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UK programmer joins Nova

Former Wave 105 and Real Radio PD David Shearer is moving from the UK to join Nova 919 in Adelaide.

Dave, who was last seen at Real Radio North West, has also been a presenter on Radio Caroline, The Voice of Peace, Red Rose Radio and many more. His move into management saw him take the helm at Hallam FM, Radio City, Key 103 and also become Emap’s Group Head of Music

Paul Jackson, dmg radio australia Group PD said:

“With accolades such as Sony Awards and European Radio Programmer of the Year under his belt, Dave will be a great addition to the Nova programming team. We’ve a great track record of success in Adelaide and Dave’s skills in building and coaching high class teams means that, with a new breakfast show and Programme Director, Nova 919 is sure to have an outstanding 2013.”

Dave Shearer told Radio Today:

“I am genuinely delighted to be joining dmg Radio. Opportunities like this only come around once in a lifetime and I am thrilled. Nova is one of the best radio brands in the world and I can’t wait to be working with the fantastic team in Adelaide who I know are wildly passionate about this great station."

“I fly out to next week to meet the team and from what I’ve been told I’ll only need shorts and T-Shirts, but it’ll just be the start of summer!”

Published on Published on Tuesday, 20 November 2012 09:34

Anonymous(8:46am 20 Nov 2012)
Nice to see PJ and his mates keeping jobs in Australia for Australian people. Next thing you know Chris Moyles is hosting Nova Breakfast...
Anonymous(8:53am 20 Nov 2012)
What? There's no programming talent in Australia? So disappointing.
Anonymous(9:55am 20 Nov 2012)
I think its a sad reflection of DMG that it refuses to employ internally. No wonder names like Ryan Rathbone/ Brendan Danger and Todd Campbell moved on to other networks when this sort of blatent nepitism is going on.
Anonymous(13:07pm 20 Nov 2012)
You must be joking. he doesn't have a very credible track record even for the UK.
James(16:01pm 20 Nov 2012)
plus... Oh wait, everybody has already said all the things I was thinking.

Not a good time for anyone in the middle ranks at this network who ever had a dream of moving up.

And how does DMG consider this a long term solution? Are these dudes really able to come and work in Australia without an expiry date on their visa?

So you put the bandaids on the business now but eventually they get manky and have to get ripped off. What if the wound hasn't healed yet? argh puss.
Anonymous(16:13pm 20 Nov 2012)
Paul Jackson and his mates...destroying what was once a really cool radio company.
Here's the problem for dmg, they want to hire locally but have no systems or culture in place to develop their people.
The best they can do Is hire Poms.
Anonymous(18:07pm 20 Nov 2012)
This guy better be good because the last nova PD did an amazing job and got the better of her competitors regularly and look what happened to her!!!.... Oh hang on she got internally promoted, forget me as you were
jan(20:17pm 20 Nov 2012)
I've been out of the country for a few years and WHAT has happen to NOVA?

Where's all the dance music & dance shows gone??

I've looked at the website & Grant Smillie only has a 1 hour show?

I tuned to Nova in Melbourne last Saturday night at around 1am and heard Ed Sheeran while Fox had Party People on.....thought it should've been the other way around!

I miss the old Nova, now they sound exactly like Fox & vice sad.

At least you can rely on Triple J
Anonymous(6:31am 21 Nov 2012)
I'm sorry anonymous, I think you will find that the PD you were talking about from Adelaide went to be APD in Sydney. That is a promotion how? Not exactly the great internal promotion.
Anonymous(7:37am 21 Nov 2012)
here's whats happened to nova. Its beating SCA in Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and my view is it will take sydney some time next year. Melbourne Nova is still a little way off but certainly has solid results
Oh and then add smoothfm and it is already beating MMM in sydney and it wont take long to beat mmm in Melbourne
Anyone above complaining about not getting jobs should probably lift their performance
NN(9:41am 21 Nov 2012)
Jan - Nova have moved all their dance programming to NovaNation, a 24-hour dance station on digital radio
Anonymous(10:03am 21 Nov 2012)
last anon. hello?
dmg beating SCA in Perth...really, I'll let the guys at Mix know. they must be readin the results upside down.
SCA wins in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Handsomely.
It's neck and neck in Adelaide-let's see what happens now that Dan and Maz have left.
Yes, dmg have got a great station in Brisbane, programmed by a quality ex-SCA programmer with the original Nova format that was set-up by Dean and Dan.
keep pretending eveything's just fine mate. ignorance is bliss.
Johnny Lonely(17:43pm 21 Nov 2012)
Alright, lets be honest here. There aren't any great up and coming PDs in Australia. It's any wonder a radio company has to go offshore to find talent. Well done DMG for having the guts to bring new thinking into this staid country. Game on.
Anonymous(18:14pm 21 Nov 2012)
Re comment, Nice to see PJ and his mates keeping jobs in Australia for Australian people.

So it is ok for Australian radio people to work in other countries, but not ok for them to work here?
Anonymous(15:43pm 22 Nov 2012)
Regarding the comment: nice to see PJ and his mates keeping jobs in Australia for Australian people.

So it is ok for Australians to work in radio overseas, but not ok for them to work here?

At last count we had Australians working in radio in the UK, Ireland, Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East and Russia, isn't it about time we returned the favour and invited them to work here?

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