyle Sandilands as both Watts and Schiller offered a number of thinly veiled cracks at the 2Day FM Breakfast host.



See the original story at Mumbrella.com.au

Battle of the sports shows

An intriguing tussle will recommence, with a slight twist, next Monday 27 February in Adelaide. With the new Triple M national drive show commencing that day, Triple M have moved their sports program with Mark Ricciuto and Chris Dittmar forward by an hour to start at 3pm.

Whilst this will provide Triple M with a headstart over 5AA's well-established, market leading sports show with Graham Cornes (left) and Stephen Rowe which starts at 4pm, significantly in 'AFL-mad' Adelaide, 5AA will now have the only dedicated sports show in the 5pm hour.

The ratings in the most recent survey give 5AA a 16.6 drive share, and Triple M a 7.9. Given 5AA are the clear market leader, they will have discussed whether Triple M's move is  a 'useful attack'. If 5AA's sports show remains at 4pm, then presumably they see the Triple M show as no threat. If 5AA extend their drive show to run for three hours from 3pm, they will be making a strong defensive move to protect 'their territory'.

We will find out on monday.

Radio people make Top 50

The Australian has today released its list of the most influential people in the Australian media in 2012, and there are seventeen people named in the list who are either directly involved in the radio industry, or are connected to it.

The most influential person in Australian media has been named as Stephen Conroy, the Federal Minister for Communications. The Australian has forecast his biggest challenge in 2012 as dealing with the recommendations of the Convergence Review. This review has indicated wide changes are being considered to the Australian media landscape, most notably for radio the abolition of cross media-ownership laws.

Others to make The Australians Top 50 Media list, with radio connections are:



Welcome to Radio Today

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Welcome to Radio Today: radio's online community. So who are we, and what will we be doing?

Our view is that radio deserves a resource that not only reports the ‘what’ and the ‘who’, but also the ‘why’ and the ‘how’. A resource offering compelling, thought-provoking and actionable content from people with deep, exceptional and contemporary experience at the highest levels.

We believe in robust strategy. We believe in high calibre execution. We believe in crafting. We believe in developing talent. We will look to engage you in conversation. We will inform you. We will challenge you. And at times we will provoke you. Radio Today will not be a monologue, but rather a dialogue and whether you work in the largest competitive markets, the smallest regional markets or are involved in the industry in some other way, you have a role to play in this dialogue and we encourage you to do so.

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So who are the people behind Radio Today?


Breakfast Radio all over Television

For some time the radio industry has argued that the viewing audiences for breakfast television shows are very small by comparison with breakfast radio shows, however it has largely been a point missed by the mainstream media. In todays Fairfax papers, Michael Lallo has written an excellent article noting this, read it here.

Increasingly over the past decade, breakfast television has based their content, tactics and style largely on radio breakfast shows, and they do this very well. However, breakfast is radio’s main game and whilst the television shows can battle with each other, they should be analysed with the knowledge that their viewership is well down on radio's listenership in this timeslot.

Triple M makes drive official

The worst-kept secret in radio has been confirmed with Southern Cross Austereo officially confirming that Merrick Watts co-hosts on drive will be Rachel Corbett and Julian Schiller. The show will be branded as the Highway Patrol and will be broadcast on the Triple M network and the SCA regional Localworks stations at differing times.

Craig Bruce, SCA's Head of Content said 'I'm confident that Merrick and the Highway Patrol will quickly become one of the funniest shows on Australian radio'.

Undoubtedly, Triple M will be expecting some (primarily) male cume from Nova listeners sampling Watts new show,and it is likely to have a barrage of publicity across the next fortnight as they drive awareness to generate the 'curious cume'. 'Merrick and the Highway Patrol' will commence on Monday 27 February, a delayed start due to the serving of Watts non-compete clause with DMG Radio. 

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WSFM 101.7 has a vacancy for an Executive Producer. Details




96.5 Wave FM has a vacancy for an On-Air Personality / Music Director. Details


Grant Broadcasters has a vacancy for an Infrastructure & Development Manager - Digital Media. Details.


Nova 96.9 have a 10-month Integration Project Manager role available. Details.

Hope Media in Sydney has a vacancy for a Producer for the Open House program. Details.



NewstalkZB is looking for a Producer for the Sunday Cafe. Details.


i98FM in the Illawarra are recruiting a casual Journalist. Details


SCA has a vacancy for a Breakfast Producer - Central Coast. Details.


Nova Entertainment has a vacancy for an Integration and Marketing Manager for a 10 month maternity cover. - Sydney. Details.





SCA has a vacancy for an Announcer / Promotions Assistant - Dubbo. Details



Chilli FM has a vacancy for an Announcer / Music Director. Details.


SCA has a vacancy for an Assistant Content Director - 2Day FM. Details.


SCA has a vacancy for an On Air Announcer / Panel Operator. - Brisbane.. Details.


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LAFM is on the search for an On-Air Personality/Music Director. Details.


2CH Sydney is looking for a Sales Manager and six Account Managers. Details.


ARN in Brisbane is looking for an Integration Specialist. Details.



Hit100.9 Hobart is looking for an Announcer. Details.


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Nova Entertainment has a vacancy for a Technology Manager. - Adelaide. Details.


Tasmanian Broadcasters has a vacancy for a Journalist / News Presenter - Hobart. Details.


5MU is currently recruiting for a dynamic On-Air Personality/Online Support. Details.


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