AUDIO: SCA’s Top New Talent to Watch in 2017

Last week Radio Today lifted the lid on its annual Top New Talent to Watch in 2017 - now it's time to hear some of their best work!

We’ve since asked the future stars of radio to share a pick of their best breaks for us.

First up is SCA, known for their commitment to developing up and coming on-air talent.

Guy Dobson, Group Creative Officer, SCA: “We all have the same tech, we all have the same transmitter, we all have the same wattage, we all have the same scheduling systems. Great talent is what separates us. Great talent is key in all areas of our business."

Over the next week, we'll feature more new talent from the various networks.

Emma Freedman:

“Getting into breakfast radio has been an absolute joy. I’m loving working with the Grill Team crew and Triple M Sydney. I’m getting opportunities to do great interviews, come up with fun content and learn the radio ropes even more. The 3.45am alarm doesn’t phase me at all because it’s such an awesome show to work on. I love the avid listenership too - they make the show as much as the lads I work with.”


Harley Breen:

“Dreams do come true; this is the happiest place on earth.”


Ben Hannant:

“Given Dan Anstey was on this list in 2014 and he is now my button pusher, my hopes aren’t high. There’s a good chance after my contract is up I’ll still be waking at 4am, but to drive a dump truck.”


Heather Maltman

“When you grow up in a suburb like Eaglby and come from housing commission, to end up on a radio show, where I am able to be a real voice… It’s indescribable. To then be recognised on a list, is awesome and yet terrifying.

A- Because people are ACTUALLY listening

B- Because Dan said I will get fired because everyone else on the 2014 list has been! That could just be because he didn’t make it this year! Sucker! But seriously, I’m grateful regardless for the acknowledgement, no matter what comes after this.”


Tyrone Thwaites:

“It’s pretty cool to be recognised as someone to watch because some big names within the industry have been on that list before, including our breakfast show talent. They’ve all gone on to achieve some great things so being placed anywhere near them is a pretty awesome feeling.

“Broadcasting doesn’t feel like my job; it’s fun. I get to turn on the mic and talk to my home city about things that affect them, as well as play their favourite music. I love to be able to connect with people, that’s my passion, and I get to do it every day.”


Jake Powell:

“It was an absolute honour to get selected for the Top 20 Talent to Watch List. A bit of a surprise too! I've loved radio since I was a little kid. My dad and I would drive around Newcastle listening to KOFM and Ray Hadley and the Continuous Call Team. They were the ones who made me want to get into radio. And I don't see radio as a job but as a career. Radio Newcastle (NXFM - hit106.9 / KOFM) let me do work experience when I was 16 and then saw I was young and keen, so they trained me how to panel Hamish and Andy.

“I am now on air in the afternoon and assist with programming and music. In the future, I want to be a Music Director! I also really enjoy the Operations side of a radio station. I've been nurtured by some awesome people including my CD Mike Byrne, my mentor Violet Merhi, Jason Staveley, James Speed and Christian Hull. Shout out to my mum for making cupcakes for everyone when I did work experience, so I stuck in everybody's mind! I am pretty sure Christian Hull ate about 27 of them. A day.”


Bree Tomasel:

"It’s a great feeling to be included in this list alongside some amazing talent. Last year was an amazing year and now being apart of new national regional weekends along with weekday breakfast at SeaFM on the Central Coast I’m really excited to bring the weird into 2017!"


Meg Alexander:

"At school, I was that girl who was "always on the radio". My Sunday nights were reserved for Rick Dees and weeknights were the Hot30. There has never been a time where I haven't loved radio. I did a short AFTRS course in 2005 through the University of Newcastle when I was 16, but sadly life got in the way and I just worked for the sake of working, retail, call centres (even tried door-to-door sales...I apologise if knocked on your door).

If it wasn't for Sydney TAFE and AFTRS, I wouldn't be "working" in radio (how can you call talking to thousands of people about music "work"). I work with the most amazing bunch of people (fellow list-maker Jake Powell actually trained me when I got to NX/Hit 106.9...I guess they really wanted the best of the best training me). There is really no industry like this, and I'm privileged to be part of it.


Jacinda Gugliemino:

"So far in Breaky radio I have learnt turning on the mic is good, bringing cereal is smart and being yourself is key."


Radio Today's Top New Talent to Watch in 2017 is put together in collaboration with GMs, Group CDs, PDs and Content Directors from regional and metro markets.

Mark Evans(3:18 06 Feb 2017)
What about Erin Molan who has been Saturday afternoons on 2GB .....she is Fantastic.
Anonymous(4:12 06 Feb 2017)
Emma Freedman... so easy to listen to and not to bad on the eye! what a babe!
Steve(6:01 06 Feb 2017)
Mark Levy filling in for Chris Smith has to be one of the best radio prospects for 2017!
Dave Smith(1:10 07 Feb 2017)
I thought Emma Freedman wanted to be a journalist on 2DayFM?
Now this.

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