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Welcome to Radio Today: radio's online community. So who are we, and what will we be doing?

Our view is that radio deserves a resource that not only reports the ‘what’ and the ‘who’, but also the ‘why’ and the ‘how’. A resource offering compelling, thought-provoking and actionable content from people with deep, exceptional and contemporary experience at the highest levels.

We believe in robust strategy. We believe in high calibre execution. We believe in crafting. We believe in developing talent. We will look to engage you in conversation. We will inform you. We will challenge you. And at times we will provoke you. Radio Today will not be a monologue, but rather a dialogue and whether you work in the largest competitive markets, the smallest regional markets or are involved in the industry in some other way, you have a role to play in this dialogue and we encourage you to do so.

Whilst we would appreciate you registering your details (top right) Radio Today is, and will remain, free. Occasionally there may be a content piece that won’t be, however the vast majority of our content will always be entirely free. And we reckon that’s how it should be.

So who are the people behind Radio Today?

Greg Smith needs no introduction. But we will give him one anyway. Greg is the most influential radio programmer in Australia’s history. Together with Austereo and DMG Radio founder Paul Thompson, he led Austereo through its most successful period. Greg was also a founding partner of esp, a successful radio & research consulting business, and is an inductee into the Commercial Radio Hall of Fame.

Brad March led Austereo's Today and Triple M Networks to market dominance with a record 56% share of under 40's and as Group Managing Director oversaw revenue growth of 67%, and profit growth (EBIT) of 155%. He has identified and developed many of the biggest names in Australian radio and has been awarded Media Executive of the Year. Brad is Managing Director of Marchmedia, working with radio, television, entertainment and new media companies. He is a Director of Pacific Retail Management and is on the board of Wasabi Warriors.

Dan Bradley was a foundation programmer with DMG, and a part of the small team who built and launched the Nova network: prior to that he was with Austereo in Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. Dan was awarded the industry-voted 'Program Director of the Year' award for his work on Nova 100. He is a director of Kaizen Media: a boutique media consultancy working with radio stations and networks internationally, and Collective Music: an artist management group.

Scott Muller has an enviable track record. He is Director of mbos consulting group, a creative strategy & élite talent consulting firm which has attracted clients from Australia's major television & radio networks to ASX200 corporations. He has led millions of people to black out London's lights for the first time since World War 2, turned around Capital Radio London from long-term decline to its strongest growth rate in over a decade - and in Sydney led Nova to 12% and #1 overall. He is on the Advisory Board of Pacific Retail Management.

Daryl Missen is one of Australia’s most distinguished and awarded sound designers for radio, having worked in Australia, the UK, and across Europe. Daryl has built recording studio businesses servicing radio, television and advertising agencies and his broad expertise of audio covers 5.1 for cinema, through to television and radio commercial and imaging production. Daryl is actively involved producing weekly promo, sweeper and program content for radio stations.

Eriks Celmins was a foundation member of the team that built and launched Nova, and was responsible for scoping, performing and analysing the research used to build the brand. Eriks has programmed multiple formats in Sydney, Adelaide and New Zealand. Further, he has consulted stations and conducted research projects in Australasia, SE Asia, UK and Europe. Eriks is Managing Director of Third Wave Media, and a Full Member of the Australian Market & Social Research Society.

Radio Today will provide original content from each of these people, further, we will feature different perspectives on issues from guest writers from various parts of radio, music and in fact any area we feel we can learn from.

So today, on our launch day, we feature David Borean from Waterfront Marketing and Entertainment on why ratings are misused as a sales tool. We hear how a successful radio career can translate into a spectacularly successful business career in 'Beyond Radio' - with Group G.M of Pacific Retail Management (and former Austereo Marketing Director), Nicola Mills. And we pose '10 questions' to Paul Bartlett from Southern Cross Austereo on the Gold Coast. However the additional perspective on radio that we require is yours, and we welcome your comments on any issue, and on any of our content - whether you agree with our perspective or wish to challenge it.

Of course we will also inform you of breaking news and information relevant to the radio industry, and welcome your input into this, if you know of something that we should have on Radio Today, please let us know here.

February 20 is our birthday and, like any newborn, Radio Today will be growing and changing over the coming days, weeks and months. We look forward to growing with you as we strive to become radio’s online community.

We look forward to the conversation.

Published on Published on Monday, 20 February 2012 02:12


SCA has a vacancy for a Social Media Strategist based in Melbourne.  Details


4BC and Magic 882 in Brisbane has a vacancy for a News Journalist. Details.


2GB has a vacancy for a Senior Network Support Engineer. Details.


98five Sonshine FM has a vacancy for a Content Director based in Perth. Details.


Crocmedia has a vacancy for a Commercial Director. Details.


SCA are looking for a Journalist/Newsreader at Triple M & SAFM Adelaide. Details.


4 People Media in Melbourne are looking for a National Sales Account Executive. Details.


2UE has a vacancy for an Associate Program Producer. Details.


Got a question? Got a suggestion?

Got a Story?

Email Blair anytime here.



6PR has a vacancy for a Breakfast Producer. Details.


6IX has a vacancy for an Audio Producer. .Details.


2GB has a vacancy for a Broadcast Technician. Details.


Smooth FM are looking for Casual Announcers for Sydney and Melbourne. Details.


Josh McCabe is leaving SAFM to take up the role of Music Director at Nova 93.7 in Perth


Chris Bean has left RCS Australia for a new role as Vice President IT for RCS in New York.


Heidi Roberts is the new Assistant Breakfast Producer at 92.9 Perth.



Group CEO of Mediaworks, Sussan Turner, has resigned.



Steve Rowe has resigned from 7HOFM to return to New Zealand.


Graham Hasler, VIP Relationship Manager at Light FM Melbourne, has left the station.


Todd Gray is now Announcer/ Floater at Redwave Media in Perth



Former MCM Head Simon Joyce as joined 'Brand New Media' overseeing Australia & New Zealand.


Jamie McTavish is Authentic Entertainment’s (formerly MCM) new Creative Director


Simon Love is leaving radio and 3AW in late July to join Sky News as a journalist in Melbourne


Canberra Ratings

1 104.7 17.3 (17.5) SCA
2 Mix 106.3 16.8 (15.9) SCA
3 ABC666 16.4 (15.6) ABC
4 triple j 10.0 (10.3) ABC
5 Classic FM 8.2 (10.2) ABC
6 Radio National 7.6 (6.9) ABC
7 2CC 7.0 (6.6) Capital
  • 10+ overall share Mon-Sun, Survey 2/2014
  • GFK

Gold Coast Ratings

1 Gold FM 17.1* (15.1)** SCA
2 Hot Tomato 12.3* (13.4)** HT
3 Sea FM 10.9* (14.5)** SCA
4 triple j 8.0* (9.1)** ABC
5 ABC 91.7 FM 5.6* (5.3)** ABC
6 ABC612 4.7* (3.9)** ABC
7 4RN 3.0* (2.8)** ABC
  • 10+ Overall Share Mon-Sun, Survey 1/2014
  • * GfK / ** Nielsen


Brisbane Ratings

1 97.3FM 15.3 (13.9) ARN
2 Nova 106.9 11.6 (12.8) NovaEnt
3 B105 10.1 (10.6) SCA
4 Triple M 9.3 (8.6) SCA
5 ABC612 9.2 (9.2) ABC
6 4KQ 7.3 (6.8) ARN
7 triple j 7.2 (8.0) ABC
  • 10+ overall share Mon-Sun, Survey 4/2014
  • GfK

Perth Ratings

1 Mix 94.5 15.1 (14.5) SCA
2 Nova 93.7 11.8 (11.4) NovaEnt
3 96FM 11.1 (10.6) Fairfax
4 ABC720 10.6 (11.0) ABC
5 triple j 9.7 (11.7) ABC
6 92.9 9.3 (8.5) SCA
7 6PR 9.0 (7.9) Fairfax
  • 10+ overall share Mon-Sun, Survey 4/2014
  • GfK

Auckland Ratings

1 Newstalk ZB 13.4 (13.0) TRN
2 Coast  9.6 (8.1) TRN
3 The Edge 7.8 (6.0) Mediaworks
4 The Breeze 7.0 (6.5) Mediaworks
5 Classic Hits 6.7 (5.9) TRN
6 ZM 5.9 (5.6) TRN
7 Mai FM 5.2 (4.3) TRN
  • 10+ share, Survey 1/2014

Christchurch Ratings

1 Newstalk ZB 17.0 (16.1) TRN
2 More FM 10.7 (11.8) Mediaworks
3 The Breeze 10.2 (8.8) Mediaworks
4 The Rock 9.0 (10.3) Mediaworks
5 The Edge 6.9 (6.5) Mediaworks
6 The Sound 6.0 (6.4) Mediaworks
7 Classic Hits 5.7 (5.7) TRN
  • 10+ share, Survey 1/2014

Wellington Ratings

1 NewstalkZB 15.3 (10.5) TRN
2 The Breeze 13.7 (14.6) Mediaworks
3 ZM 11.3 (12.4) TRN
4 The Sound 7.5 (7.1) Mediaworks
5 The Rock 7.4 (8.3) Mediaworks
6 The Edge 6.6 (8.3) Mediaworks
7 Coast 5.7 (4.6) TRN
  • 10+ share, Survey 1/2014

Newcastle Ratings

1 KOFM 16.1* (18.7)** SCA
2 ABC1233 12.0* (10.2)** ABC
3 triple j 11.2* (10.7)** ABC
4 NXFM 10.3* (16.7)** SCA
5 2HD 8.8* (9.9)** BOG
6 New FM 8.4* (9.9)** BOG
7 Classic FM 5.1* (3.0)** ABC
  • 10+ Overall Share Mon-Sun, Survey 1/2014
  • * GfK / ** Nielsen


Adelaide Ratings

1 Mix 102.3 16.3 (16.7) ARN
=2 Nova 91.9 10.8 (11.7) NovaEnt
=2 ABC891 10.8 (10.7) ABC
3 FIVEaa 10.6 (11.3) NovaEnt
4 Triple M 9.1 (9.4) SCA
5 Cruise 1323 8.5 (7.9) ARN
6 triple j 7.6 (6.8) SCA
  • 10+ overall share Mon-Sun, Survey 4/2014
  • GfK

Wollongong Ratings

1 I98 23.8 (28.5) WIN
2 Wave FM 16.0 (17.3) GRANT
  • 10+ Overall Share Mon-Sun, Survey 1/2014
  • IRIS Research

Central Coast Ratings

1 Sea FM 17.7 (12.4) SCA
2 2GO FM 13.2 (17.5) SCA
3 Star 104.5 11.4 (14.3) NovaEnt
4 ABC 92.5 10.7 (9.9) ABC
5 2GB 9.8 (8.9) MRN
6 Triple J 5.8 (5.2) ABC
7 WSFM 2.8 (0.7) ARN
  • 10+ overall share Mon-Sun, Survey 1/2012
  • Nielsen Media Research

Albury Ratings

1 Star FM 22.9* (22.7)** SCA
2 The River 20.7* (27.0)** SCA
3 2AY 16.6* (11.9)** ACE
4 ABC Local Radio 14.0* (11.2)** ABC
5 Triple J 9.9* (4.2)** ABC
6 Radio National 2.2* (1.6)** ABC
  • 10+ overall share Mon-Sun, Survey 1/2014
  • * Xtra Research/ ** Nielsen 

Melbourne Ratings

1 ABC 774 13.1 (12.3) ABC
2 3AW 12.8 (12.5) Fairfax
=3 Gold 7.6 (8.8) ARN
=3 Triple M 7.6 (6.9) SCA
4 Fox FM 7.2 (6.9) SCA
5 Mix 101.1 7.1 (7.1) ARN
=6 Nova 100 6.7 (6.9) NovaEnt
=6 smoothfm 91.5 6.7 (6.9) NovaEnt
  • 10+ share Mon-Sun, Survey 4/2014 (GfK)

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