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Alexa Stats
It has been pointed out that another site is quoting Alexa stats to claim readership numbers. Embarrassing, given Alexa is regarded as 'junk stats' by pretty much everyone. 
At the bottom of this page we'll outline the facts on why Alexa stats are completely dodgy and why no reputable company quotes them.
 Employer  Role    
    Chilli FM has a vacancy for an Announcer / Music Director. Details.   asap
    Nova Entertainment has a vacancy for a Drive Show Producer for Fiveaa Adelaide. Details.   asap
    Nova Entertainment has a vacancy for a Technology Manager. - Adelaide. Details.   asap
    SCA are looking for an Announcer/Music Director in Newcastle.Details.  29 Jan
    Hope Media in Sydney is looking for a Producer for the Open House program. Details.  Feb 12
    Fresh 92.7 Adelaide has a role available for a Sales Coordinator. Details.   20 Jan
    Tasmanian Broadcasters has a vacancy for a Journalist / News Presenter - Hobart. Details.   20 January
    C91.3 in South-West Sydney and Macarthur have two vacancies for journalists. Details.  Jan 20
    97.3 Coast FM in Mandurah has a vacancy for a Music Director/Announcer. Details.  Jan 20
    Hope Media has a vacancy for for a Content Director -Sydney. Details   27 January
    Grant Broadcasters has a vacancy for an Infrastructure & Development Manager - Digital Media. Details.   asap



Why Alexa Stats are Junk Stats

Alexa gets their rankings from the Alexa Toolbar, which people install into their browsers and it tracks their activity on the Internet. Notably, it only tracks people who have installed the Alexa Toolbar, which is a fraction of internet users; and most of those being people with a vested interest in artificially inflating figures.

Worse yet, Alexa's Toolbar is considered 'Adware' or 'Trackware' by both MacAfee and Symantec and both recommend against installing it.

So put bluntly. Alexa is junk, the stats are junk.

Radio Today has been made aware that the Radio Info site is quoting Alexa figures. Given the above, it's at best a long bow to draw, and at worst it's misleading and unprofessional. Either way it's flawed.

Our view would be to treat these figures with the disdain that 99.9% of businesses do. 

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