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Matt & Bruno: The Probe

They were a couple of Producers of the “Kyle & Jackie O Show” on 2day,  Matt Simpson and Bruno Bouchet. They have gone out and launched a new podcast series, Matt & Bruno: The Probe.

It features interviews with some of the top media minds and gets to the bottom of how they operate and what got them to where they are.

We thought it was worth checking out so we caught up with Matt Simpson for a quick wrap on “The Probe”.

How long have you been planning to launch The Probe?



Published on Monday, 24 November 2014 12:00 Category: What's New

ABC: 400 plus positions could be lost

ABC Managing Director Mark Scott has announced that more than 400 people or close to 10% of ABC staff could face the chop.

The options for the ABC include potential redundancies, management restructuring, down grades of sites from Metro to Regional and assets sales amongst the list according to reports.

While TV is hit with a number of shows slated for a shake-up, radio doesn’t miss out either.

Current acting head Michael Mason has been appointed the new Director of Radio for the ABC. Michael will no doubt oversea a number of changes slated for ABC Local Radio, ABC Radio National and ABC Classic FM. Mark Scott said: "His long leadership experience across many of the Radio networks makes him perfectly qualified for the job."


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From Broadcasting , to Books

The team at 96five have just completed a unique story arc over the past month, where their breaky team Liam Robbie & Ness have all released their first books. The challenge was laid down by Ocean Reeve of In House Publishing, which saw all three of them write and publish books within a 6 week period.

Liam's book is a collection of mistakes he made as a First Time Father, with journal pages set aside for new dads to write and record their first time fatherhood experiences.

"The only free copy I'm planning on giving away is to Wippa at Nova Sydney on the arrival of his new baby, in exchange for a sneaky plug of course", 96five Breaky Host and PD Liam Renton said

Robbie Parkin's book is a retrospective look at parenting teens. While Ness Gibson ventured into the world of cookbooks, which compliments her side food blog project.


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Chrissie "swamped with offers"

Chrissie Swan has been all over the news since her sacking from Mix 101.1's Breakfast Show, and the PR offensive continues this weekend with News Limited.

Earlier in the week Swan had said that she had no idea why she was dumped, however she has now told News that she is unable to discuss the reasons given due to confidentiality clauses.

Speaking to News, she said:


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iHeartRadio’s: new station Unsigned Bands

ARN’s iHeartRadio has launched a new station Unsigned Bands.

Partnering with Unsigned Bands Australia, an organisation that provides a free platform for artists and bands to showcase and promote their music, videos, photos, and gigs, the new iHeartRadio station, Unsigned Bands, will give these up and coming artists the chance to have their music heard by an even wider audience.



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Triple M Exclusive: AC/DC’s Phil Rudd “Is In A Strange Place”

On Sydney’s Triple M Grill Team, rock legends Brian Johnson and Angus Young spoke about drummer Phil Rudd, describing him as being in a strange place.

The interview is an Australian exclusive that will air in full on Tuesday

Young was asked about the huge controversy surrounding Rudd “He’s in a strange place, in a strange situation…It’s something we have to get resolved, if we’re going forward, something has to get resolved,” Young said.


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Brig and Lehmo’s Life Swap

This week GOLD104.3’s Brig and Lehmo, have been doing a Life Swap – yep they swapped lives for a week.

It all started off the back of the study a few weeks ago saying women are more stressed than men.  Brig decided that her life was far more stressful than Lehmo’s life.



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K&J’s new studio in the X

Kyle and Jackie O have used their swish new studio in Sydney’s Kings Cross for the first time this morning.

ARN partnered with The X Studio back in Octobersaying:

“ARN are excited to be partnering with The X Studio, it’s fantastic that this new entertainment hub is opening right in the heart of Sydney.”

The studio offers full listener multi-media interaction with K&J and the team putting it all too good use this morning. You can checkout a video below.



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Nova Entertainment Promotions x 3

Paul Jackson from Nova Entertainment has announced a couple of key programming changes and promotions within the group.

A new  Group Programming Operations Director position has been created. The position will cover off network output, talent development and strategic partnerships.   



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Paul Murray out of the Picture?

We already know they have one man sorted for the new Triple M drive offering in 2015, Merrick Watts.

When we spoke to Triple M Network Group CD, Mike Fitzpatrick and we asked where and when  they were “announcing the Journalistic Newsy type person”  to join Merrick he told us:

“Imminent. Journalist/Newsy but also with a sense of humour. The ability to take the piss, understand we are not hiring Hugh Riminton.”

He was right it wasn’t Hugh, but speculation ever since has been that Paul Murray was the man tipped to take the seat next to Merrick. But that doesn’t look it will get off the ground either.


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Mark Scott: “The ABC will seek to protect content wherever possible

With the Budget cuts announced by Malcolm Turnball, ABC Managing Director Mark Scott has confirmed that jobs will be axed at the ABC to meet the $250 plus million shortfall over the next five years.

He spoke last night at a Senate hearing.

“The ABC will look to find efficiencies in its operations and support services to find the savings required”



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6PR's New Drive Host: Adam Shand

Fairfax Radio Network’s News Talk 6PR have announced Adam Shand will become the stations new Drive presenter in the New Year.

Adam will take over the Drive shift in 2015 from Paul Murray, who recently announced his retirement from full-time radio.



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Higher Or Lower - the Hamish & Andy Pay Poll


96Five has a vacancy for a Journalist based in Brisbane.  Details


SCA has a vacancy for a Video Producer based in Melbourne. Details.


Fairfax Radio Network has a vacancy for a Senior Journalist based in Brisbane. Details.


SCA has a vacancy for a Commercial Scheduler based in Sydney. Details.


Wave FM in Wollongong has a vacancy for a Radio Journalist. Details.


Got a question? Got a suggestion?

Got a Story?

Email Blair anytime here.


Nova Entertainment has a vacancy for a Direct Client Executive in Sydney. Details.


NZME has a vacancy for an Assistant Content Director for The Hits Auckland. Details.


Fairfax Radio Network has a vacancy for a News Director for 4BC and Magic 882 in Brisbane. Details.



The Hits 90.1 in Wellington has a vacancy for a Local Afternoon Annoucer. Details.








AFTRS in Sydney are looking for a Radio Lecturer. Details.



2GB has a vacancy for a Senior Network Support Engineer. Details.


SCA are looking for a General Manager in Albany  Details.


Stagetec Media Group are looking for Casual Engineers based in Sydney. Details.


Sunshine Coast Hot 91.1 and Zinc 96.1 has a vacancy for a Content Director and Announcer  Details.


102.9 Hot Tomato on the Gold Coast has a vacancy for a Breakfast Show Executive Producer on a Maternity Leave Contract. Details.



Stagetec Media Group has a vacancy for a Level 1 Support Engineer based in Sydney. Details.


NZME has a vacancy for a Head of Digital Media based in Auckland.Details.


2GB has a vacancy for a Broadcast Tecnician.Details.


Hughesy & Kate will take over the national Drive show on the network ARN Network from January 2015..


3AW and Magic 1278 General Manager Shane Healy is leaving the network November 14.

Stacey Skaro, 2UE’s Agency Sales Manager for Sydney, has resigned from the Fairfax Radio Network. .


AFTRS Graduate Claire Humphery will be moving to the Snowy Mountains to take on an announcing and production role at Snow Fm. 


After 15 years with 2UE, Greg ‘Brandy’ Alexander is finishing up fulltime with the station to focus on his NRL commitments.


Sean Craig Murphy is joining Triple M as Assistant CD and Creative Content Specialist.


Merrick Watts is returning to the Triple M Network to head up a new drive show in 2015.

Brian Taylor is returning to Triple M for the 2015 footy season and will head up a revitalised Sunday line-up. 

AFTRS Graduate Brendan Leggett will be moving to 2EC Bega to work as a  Drive Announcer/Production.


Karen Halligan is joining SCA for the newly created role of National Commercial and Operations Director


Canberra Ratings

1 104.7 17.3 (17.5) SCA
2 Mix 106.3 16.8 (15.9) SCA
3 ABC666 16.4 (15.6) ABC
4 triple j 10.0 (10.3) ABC
5 Classic FM 8.2 (10.2) ABC
6 Radio National 7.6 (6.9) ABC
7 2CC 7.0 (6.6) Capital
  • 10+ overall share Mon-Sun, Survey 2/2014
  • GFK

Gold Coast Ratings

1 Gold FM 14.3 (15.0)* SCA
2 Hot Tomato 14.1 (13.9)* HT
3 Sea FM 9.5 (8.8)* SCA
4 triple j 9.4 (7.6)* ABC
5 ABC 91.7 FM 6.7 (6.6)* ABC
6 ABC612 3.3 (4.2)* ABC
7 ABC FM 2.9 (2.2)* ABC
  • 10+ Overall Share Mon-Sun, Survey 3/2014
  • * previous survey


Brisbane Ratings

1 97.3FM 13.0 (13.0) ARN
2 Nova 106.9 12.9 (11.5) NovaEnt
3 ABC612 9.4 (11.5) ABC
5Triple M8.7(9.6) SCA
6triple j8.0(8.4) ABC
7 4KQ 7.5 (7.6) ARN
  • 10+ share Mon-Sun, Survey 7/2014 (GfK)

Perth Ratings

1 Mix 94.5 14.5 (13.6) SCA
2 Nova 93.713.5 (13.6) NovaEnt
3triple j 10.4(9.7) ABC
4ABC720 9.6(10.1) ABC
5 96FM 9.4 (10.7) Fairfax
6 6PR 8.5 (9.6) Fairfax
7 92.9 8.4 (7.4) SCA
  • 10+ share Mon-Sun, Survey 7/2014 (GfK)

Auckland Ratings

1 Newstalk ZB 13.4 (13.0) TRN
2 Coast  9.6 (8.1) TRN
3 The Edge 7.8 (6.0) Mediaworks
4 The Breeze 7.0 (6.5) Mediaworks
5 Classic Hits 6.7 (5.9) TRN
6 ZM 5.9 (5.6) TRN
7 Mai FM 5.2 (4.3) TRN
  • 10+ share, Survey 1/2014

Christchurch Ratings

1 Newstalk ZB 17.0 (16.1) TRN
2 More FM 10.7 (11.8) Mediaworks
3 The Breeze 10.2 (8.8) Mediaworks
4 The Rock 9.0 (10.3) Mediaworks
5 The Edge 6.9 (6.5) Mediaworks
6 The Sound 6.0 (6.4) Mediaworks
7 Classic Hits 5.7 (5.7) TRN
  • 10+ share, Survey 1/2014

Wellington Ratings

1 NewstalkZB 15.3 (10.5) TRN
2 The Breeze 13.7 (14.6) Mediaworks
3 ZM 11.3 (12.4) TRN
4 The Sound 7.5 (7.1) Mediaworks
5 The Rock 7.4 (8.3) Mediaworks
6 The Edge 6.6 (8.3) Mediaworks
7 Coast 5.7 (4.6) TRN
  • 10+ share, Survey 1/2014

Newcastle Ratings

1 KOFM 15.3 (15.3)* SCA
2 ABC1233 11.9 (11.1)* ABC
3NXFM 11.6(9.7)* SCA
4New FM10.0(9.3)*BOG
5 triple j 9.9 (10.8)* ABC
6 2HD 9.8 (10.3)* BOG
7 Classic FM 3.9 (4.7)* ABC
  • 10+ Overall Share Mon-Sun, GfK Survey 3/2014


Adelaide Ratings

1 Mix 102.3 14.6 (15.2) ARN
2ABC891 11.3(12.2) ABC
3Nova 91.9 11.8(11.8)NovaEnt
4 FIVEaa 11,2 (11.1) NovaEnt
5 Triple M 9.0 (9.1) SCA
6hit107/SAFM8.3(8.5) SCA
7 Cruise 1323 7.6 (7.8) ARN
  • 10+ share Mon-Sun, Survey 7/2014 (GfK)
  • hit107 on-air Oct 20, was SAFM

Wollongong Ratings

1 I98 23.8 (28.5) WIN
2 Wave FM 16.0 (17.3) GRANT
  • 10+ Overall Share Mon-Sun, Survey 1/2014
  • IRIS Research

Central Coast Ratings

1 Sea FM 17.7 (12.4) SCA
2 2GO FM 13.2 (17.5) SCA
3 Star 104.5 11.4 (14.3) NovaEnt
4 ABC 92.5 10.7 (9.9) ABC
5 2GB 9.8 (8.9) MRN
6 Triple J 5.8 (5.2) ABC
7 WSFM 2.8 (0.7) ARN
  • 10+ overall share Mon-Sun, Survey 1/2012
  • Nielsen Media Research

Albury Ratings

1 Star FM 22.9* (22.7)** SCA
2 The River 20.7* (27.0)** SCA
3 2AY 16.6* (11.9)** ACE
4 ABC Local Radio 14.0* (11.2)** ABC
5 Triple J 9.9* (4.2)** ABC
6 Radio National 2.2* (1.6)** ABC
  • 10+ overall share Mon-Sun, Survey 1/2014
  • * Xtra Research/ ** Nielsen 

Melbourne Ratings

1 3AW 12.2 (13.6) Fairfax
2 ABC 774 11.6 (11.0) ABC
3 Fox FM 8.5 (7,8) SCA
4Nova 100 7.8(7.3)NovaEnt
5Gold 7.2(7.6)ARN
6smoothfm 91.5 7.2(6.4)NovaEnt
7Triple M6.7(7.1) SCA
8 Mix101.1 6.0 (5.8) ARN
  • 10+ share Mon-Sun, Survey 7/2014 (GfK)

CompanyStock IDPriceChange
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