2UE’s Talking Lifestyle format confirmed for Melbourne and Brisbane

Macquarie Media Limited (MRN) have confirmed its immediate plans to bring 2UE's Talking Lifestyle format to Melbourne and Brisbane on 27 February.

"This format, launched on Sydney 2UE in September 2016, is already generating earnings growth to the network, and will be launched in the Brisbane and Melbourne markets in late February 2016," MRN Chairman Russell Tate said in a statement to the ASX.

In its financial results for the first six months of trading, Macquarie Media earned a profit of $7.2million which Tate described as "reasonable earnings growth for the half year".

The latest results also show financial growth for 2UE which jettisoned its news origins with paid-for lifestyle programming in a strategic move to generate a stronger return up against the more successful market leading 2GB - also part of MRN.

Although first quarter revenues did fall just short of prior year levels,  Tate did say the network was able to lift second-quarter income.

He also said that shareholders could expect a revenue lift in the second half following the termination of its 6PR sales agreement with ARN-owned 96FM Perth.

"Second half earnings would be positively impacted by much-improved sales position in Perth, as we take back control of the previously outsourced Perth sales force," he said.

MRN's half yearly performance report also confirmed the sale price for 2CH and its Northern Queensland regional stations.

Oceania Capital Partners and minority shareholder Glen Wheatley paid $5.11 million for Sydney's 2CH, a station that last year recorded a $1.2million loss for MRN in the first half of the current fiscal year.

MRN pocketed $2.3million from Resonate Broadcasters for its Queensland stations - as a result, the Resonate Broadcasting network now includes three FM and nine AM radio licenses.

With the Fairfax merger, MRN was required to offload both their regional Queensland network and 2CH as part of the enforceable undertakings by ACMA.

2CH lost that much??!!!(0:25 14 Feb 2017)
2CH made a loss of $1.2 million in six months!!! If that keeps going it will be close to a loss of $2.5 million for the year. That's a big deficit for the new owners to turnaround. But good luck to them.
Jayme Doran(0:43 14 Feb 2017)
No, Magic is a great station with great music which I listen from time to time. Apart from Classic Rock Radio (3MP) on 1377, Golden Days Radio in Melbourne, 4KQ in Brisbane where would listeners go. A replacement for Magic online would be the recently launched 1SM Digital in Sydney (which streams online).

Macquarie Management please don't replace the Magic Format with Programming from 2UE It will not work.
PJC(1:37 14 Feb 2017)
So Magic is dead and 3EE and 4BH will be back 'talking lifestyle'?
JAS9B=N & MELISSA(2:07 14 Feb 2017)
BC(4:48 14 Feb 2017)
And the winner is.... 4KQ.

RIP to a former great station 4BH.
nick bartlett(4:57 14 Feb 2017)
Talking CAPLOCKS - Talking About it.
Michael (4:58 14 Feb 2017)
MRN should use their extra digital capacity to relaunch Magic as a DAB / online only station, in Melb, Sydney and Brisbane. They could easily do this by using 64kbs of their spectrum to broadcast Magic as well as keeping NTS.
phild(5:35 14 Feb 2017)
They are at the next time for infomercials. They haven't lost their audience yet. As it dwindles sponsors will be less interested. Yet even with this advantage they failed to meet their first target. And on that basis they are rolling it out nationally?
Anonymous(6:27 14 Feb 2017)
Who on earth is going to listen to that rubbish?

ACMA needs to do something about the ever-reducing choice and quality on the airwaves in our major cities.

This networked advertorial crap is beyond a joke.

Look forward to the ratings in Brisbane and Melbourne - they'll start with a 1.
Anonymous(7:59 14 Feb 2017)
You're missing the point. It's not about ratings and never will be. It is a platform driven by social media and online content as well as the initial on air broadcast. The appeal for sponsors and advertisers is the value added when they advertise on 2GB, 3AW, 4BC. As long as TL doesn't compete with the talk stations, it's just capturing more of a market collectively. I think it was written about in here earlier, TL is a complimentary network to the talk network.
Everyone is quick to shoot it down as an infomercial station, which it isn't. Listen, don't just go off the propaganda and rumours that you have read online from disgruntled ex radio people.
Save 2UE (9:07 14 Feb 2017)
To Anon at 7.59pm:
You are wrong. It is about the ratings. That's the whole idea of commercial radio. No listeners = no advertisers = no point = end of transmission. The whole obsession with not competing with 2GB should not mean closing down 2UE. What a waste of a radio licence that covers an area of over 8 million ears.
Anonymous(9:08 14 Feb 2017)
An very poor decision made by people who are accountants playing with their abacas's
Magic 1278 audience (as low as the ratings indicate..2.6% share apprx) wont be listening - they want music, Otherwise they'd have already moved onto other talk forums. You will find they will go to Classic Rock or Smooth for a little while.

No radio station is playing the likes of Leslie Gore, Petula Clark or the recently advertised "Searchers" who are touring

There is room for another station out there to pick up this format - give it a little TLC (meaning tell people about it) & should be able to pull & build up a 5% plus share.
Anonymous(9:09 14 Feb 2017)
I see you've paid attention in the briefing. @Anonymous(7:59 14 Feb 2017)... "it's not about the ratings and never will be".
I'll give you a prime example of when it will be about the ratings. When a 23 year old media buyer produces no tangible audience data out of their planning tools resulting in reduced or no revenue onto the station.

Value adding one station to prop up its brother isn't what it should be about. It should be about building two sustainable stations in the one market.
Anonymous(9:55 14 Feb 2017)
This is when 4KQ becomes number 2 or 3 in Brisbane. The only shame now at 4KQ is like they have a very limited amount of announcers which is a shame as they seemed to have scaled back the on air sound when the golden goose is sitting in front of them. Throw in some better competitions some classic rock announcers matched with their excellent breakfast team that has always been consistent the footprint of a flame throwing AM station and it could be a real threat to 4MMM, steal what is left of 4BH's audience and now with changes give, dare we say 97.3 a run for it's money.4KQ's audience is an audience that is rusted on so they can add to it now Bh's sound is gone. Plus why would a Brisbane Audience listen to a lifestyle show out of Sydney when Southern Queensland is Australia's life style capital? If Lifestyle is complementary to 2GB like Annoymous says at 7.59 that must mean that Hit 104 is complimentary to 2MMM when they become half Talk and take 2GB's audience sooner rather than later
Reality Check (12:28 14 Feb 2017)
When will you clowns get it. It's business. A reliable source told me that if they rate 2% they will make milions more than a 5 or 6 or 7 share. That's the way it is. Radio is a business and playing and paying 400k in salaries doesn't add up. Same thing is happening with every network have you noticed the networking going on, going on for years Wake up this is the way and the format is niche it is different and might work. Btw I don't work at Macquarie so suck it up email ACMA and get your reply in 5 years
JASON & MELISSA(19:26 14 Feb 2017)
Melissa & I inform those who Judge the Talking lifestyle format without listening to it I have been listening to it online I say to all magic listeners in Melbourne & Brisbane to give Talking Lifestyle a fair go.
Anonymous(23:19 14 Feb 2017)
Thanks Jason and Melissa. But I've also listened online and it's even more horrible than I had imagined. It's insulting and banal.
nick bartlett(23:44 14 Feb 2017)
I reckon that Jason and Melissa should be given a shift on Talking Lifestyle. I would listen.
JASON & MELISSA(18:23 15 Feb 2017)
what shift would you advise us to rake3?
Scott Thomson(19:28 15 Feb 2017)
Reality Check says "if they rate 2%, they will make milions".

2 per cent?? The drive show is going to struggle to rate an Asterix!

This is without doubt the worst commercial format we have ever heard on Sydney radio.
Scott Thomson(19:28 15 Feb 2017)
Reality Check says "if they rate 2%, they will make milions".

2 per cent?? The drive show is going to struggle to rate an Asterix!

This is without doubt the worst commercial format we have ever heard on Sydney radio.
Anonymous(2:56 16 Feb 2017)
IMO Magic 1278 has run out of momentum (and this is a station that only ever peaked at between a 6 and 8 per cent share overall). Some may also argue 3MP should have waited to see what happens to Magic, yet opportunity knocked there too and stations, especially AM, need to adapt. One irony in 2017 is that Classic Rock Radio 1377 (a great station) is a 'place to relax'- because it demands little of its audience other than to escape the noise of the world and get a hit of classic rock (though maybe it should now lean a little more 60s) Obviously Smooth is the other station that easily absorbs the role of Magic (perhaps also by not dropping pre-80s anytime soon). I have my concerns about the accuracy of Talking Lifestyle, yet I do believe it deserves a chance to innovate and experiment. Bring it on.

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