Adam Lang Confirms Line Up Changes for 2UE

A number of changes are slated for Sydney’s 2UE today, which will see Stuart Bocking move to 2GB, Bill Woods go to Foxtel and Luke Bona move to mornings and John Deeks to network overnights.

Today will be Stuart Bocking’s last morning show on the station. Stuart has been part of the 2UE team for more than 20 years. He started in the News room, then as producer with John Laws, before becoming a presenter and working on every shift on the station.

Adam Lang Macquarie Media Networks Chief Operating Officer shared with Radio Today:“In addition to holding an Economics degree, Stuart has been an incredibly hard worker, a great team mate and a proven sport fanatic. He also has an incredible memory and can recall news events in great detail. For these reasons we have decided together that Stuart should stay with Macquarie Media and become a part of the 2GB team. We are pleased that Stuart's career will continue with us.”

Bill Woods who has been on Drive for 2UE will leave the station and network to cover the Olympics with Foxtel. Bill will then take up a position with Fox Sports News as its main anchor.

Adam Lang confirmed saying: “Bill Woods - it has been a pleasure working with Bill Woods and we would love to do so again.”

With Stuart moving from 2UE Mornings, current overnight network presenter Luke Bona confirmed on social media that he is taking over the shift on a temporary basis, while John Deeks will replace Bona on the mid-dawn shift.


gary scrivener(4:11 01 Aug 2016)
there are only 2 reasons i listen 2 2ue 1 is john & gary the other is stuart boking the best presenter on radio bar none. gary
June Noney(6:22 01 Aug 2016)
So disappointed Stuart Bocking has been taken off mornings on 2UE, he is such a pleasant broadcaster to listen to, never rude to callers and listens to other people's opinions, that is what open line is all about. He has been so willing to do whatever shift when reqd and the morning shift on 2Ue was perfect for him. Sorry have no time or interest in listening to 2GB. So bye bye radio for me until Stuart gets his own time slot,
Radio 101(6:23 23 Aug 2016)
I love the COO's line re Stuart "In addition to holding an Economics degree..."
You see this is the problem with radio right now - not understanding the basics, what attracts an audience and what makes a great commnicator. It sure isn't an Economics degree, and it isn't a good memory.
It should read something like..."In addition to being the one presenter that has kept the radio station from falling below a 4% share..."
Stuart is a fine broadcaster. Such a shame he has been forced into a supporting role. Good luck Stuart, and thanks for informing and entertaining Sydney and all of your hard work.
Conrad Cunnew(3:52 19 Sep 2016)
Hey management of 2UE....i have been a loyal listener for years. QUESTION: If it's not broke, why fix it ??? You guys had the best radio line up of all stations on radio...Why did you change it ??? After tuning in all day (Monday 19th Sept) I don't like it. Stuart was a big ow is Luke You have spoiled it. even my Wife has turned off. Why a Gardening program of all things instead of Luke in the AM ??? and as far as the IGA Lady....goodness gracious me....every fifth word from her is "you know"... it was painful to listen I turned off. The great station has lost it.

Revert please.... C.C.
Anonymous(9:11 19 Sep 2016)
Welcome to the shopping channel on radio. Why change, I've enjoyed listening to most of the announcers for many years. I'm not over fifty, so you've lost me. If I want to hear all the sales talk I'd go to the shopping channel, but I don't. Prefer to hear commentary on what is going on in the world without all the political correctness that is forced on us by the tv network executives.
Monica Lemke(22:09 19 Sep 2016)
I cannot believe that you could take an informative, balanced talk back radio station and turn it into a Woman's Weekly style station - full of inane rubbish. Alan Jones has finally got rid of his competition - he bought it and destroyed it!
David Curtis(2:34 20 Sep 2016)
You have turned a great talkback radio station to one full of dross and drivel,I am at a total loss to try and understand why,you have shot yourselves in the foot with this decision.Sad end for a great station.
Anonymous(1:37 23 Sep 2016)
I am so disappointed in the line up for 2ue.I moved across from 2GB many years ago and refuse to go back.Why do we have to have just drivel on the morning show.Why a garden show every day.I have just turned 2UE off until some sanity has returned.Were the morning programmes too much of a threat to Alan Jones and Ray Hadley?
Maggie(11:30 26 Sep 2016)
Am not happy with the new format - looking for an alternate radio station, definitely not 2GB.
Anonymous(22:55 29 Sep 2016)
As a listener and someone who has worked in marketing all my life, the revised 'Talking Lifestyle' programming, new brand name and new jingles are ridiculous, irritating and do not work. What are management thinking? Hello? The changes will not improve ratings and revenue - it will make them worse. 2UE was like an old friend and has just celebrated a milestone. Why change, and to something far worse? And why throw the baby out with the bath water?
Nola(9:08 03 Nov 2016)
Mardy Cole has the best voice and personality for radio ever and should be given a program again on one of your stations. She certainly deserves a promotion!
Marie Boa(20:48 28 Nov 2016)
Where is LUKE BONA? Can't find anything about him has he been axed he was the best thing on late night.
Anonymous(18:32 12 Dec 2016)
Luke Bona has just joined Triple M very recently and this week commenced doing overnights starting last night Monday 12th December 2016.
Anonymous(22:55 12 Dec 2016)
2UE needs a radio person to run the station. Not a bean counter. Adam Lang needs to keep out of the programming.
Steve(1:43 13 Dec 2016)
The 2UE result today is exactly what was expected after the disaster of the recent programming changes. It would be much better if Macquarie retained 2CH and sold 2UE then maybe the station might get some decent management decisions.
Anonymous(20:16 07 Feb 2017)
You should not have axed Luke bona, the current overnight presenter is totally boring. And the 2gb presenter is obnoxious. Thank goodness for RN and the abc. Pleased to just find that Luke has moved to triple m I shall listen to him there now. I do enjoy john and Gary and sometimes the travel show
Anonymous(9:47 15 Feb 2017)
I have been a great listener of to 2ue for years but you lost me now, bring back talk back and bring back Stuart he is the best

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