No law breach - Holleran

In a statement released moments ago Southern Cross Austereo has confirmed the following;

  • The suspension of all advertising on 2Day FM until further notice.
  • The termination of the Hot 30 programme.
  • A suspension of prank calls company-wide.
  • A review of relevant company policies.

CEO Rhys Holleran has reiterated SCA's sorrow for what has occurred, and restated that he does not believe that the company has broken any laws.

He went on to say "We don't claim to be perfect and we always strive to do better.....We are also providing support to our people who are deeply saddened by this tragic and unforeseen event".

Read the media statement in full here.

For support and information about suicide prevention call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or

Kimmi(7:18 10 Dec 2012)
At this point all I can say is I am devastated for all involved. This is such a sad time and I just wish everyone would take a seat, a breath and a moment to think before they continue hurling abuse.
Eugene Delargy(7:37 10 Dec 2012)
So the Hot 30 show has been "terminated". 'Great' knee-jerk reaction dreamt up by the PR focussed management.

Time that local night shows returned to the major market Today stations.

After all, Craig's 'talent pipeline' has so many people 'good to go', there's scope for 10 of these local night shows.
Jim Bob the Funny Cobber(0:11 11 Dec 2012)
After all, Craig's 'talent pipeline' has so many people 'good to go', there's scope for 10 of these local night shows.

WOW - thats gold!!!
Peter Grace(4:35 11 Dec 2012)
The only reason there isn't a law preventing a business from prank calling a hospital and the only reason it's not listed as punishable by the immediate suspension of a licence can be best summed up in the words of the SCA script: "No reasonable person could have imagined this would happen"
Nobody seems to be discussing the fact that they prank called a hospital. That has to be justified before you even get to names and consequences.
Anonymous(9:09 12 Dec 2012)
Didn't the show go out to other sations in the network that are seperate commercial licences? 2Day is not a national licence like say 2JJJ so if their was a breach on 2Day wouldn't that be the same breach on like B105 or Sea fm or Fox. How come neither of those stations suspended any advertising? If each of the other stations carry their own APRA reporting and such while the show is on wouldn't they be up for the same individual breaches per station as their local programming team decided to run the show and not do a local one in that area. What would happen if someone loged a complaint with Fox Fm about the call?Would they have to do an investigation and reply to the person who complained or would they just pass it to 2Day. What would happen if people complained to all the individually licenced stations in the network and ACMA thought it was relevant and imposed conditions would all the stations in the network then get the conditions. This could be interesting.
Anonymous(21:59 12 Dec 2012)
If its a nationally syndicated show then it goes to the license where the broadcast originates from so in this case Sydney and 2Day.
Eugene Delargy(23:00 16 Dec 2012)
How about Peter, Radio Today or someone else simply post the URL of the newspaper website that the photo 'Royal Hoax - the key players, click for more details' originates from.

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