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Studio's dead. What do you do?

What would you do if you were on the air at the radio station with the highest cume in Australia, and the playout system froze completely?

Have a listen below:

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And yes MC, we reckon you handled it pretty well.

Published on Published on Monday, 04 June 2012 14:00

squinty (4:26am 04 Jun 2012)
This is why I recon MC is one of the best!

Great way to make fun of a problem you wish would never happen to you!

And he is a damn nice guy too!

Well done MC! If not this years ACRA winner, it's deffently yours next year! Ha!
Dave Evans (4:30am 04 Jun 2012)
Great save!! haha yes it's so easy to laugh at someone else when it happens to them, but when it happens to you, what on earth do you say or do!! haha great job when put on the spot :)
Shotgun Max Treager (4:33am 04 Jun 2012)
In answer to your question; "What would you do"? After establishing that it wasn't gonna be an easy fix, I would have turned the mic off and waited for the stand-by tape to come on, hoping that it would have been fixed before then. I did like the iPod angle though.
Anonymous (5:05am 04 Jun 2012)
I am pretty sure this is like a dream I had once
Josh Withers (5:37am 04 Jun 2012)
"I would have turned the mic off and waited for the stand-by tape to come on"

Nice one Mr Caralis.
CB (5:39am 04 Jun 2012)
Mr Shotgun, I think MC's response was far more entertaining!
Peter Holden (6:37am 04 Jun 2012)
Great Save by MC!

When things go haywire, why not make fun out of it - great (and oh my God... LIVE) radio!
Drex (7:17am 04 Jun 2012)
That's the only way you know if the MD hasn't updated the emergency tape. then you can shift the blame to them for having S Club 7 as the first song & the old imaging guy voice. The you'll be in the clear and the focus moves to them... hahah, that actually happened at a station I was at.
Anonymous (9:22am 04 Jun 2012)
Yes a great save but seriously it has all been done before. Any jock worth their salt would be able to save from a crash, and I have done it many times. The thing is back then, before websites like this one, facebook and twitter, the only person I wanted to impress was the scary guy in the PDs office, not all the bobble heads reading about it. All this back slapping is embarrassing. It's congratulating a mechanic because he stopped the oil leaking into the coffee machine. Big deal.
Anonymous (10:41am 04 Jun 2012)
From one 'anon' to another... how about you share your name?

Then we can congratulate you on what a wonderful jock you are as well! And if that doesn't make you feel better, we can give you a cuddle!

Seriously, what's wrong with enjoying a bloke making the most out of an unideal situation? Sheesh. Have a good shift in Bonnydoon tomorrow.
Shotgun Max Treager (11:44am 04 Jun 2012)
I agree CB, but that wasn't the question. By the way, it would be Mr. Treager, not Mr. Shotgun :)
Anonymous (11:56am 04 Jun 2012)
Hey Anonymous,

Jelous much? you sound like, just because you didn't get credit from your radio peers that no one else should.

Seb (11:56pm 04 Jun 2012)
Hey Drex, that wasn't the station you and I were at once?
Anonymous (1:39am 05 Jun 2012)
I remember listening to a similar thing happen to Steve Hart at MMM Adelaide in the late 90s (which ruined my illusion that radio stations used CDs and not computers...!).

He covered it a similar way but I remember the computer system reboot within abour 45 seconds and he was back on-air with music. Funny how technology has 'advanced' over the years.. right?
Gunner (The Wasp) (5:37am 05 Jun 2012)
If you really are a 'true' jock, like for instance 'shotgun' you'd have a mini disc build into your gut. Then you'd just press your jamie angel cloned gut against the mike, and the hits... well they'd never stop. PS: Caralis pays in bags of money, do you?
Anonymous (9:56am 05 Jun 2012)
haha...bloody hell. bait taken. precious much? christ almighty, well done to the guy. just saying that before smartphones, we did shit because it needed to be done, and then had a beer. now, it seems we do it, have a beer and then post it hoping that craig bruce will see it.
Jason McLean (6:19am 06 Jun 2012)
Very impressive from MC.....he didn't freeze like the system. In fact, he was rather entertaining, what would have been even more entertaining is if he actually played one of those CD's from 1972.
Phil Grey (12:44am 07 Jun 2012)
Brilliantly done, I was entertained.

I agree Jason, the CD from '72 could've been killer...
Nick (5:32am 07 Jun 2012)
I always keep a copy of this to hand for just such an occasion...
PJ the DJ (12:31pm 19 Jun 2012)
When I was doing mid-dawns at Fox in the late 90's, I'd occasionally play a CD (extended mix) instead of Maestro.

Shame it was 4am and I fell asleep for a short while - it might've been S Club 7 on the backup tape (it was the right time of the decade !).

Thank goodness Matty Nikolic woke me up :)
Jamie Row (10:16am 30 Jun 2012)
I have very clear memories from the launch of Nova 106.9. For a while there Maestro crashed at least twice a week for a month. I never knew what a "kermit" was, I still don't... I just know that when they decide not to play nice, it can get ugly!
Ella James (10:43am 01 Jul 2012)
This happened to me on 2UE in 2004. I was doing middawns (whenever I came back to radio I did middawns). I was doing an interview with Diana Thomson from the Sydney Fish Markets, it was just after 5am. She thought she was doing a 5 minute 'what's fresh' interview....she wound up doing 40 minutes with me asking her about cleaning squid...I never told her why the interview was running sooooo long....Because it was a Sunday morning, it took forever for the techs to get in and I had no phones, no computer, no access to music, I wound up standing up with the techs working between my legs to get everything up and running for the 6am show......Loved hearing this and reading your comments....ahh, live radio.....

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