Sea FM announce Brekky show

Sea FM on the Central Coast have revealed their new Breakfast show following the departure of 'Paddy & Ciel' (see that story here).

The new show will be Dani Pola and Nath Cera, both of whom are from Perth. Dani Pola is a former Big Brother contestant from 2007, when she entered the house as an 'intruder'.

Speaking of the new role, Pola said;

"I am super excited for this gig, I'm just unsure the Central Coast is ready for my driving, I'm also going to tell myself that I'm not doing early mornings but rather a really late night slot, starting at 3.30am".

Nath Cera has been a researcher for Today Tonight in Perth, and commented on his role saying;

"I've been told by a lot of people the Central Coast is one of those places that once you arrive you really don't want to leave, I couldn't think of a cooler place to be doing radio- it's always exciting moving to a new area and getting to know the people and hear their stories".

The new Sea FM show 'Dani & Nath' starts on 10 December.


Anonymous(5:13 28 Nov 2012)
Great to see regional talent being moved up and given a go!
The Music Man(5:27 28 Nov 2012)
You see, that's why they're closing down radio courses like that a Swinburne.

If you want a radio job, apply to Big Brother.
Anonymous(5:32 28 Nov 2012)
The coast loves people from Perth, and these guys will love working in that studio coz it's 'ultra perth'. Great work SCA - coasties will definately embrace these big personalities with a strong background in the art of communicating (dropping big bro around the media landscape is a good idea too). Star 1045 is going to have to really change everything here, their whole thinking.
Gunner (The Regional Wasp)(5:38 28 Nov 2012)
Camilla and the Bunyip is what i am calling this one. F for effort. Let's see how these two go relating to coasties. Bring with you some Subeeeee stories peeps!!!!!
CB(5:38 28 Nov 2012)
2007 was a long time ago, Music Man. I'd suggest she got the gig by being half decent.

I know a certain regional WA CD gave Nathan the sack unfairly, so it's great to see him do so well.
Anonymous(5:40 28 Nov 2012)
Well done Craig Bruce, this is a good play. Watch these guys soar. They even look like they're from Wamberal. Somewhere in Wamberal, so yeah. GREAT STUFF
Anonymous(6:04 28 Nov 2012)
Sarcasm above obviousy, but warranted on this one. Huge call to use the Central Coast or Newie surveyed areas for a show like this. Both deserve local and potential heritage shows. On a serious note, I really hope SCA has a proper support strategy for these type of kids when they get destroyed on social media. They're being thrown into a hugely parochial area that isn't used to being a test case.
Anonymous(7:00 28 Nov 2012)
CB, I know it's fun sitting there praising every decision SCA makes, but Music Man is spot on. They filled the Central Coast breakfast show with people from PERTH! Forget going to the country, just go on BB! Next thing they'll reboot the Sea GC show with Masterchef contestants. Such a shame.
Anonymous(7:23 28 Nov 2012)
You simply can't understand the central coast or newcastle without spending some time there. I don't mean in radio, I mean at the shops. Gerrard and King would have been the key to this. Because until you've been at the cold face at Lake Haven shops you just don't know the people, on facebook or in the car. You just can't apply metro experience here, different race.
Jimmy Falcon(8:11 28 Nov 2012)
Have a look at the Melbourne Nova summer breakfast show. Master chef... It's trying times for those who either aren't from here, or wont understand us. The reason Kyle doesn't do well on tele is exactly why you should be breeding radio talent. Even at the simple grass roots the perceptions and theatre translate differently, so if the aspirations of listeners is good enough to run the today network on then there must be other emotions out there too. Its all about emotions, even how you change out a much loved show. Bet you didnt know they were? And if you have forgotten what emotions are look at the sea fm facebook page. There's always someone better at everything than you. Don't forget to ask them.
Anonymous(11:22 28 Nov 2012)
You guys are lucky to get these two! They have been doing an amazing job on 92.9 over here, personally I think 92.9 should keep them for Perth!!!! Instead of complaining and bitching maybe you should judge after you have heard their stuff! As for the big brother comments she has been on radio for a long time since then, what are you judged on one thing you did in your life like 5 years ago... Grow up!!!!
Johnny Lonely(18:32 28 Nov 2012)
You imbeciles amaze me. Have any of you heard the show? Likely not. If you havent then you have no right to pass judgement. Secondly and i mean this with the utmost respect...Gosford is a provincial town. ...and i have worked there.
Anonymous(19:23 28 Nov 2012)
The comments above, all have massive holes in their argument, mainly that pretty much all the current established regional radio stars - were once new to those markets, Paddy (Darwin for years), Ciel (a Sydney comedian), Steve on 1069 is from Brisbane. Except Chicken in K roq Geelong, he's local but he was on Big Brother so I guess that nullifies his LOCAL ism.
And maybe you all need to actually hear these shows day in day out. You need to be the bloke from Wamberal, who gets the same same same - stuff every day probably since he was in year 6. But the most offensive bit above, is the totally wrong view (It reeks of Sydney thinking), that because you live in Woy Woy or Swansea, that we're all so insular, so sensitive about our local 'turf', that it would tear your heart out if the local radio star wasn't born and bred on the Coast and wasn't on air every day going on about how "someone should do something about Mann st?" or " Yeah and I rememebr when Club Troppo used to go off" ( it was a popular NiteClub in the day for those above who have no idea). If you live in Strathfield, do you want to hear Kyle or Jonesy banging on about the dirty platforms? Why do people think we want to be dumbed down? Its about whether the on air teams have got something to say, are funny or intriguing or SOMETHING other than, "Oh, rained in Wyoming but got nothing in Narrara..." If you lot above all think that great radio, go run for Mayor of Blandeville - you will romp home.
CB(20:02 28 Nov 2012)
To anonymous (7:00pm 28 Nov 2012)... you're right mate. I wonder if Danny and Nathan even have NSW passports? Hopefully at the very least they remember to exchange their Perth money for NSW money at the airport.
Anonymous(20:50 28 Nov 2012)
Regardless of quality, the internal support issue remains when the inevitable backlash comes. Does SCA have a proper way of helping staff through that ?
Anonymous(23:20 28 Nov 2012)
As a breakfast announcer myself it is upsetting to think that these two replacing Paddy and Ciel will cop all this hate from locals who identify with their local radio talent...we ALL had to start somewhere and GRAB opportunites that came up. so it not THEIR fault for walking through an open door, what kind of industry are we in though when we dont give Paddy and Ciel the DIGNITY of saying "see ya later" and throwing them a little celebratory pat on the back...sad. What kind or future do we all have?
Anonymous(23:36 28 Nov 2012)
Fine CB, whatever. Just ignore the point which was these shows used to be filled by up and comers, not people who are ALREADY WORKING AT 929. But remain ignorant if that really works for you.
Anonymous(0:16 29 Nov 2012)
None of you have even heard these two! They have a late night show with ACTUAL fans! They have been going from strength to strength here in Perth. Im sad to see them go, they should be staying here so we can listen to them! And Dani has done her country stint, has been working her butt off in radio for the past 5 years! I cant believe the ignorance of some of these comments!
Anonymous(0:19 29 Nov 2012)
I dont think this is about this new show... I smell disgruntled ex SCA workers here... or worse SCA wannabes!
Anonymous(0:26 29 Nov 2012)
Why didn't you send em off like NX?
Anonymous(2:45 29 Nov 2012)
It appears many listeners are disgruntled that a show they've come to love was ripped off air with no explaination and now two newcomers (to them) are taking over.

What it says to me is it was a major PR disaster for SeaFM and it could have been handled a lot better. They've spent years trying to build up the brand, then pull the rug from underneath and the audience doesn't like it. It's a bittersweet situation in that you have a passionate audience, but now they've been left in the dark. SCA has given all those loyal listeners reason to search for something else, and there's a good chance they'll find it on Star FM.

It will be very interesting to see the impact in the next round of ratings. The sad thing is, I think any drop in share would have less to do with the quality of the show, and more to do with the mistreatment of listeners.
Devil\'s Advokaat(3:56 29 Nov 2012)
How about being happy for someone instead of bitching?

Did it occur to any of the anonymous whingers on here that Nath and Dani might actually read your self indulgent drivel?

A lot of anonymous posts here are quick to judge these guys without having heard the show. Dani's success has nothing to do with her being on Big Brother, she has worked hard for the last 4 or so years to get this gig. Nath is equally talented and hard working.

I have worked with these guys and the deserve every success. Nath and Dani if you read this, all the best.
From someone who has actually worked with you and heard your show, you will do well.

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