Apparently someone made a prank call...

Did you hear something about a radio station doing a prank call to a hospital somewhere ? Apparently it's made the news...everywhere !!!! ;)

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It did get talked about on Sunrise this morning - watch the segment below....

If you've been living under a rock you can see our story about the Hot 30 calling Kate Middleton's hospital here


Anonymous(23:09pm 05 Dec 2012)
It was brilliant!!

1. It created suspense - listening to call made you think 'will they or won't they get through...' which kept listeners involved.
2. It was humorous - the accents were so bad and the concept was edgy and a little bit cheeky that it made me laugh, which made me feel good, which kept me listening.
3. It was unpredictable - Once they got through, it had that 'O.M.G I can't believe we're doing this' feel which created excitement.
4. It was harmless - there was nothing malicious about the call, the content was not crude, demeaning or cringeworthy. It was exciting without making you guilty for listening.
5. It has generated talk and publicity which in turn has generated more interest.

At the end of the day, Kate wasn't disturbed, the Royals weren't affected and the nurse at the other end didn't really say anything that was incriminating - I think most people are just shocked at the simplicity of the gag and these ease in which it paid off.

If I was their PD, i'd congratulate them on a top stunt pulled off, and then tell them to just fly low for a few months knowing that they've generated enough talk to keep people listening for until February next year.
Of course to the public i'd be toeing the line, apologizing the Britts etc...

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