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In a discussion recently we got to thinking about those great radio stories, promos, ads, events from the past that are told repeatedly over one or ten drinks.

The historical elements of radio, particularly the more amusing aspects, are well worth recording. There are a number of websites that are setup to do this: hosts old airchecks, the 3XY facebook page has nearly 300 members, there are no doubt more - let us know.

This new section of Radio Today is called 'The Vault' and it is dedicated to remembering, reminding or revealing some of the more interesting and amusing moments from the past. If you have something we should publish - let us know This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We'll kick it off with a ripper that Greg Smith found in his office.

Below is a memo written, and signed, by the entire announcing team at 3XY Melbourne in 1974 to the General Manager arguing their collective case for a pay-rise. The letter is fantastic, with some big names signing it!

(click on the letter for for a bigger version)

See more from 'The Vault' here.

thisiswright(0:39am 25 Mar 2012)
Who would have thought that was going on behind the scenes at the then great 3XY. Just goes to prove, even for us working in the business, it is often a case of 'perception is reality'.Just like most listeners forever and a day have thought we ALL earned big bucks, owned mansions and ran a fleet of cars, all because of the fortunate few in the biz who had/have achieved such success. I'm interested Greg, what was the eventual outcome of the 3XY jocks letter to Bob Baeck or is that Part 2 to come via the written response ?
Thanks for sharing, fascinating reading and well presented by the guys. Regards, IAN
Ric Wade(8:56am 25 Mar 2012)
Amongst the signers, the great Dick Starr!
keith fowler(15:17pm 25 Mar 2012)
Smith :-)
I am assuming you also have a copy of the "controversial" print add that appeared in B T magazine when B105 first went to number one in Brisbane
Anonymous(20:56pm 25 Mar 2012)
Fantastic. And the result? BTW - Ric Wade hit the button. Dick Starr.. Whatever became of Dick Starr... Oh. Wait.
greg smith(1:55am 26 Mar 2012)
As you can imagine Bob Baeck was quite upset when he got this letter.
The announcers did get their $200 a week just somewhat later than what was promised.
greg smith(2:02am 26 Mar 2012)
Keith another good idea of yours. I'll see if I can find it.
brad march(2:52am 26 Mar 2012)
Every dog they say !
keith fowler(4:39am 26 Mar 2012)
Brad as you would recall..
actually almost as much fun was the "outraged" email from senior management at MMM and Paul Thompson' s measured response ..priceless.

wonder if any one kept those ?
Tim Lee(1:16am 18 Feb 2013)
i wrote a similar email trying for a $2500 rise to cover cost of living - if memory serves me correctly, i walked out of helen davies' office crying.

never did get my head around contract talks...

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