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Which Big Brother Housemate - Your Verdict?

The new batch of housemates have been locked away for a couple of weeks now and while the ratings might not be setting the world on fire, for sure some Content Director somewhere is already making their choice.

With the first lot of housemates being nominated for eviction, we thought it was time for you to deliver your own verdict.


Which Big Brother Housemate will be the first one to secure a Cap City Breakfast deal once out of the house?

Take our quick poll, we will reveal results a little later


Published on Saturday, 20 September 2014 07:00 Category: What's New

Did Karma bite Jules?

Yesterday’s Blackout Challenge with Sophie Monk ended with Jules chucking worms at Sophie.  It didn’t go down too well.

Today, she may just have had her revenge.

“This was the cruellest, most mean-spirited thing that has ever happened to me in the industry and I’ve already been given a broken foot, head lice and had my head shaved this year”, said Jules.

Today’s Challenge?  Jules could fulfil his childhood dream of cuddling lion cubs by allowing Sophie to steamroll over his laptop.  So what did he choose?  The cubs or the laptop?  It doesn’t really matter because Sophie steamrolled over it anyway before Jules had a chance to think about it. 


Published on Friday, 19 September 2014 20:00 Category: What's New

Magic FM’s Matt & Beth World Wide Exclusive

After Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton's photos were stolen from iCloud, the latest celebrities to be caught up in the drama are in South Australia.

Magic FM’s Matt & Beth broke the story about a couple of famous SA residents, who “cannot get it on.” 

Word is they sent some private pics  between themselves and they have been leaked.

Magic FM’s Matt & Beth set it up On-Air and then crafted a good online piece to showcase the exclusive snaps and a statement from the two celebs affected.


Published on Friday, 19 September 2014 17:00 Category: What's New

Julia Morris is joining Chrissie on Mix

No stranger to Chrissie and Jane’s Breakfast Show on Mix 101.1,

Julia Morris -  comedian, presenter,  actor and a friend of the show  - is filling in for  Jane as she takes some extra time off with the fam.

 “I am stoked to be sharing my mornings with Julia – although we are both over- sharers and love a chat so Melbourne listeners may get a little more information than they bargained for,” said Chrissie.




Published on Friday, 19 September 2014 14:00 Category: What's New

ARN takes out top honours for Marketing Excellence

ARN has taken home top honours at the 2014 AMI awards for the launch of KIIS 1065.

It was named Australian Marketing Institute winner of it's category at the NSW finals.

ARN were announced as a state finalist a couple of weeks ago and was named NSW state winner in the category of “New Brand, Product or Service Launch”, for the launch of KIIS 1065.

Judges said: “The KIIS1065 launch achieved stellar results, with an outstanding use of multiple channels to reach the target audience.”

With that, they are now a finalist at the National Awards to be held on October 23 in Sydney.



Published on Friday, 19 September 2014 13:00 Category: What's New

4BC’s Bid for a fridge

News Talk 4BC and Harvey Norman are doing something great for the kids.

4BC’s Bid for a fridge is a chance to nab a unique limited edition, Fisher & Paykel fridge, fully adorned with art work by the kids at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

If you’re in Brisbane you can see the fridges on display at Harvey Norman Fortitude Valley, and you can bid for one here.

All money raised with Bid for a fridge goes directly to the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Published on Friday, 19 September 2014 10:00 Category: What's New

"Wow.. Nothing"

The publicity created in the last 24 hours did the trick for Kyle and Jackie O.

For Kiis’ Intern Pete was going try the other team last night.

This morning, he was On-Air with K&J for the wrap of last night’s romp.

We will let Kyle share his thoughts:

“Shut up and get out.”

“You have wasted enough Air time on nothing”

“You are like the entire series of Seinfeld… all about nothing.”

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Published on Friday, 19 September 2014 08:00 Category: What's New

Abby's replacement, leave it to the Courier

Abby from Brisbane’s b105 Labby, Stav and Abby, has set off to have her next baby with her hubby. So that means it's down to Labby and Stav for the moment.

But a Brisbane paper has taken on board selecting Abby’s replacement for the programming team.

Some choices, being a little cheeky.



Published on Friday, 19 September 2014 07:00 Category: What's New

It’s a mans world ...well it was?

For Kiis’s Intern Pete, it’s a man’s world, but tonight he is gonna try the other team.

We all know of Kyle and Jackie O’s reputation for pushing the boundaries and when Intern Pete dropped  some magic words  amongst others, "I'm intrigued to find out what I did miss?” – it was on. 

Pete is not afraid to lay his body on the line with the various stunts he has done in the name of K&J… tonight’s? …. We will let your mind wander.


Published on Thursday, 18 September 2014 18:00 Category: What's New

Sophie Monk Face-to-Face with a bird, but that wasn't the worst of it

The next instalment in 2Day FM Breakfast Blackout Challenges appeared today.

While Merrick and Jules have been blind folded the last couple of times, this time it was Sophie’s turn.

Her first reaction, “Oh this is nice”.

But that soon changed when she found out she had to jump in and be face to face with the World's Deadliest Bird.  “I would rather bungy jump with no cord”, Sophie said.

The bird run was fine, it was what Jules did to her at the end that made things a whole lot worse for her.


Published on Thursday, 18 September 2014 16:00 Category: What's New

“Besties” the new Breakfast team for Star FM.

Next Monday Star FM Gippsland’s new breakfast show launches.  Brad & Mandy are set to bring a fresh, fun and unique alternative to the Gippsland.

With most breakfast teams, they are chucked together and you play the game of “getting to know you”. But Brad Guy and Amanda Angiolino are no strangers.

They are besties, having spent the last four years working together On-Air in Melbourne including TV Channel 31.


Published on Thursday, 18 September 2014 14:00 Category: What's New

Pacific Star profit jumps

Pacific Star Network, the parent company of SEN and MyMP in Melbourne has released their final annual report today.

The report confirms EBITDA of $1.87m for the overall business, this was an increase of 19.1% on the previous calendar period. The radio division showing a profit of $2.03m, the company also owns the AFL magazine 'Inside Football'.


Published on Thursday, 18 September 2014 12:00 Category: What's New


96.5 Wave FM has a vacancy for a Breakfast Show Producer in Wollongong. Details.


SCA has a vacancy for an Announcer at Hot FM Townsville. Details.


ARN has a vacancy for a Creative Writer based in Brisbane.Details.



97.3 Coast FM and 6MM in Mandurah have a vacancy for their Talent Bank.Details.


Got a question? Got a suggestion?

Got a Story?

Email Blair anytime here.


ARN has a vacancy for an Assistant Content Director based in Sydney. Details.


91.9 Fresh FM has a vacancy for a Station Manager based in Gladstone. Details.


ARN has a vacancy for a Campaign Coordinator based in Brisbane.Details.


RCS has a vacancy for a Managing Director based in ChristChurch. Details.


102.9 FM Hot Tomato on the Gold Coast has a vacancy for a Breakfast Show Executive Producer. (Maternity Leave Contract) Details.


ARN has a vacancy for a Show Image Producer based in Sydney. Details.


The Barefoot Investor has a vacancy for a Head of Content based in Melbourne. Details.


Nova Entertainment has a vacancy for an Ideas Director based in Melbourne. Details.


Fairfax Radio Network has a vacancy for a Direct Sales Account Manager based in Perth.  Details


Fairfax Radio Network has a vacancy for a News Journalist - Part Time based in Sydney. Details.



2EC and Power FM in Bega are looking for a Radio Journalist. Details.








Nova Entertainment are looking for Casual Announcers for Nova 96.9 Sydney. Details.


SCA has a vacancy for a Breakfast Announcer based in Albury. Details.



Radio Release has a vacancy for a Release Coordinator based in Melbourne. Details.


Brendan Egan has moved and been promoted to a new role with Grant Broadcasters as a Network Producer in their Hub operations. 


Cheryl Lardner has moved to Melbourne and joined ARN as Sales Manager of Mix 101.1.

Kenny Williams has joined the team at Hitz 939 Bundaberg as Music Director and Drive Announcer.


Peter Samios is taking up a position as content director at Star FM Dubbo. He was with 2SM in production.


Andrew ‘Dunks’ Dunkerley is returning to the position of Program Director with Snow FM and 2XL.


Beth Krapljanov has landed  her first full-time job in radio at Spirit FM in Broome. Beth recently attended Central Institute of Technology in Perth.


Jodie Williams is set to join Triple Z in Lismore, NSW.

Josh Olek is on the move from Snow FM Jindabyne to do nights and production at Wave FM in Wollongong.


Lee Stamps has joined KRock Geelong as their new Drive Announcer and Music Director.


Catherine Sligar is leaving her post at Radio Release® after a nine month stint as Release Coordinator.


Canberra Ratings

1 104.7 17.3 (17.5) SCA
2 Mix 106.3 16.8 (15.9) SCA
3 ABC666 16.4 (15.6) ABC
4 triple j 10.0 (10.3) ABC
5 Classic FM 8.2 (10.2) ABC
6 Radio National 7.6 (6.9) ABC
7 2CC 7.0 (6.6) Capital
  • 10+ overall share Mon-Sun, Survey 2/2014
  • GFK

Gold Coast Ratings

1 Gold FM 15.0 (17.1)* SCA
2 Hot Tomato 13.9 (12.3)* HT
3 Sea FM 8.8 (10.9)* SCA
4 triple j 7.6 (8.0)* ABC
5 ABC 91.7 FM 6.6 (5.6)* ABC
6 ABC612 4.2 (4.7)* ABC
7 4RN 2.7 (3.0)* ABC
  • 10+ Overall Share Mon-Sun, Survey 2/2014
  • * previous survey


Brisbane Ratings

1 97.3FM 13.8 (15.3) ARN
2 Nova 106.9 11.7 (11.6) NovaEnt
3 ABC612 10.8 (9.2) ABC
4 B105 9.4 (10.1) SCA
5 Triple M 9.1 (9.3) SCA
6 4KQ 8.0 (7.3) ARN
7 triple j 7.5 (7,2) ABC
8 Magic882 5.0 (5.2) Fairfax
9 4BC 4.4 (4.9) Fairfax
  • 10+ overall share Mon-Sun, Survey 5/2014
  • GfK

Perth Ratings

1 Mix 94.5 14.2 (15.1) SCA
2 Nova 93.7 12.4 (11.8) NovaEnt
3 96FM 10.7 (11.1) Fairfax
4 triple j 10.3 (9.7) ABC
5 6PR 10.2 (9.0) Fairfax
6 ABC720 10.0 (10.6) ABC
7 92.9 8.0 (9,3) SCA
  • 10+ overall share Mon-Sun, Survey 5/2014
  • GfK

Auckland Ratings

1 Newstalk ZB 13.4 (13.0) TRN
2 Coast  9.6 (8.1) TRN
3 The Edge 7.8 (6.0) Mediaworks
4 The Breeze 7.0 (6.5) Mediaworks
5 Classic Hits 6.7 (5.9) TRN
6 ZM 5.9 (5.6) TRN
7 Mai FM 5.2 (4.3) TRN
  • 10+ share, Survey 1/2014

Christchurch Ratings

1 Newstalk ZB 17.0 (16.1) TRN
2 More FM 10.7 (11.8) Mediaworks
3 The Breeze 10.2 (8.8) Mediaworks
4 The Rock 9.0 (10.3) Mediaworks
5 The Edge 6.9 (6.5) Mediaworks
6 The Sound 6.0 (6.4) Mediaworks
7 Classic Hits 5.7 (5.7) TRN
  • 10+ share, Survey 1/2014

Wellington Ratings

1 NewstalkZB 15.3 (10.5) TRN
2 The Breeze 13.7 (14.6) Mediaworks
3 ZM 11.3 (12.4) TRN
4 The Sound 7.5 (7.1) Mediaworks
5 The Rock 7.4 (8.3) Mediaworks
6 The Edge 6.6 (8.3) Mediaworks
7 Coast 5.7 (4.6) TRN
  • 10+ share, Survey 1/2014

Newcastle Ratings

1 KOFM 15.3 (16.1)* SCA
2 ABC1233 11.1 (12.0)* ABC
3 triple j 10.8 (11.2)* ABC
4 2HD 10.3 (8.8)* BOG
5 NXFM 9.7 (10.3)* SCA
6 New FM 9.3 (8.4)* BOG
7 Classic FM 4.7 (5.1)* ABC
  • 10+ Overall Share Mon-Sun, Survey 2/2014
  • * GfK  Survey 1/2014


Adelaide Ratings

1 Mix 102.3 15.9 (16.3) ARN
2 FIVEaa 11.4 (10.6) NovaEnt
3 ABC891 10.9 (10.8) ABC
4 Nova 91.9 10.4 (10.8) NovaEnt
5 Triple M 9.2 (9.1) SCA
6 Cruise 1323 8.7 (8.5) ARN
7 SAFM 8.0 (6.8) SCA
8 triple j 7.1 (7.6) SCA
  • 10+ overall share Mon-Sun, Survey 5/2014
  • GfK

Wollongong Ratings

1 I98 23.8 (28.5) WIN
2 Wave FM 16.0 (17.3) GRANT
  • 10+ Overall Share Mon-Sun, Survey 1/2014
  • IRIS Research

Central Coast Ratings

1 Sea FM 17.7 (12.4) SCA
2 2GO FM 13.2 (17.5) SCA
3 Star 104.5 11.4 (14.3) NovaEnt
4 ABC 92.5 10.7 (9.9) ABC
5 2GB 9.8 (8.9) MRN
6 Triple J 5.8 (5.2) ABC
7 WSFM 2.8 (0.7) ARN
  • 10+ overall share Mon-Sun, Survey 1/2012
  • Nielsen Media Research

Albury Ratings

1 Star FM 22.9* (22.7)** SCA
2 The River 20.7* (27.0)** SCA
3 2AY 16.6* (11.9)** ACE
4 ABC Local Radio 14.0* (11.2)** ABC
5 Triple J 9.9* (4.2)** ABC
6 Radio National 2.2* (1.6)** ABC
  • 10+ overall share Mon-Sun, Survey 1/2014
  • * Xtra Research/ ** Nielsen 

Melbourne Ratings

3AW 13.9 (12.8) Fairfax
ABC 774 11.7 (13.1) ABC
Fox FM 7.8 (7,2) SCA
Triple M 7.6 (7.6) SCA
Gold 7.2 (7.6) ARN
Nova 100 6.8 (6.7) NovaEnt
smoothfm 91.5 6.6 (6.7) NovaEnt
Mix 101.1 6.2 (7.1) ARN
  • 10+ share Mon-Sun, Survey 5/2014 (GfK)

CompanyStock IDPriceChange
Southern Cross Media
Fairfax Media Group
Macquarie Radio Network
Pacific Star Network
APN News & Media
Oceania Capital
Ten Network
Seven West Media
Seven Group Holdings
Nine Entertainment
Prime Media Group