More DMG sackings

There have been further sackings at DMG Radio, on this occasion in Sydney.

Late yesterday afternoon, the News Director for Nova 969 and 95.3 Denee Savoia and 95.3 presenter Anthony Maroon (right) were axed, and have now left the company. 

This follows the sackings of around half of the DMG Melbourne newsroom earlier on Tuesday afternoon. Nikole Gunn, James Lake and Bree Roberts were axed from the Nova/91.5 newsroom (read here).

A DMG insider has said that their understanding is that the redundancies are preceding a formal relaunch of 95.3 and 91.5 in their new format: which, based on what they are presently playing, is best described as a 'Variety AC' with a 40-54 female target.

The company is yet to take the brands to market. Below is a recent daytime hour from what appears to be the new format for 95.3/91.5.



Kiss on my list Hall & Oates 80s
All cried out Alison Moyet 80s
Wicked game Chris Isaak 90s
Come said the boy Mondo Rock 80s
Stuck with you Huey Lewis 80s
In the air tonight Phil Collins 80s
Everywhere Fleetwood Mac 80s
Love of the common people Paul Young 80s
When a man loves a woman Percy Sledge 60s
Dancing on the ceiling Lionel Richie 80s
Over you Roxy Music 70s
Don't let the sun go down on me Elton John/George Michael 90s



nickatnights(22:35 24 Apr 2012)
There seems to be a mistake in your report. You have posted a WSFM / Gold playlist by accident.
Anonymous(3:50 25 Apr 2012)
Blur Blur Blur - and watch em knee jerk, careful you don't knee jerk - word of the day!
Anonymous(13:47 25 Apr 2012)
Never happy when I see good people unceremoniously flung who have put in big efforts over the years. Between Gunners, Denee and Maroon you are looking at 20 years of dedicated service. To me it seems like the classic programmers mindset of these people can't/won't change therefore we need a new bunch...
Anonymous(20:41 25 Apr 2012)
Sydney's never had a giant AC like Kost in LA or Lite in New York.This is close but not quite there.
Great Easy Hits and the right peronalities/voices.
Needs more hot hits blended with 60s-90s plus Great American Jingles.
The gap is still there!

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