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Gus Worland: Marathon Man

Triple M Sydney’s Gus Worland has been on a mission and this Monday our time, sees him take on the largest race on Earth in New York.

The ultimate challenge was set by his best mate since primary school, Hugh Jackman. The rest of the Triple M Grill Team,  Mattyand MG have also been supporting the big fella's life-changing challenge over the last six months and it’s been turned into a television series, set to screen on Foxtel’s A&E next week.

Triple M's The Grill team are broadcastinng live from New York from Monday. They will be on the streets of New York  to support Gus on his mission with Hugh Jackman set to high five Gus as he crosses the line. 

Gus' run in the New York Marathon will happen Monday morning our time, along 50,000 others.

See the video of the Television show below.


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“Inappropriate Nudity” - Who is Harley Oliver?

He is the real life husband of WSFM’s Amanda Keller.

And last night in Sydney a swath of Television and radio personalities turned out in force to celebrate the launch of Harley Oliver’s debut exhibition Inappropriate Nudity at Stanley Street Gallery in Darlinghurst.

Andrew Denton entertained with his brilliant, irreverent style, delivering an introduction of the exhibition along with sledging of his long-time friend Harley.

Other guests included Amanda’s “other husband” her WSFM co-host Brendan ‘Jonesy’ Jones, and others from the WSFM team including Program Director Charlie Fox and recent ACRA winner and Executive Producer Laura Viglino.



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SCA pitch relaunch to investors

Southern Cross Austereo are certainly dominating the radio news cycle this week with the national lineup changes, and this morning, the executive team hosted an investor presentation in Melbourne.

You can see the complete presentation here.

During the presentation SCA outlined their financial performance, including their performance in relation to the debt covenants.

They also outlined the relaunch of 2DayFM and are clearly pitching it as the newest, freshest, youngest Breakfast show in Sydney, as shown in the matrix from the report below.


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News Talk 4BC - New Content Director

Fairfax Radio Network have announced Steve Kyte as Content Director for the Network’s News Talk 4BC in Brisbane.

Steve has spent 25 years in the media industry, working in radio, television and online content production.

He joins 4BC from London, where he helped transform some of the world’s leading radio brands including LBC 97.3 and the BBC’s news and sports network Radio 5 Live.

In Australia, he was Local Content Manager for the ABC in Melbourne, overseeing a network of radio stations and websites.



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SCA share price spikes

An anonymous commenter asked earlier today 'what will SCA shareholders think (of the new lineup)'. Certainly it appears that they like the return of Hamish & Andy.

After languishing at record low share prices in recent days, the news was received positively by the market. How positively? Check out the graph below:


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confirmed: Hamish & Andy national drive, Dan & Maz 2Day Brekky

Southern Cross Austereo has confirmed that Hamish & Andy will return to the national drive timeslot in 2015, with Dan & Maz moving to 2DayFM Breakfast.

HamishAndy will be returning to the national Drive slot 4-6pm weekdays from July 2015.

Hamish and Andy said, "We're so stoked to be jumping into the Drive slot, it's something we've always wanted to do. Ever since that time we did it for five years. It's going to be so much fun."

Until then, Today Network's Jules Lund will host the national Drive show from January to July 2015.

January 2015 will also see  Dan and Maz make the leap into the hot seat of 2DayFM Breakfast


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On-Air talent get equity in SCA

Southern Cross Austereo has announced that it has introduced an equity component into a number of its talent contracts across the network.

Whilst individual contracts have not been disclosed, the company has outlined how the equity component will look.

SCA will provide, to various talent contractors, around 3.35m shares in the company, or a higher number to ensure that the total value of shares provided exceeds $2m on 30 October 2015, and $1.14m on 2 January 2016.


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Glenn McGrath steps up to the crease

Fairfax Radio Network’s commentary team of cricket legends and experts has expanded, with Glenn McGrath joining the team along with former Australian fast bowler Carl Rackemann.

McGrath, holds the world record for the highest number of Test wickets (563) by a fast bowler and is fourth on the all-time list behind spinners Muttiah Muralitharan, Warney  and Anil Kumble.

For Carl Rackemann, this is his second year with the network after making his commentary debut in the Australia-England one-day international at the Gabba last summer.


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Hey Jules, you know everyone's F#*ked off

It’s the perfect piss take for Jules and Merrick, the last men standing of 2day FM’s breakfast team.

Like when they launched with the full team, they have taken “Happy” and tweaked it just a little.

“Hey Jules, you know everyone's F---ed off."

"You're kidding. What are we gonna do?"

Merrick walks off in his gorilla suit, with Jules in his chicken suit saying: "keep dancing, keep dancing!"

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"The Voice of the North" Breached Code

4CA Cairns breached the Commercial Radio Codes of Practice in relation to Accuracy On-Air.

Back in early December 2013, 4CA Morning Show host John MacKenzie said that crime rates in Aboriginal Communities in Cape York were “30 times greater than ours.”

It was made during a chat with the Queensland Minister for Housing and Public Works.


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Rosso and Rick-Lee get it on?

This is one track you will not find on Ricki-Lee’s new album. A collaboration with Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross.

It all started after former Australian Idol star and pop sensation Ricki-Lee recently revealed to Rosso that her management received a lot of interest from people who wanted her to record their songs.

One of these songs stood out from the crowd.


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Kiss'start your career?

What do Merrick and Rosso and Rove McManus have in common?

They are just a couple of people who have swung through the doors of Kiss FM in Melbourne.

That’s Kiss, the community station that’s been part of the Melbourne landscape for 20 years and who have helped launch the careers of many people both on air and off air.

They are on the hunt now for new talent.



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Higher Or Lower - the Hamish & Andy Pay Poll


ARN has a vacancy for a Producer for the 3pm Pick Up based in Melbourne. Details.


3CS/Mixx FM in Colac are looking for a new Program Manager. Details.


The Rock in New Zealand has a vacancy for a Promotions Manager.Details.


Power FM in Nowra has a vacancy for an Announcer. Details.


Stagetec Media Group are looking for Casual Engineers based in Sydney. Details.


Mediaworks New Zealand are looking for a Content Director for The Edge, based in Auckland. Details.


3AW Melbourne has a vacancy for a Breakfast Producer. Details.




Stagetec Media Group has a vacancy for a Level 1 Support Engineer based in Sydney. Details.


Fairfax Radio Network has a vacancy for a Senior Journalist based in Brisbane. Details.


3AW and Magic 1278 have a vacancy for a Direct Sales Manager based in Melbourne.Details.


2UE has a vacancy for an Integration Manager.  Details.








Zinc and 4MK Mackay are looking for a Promotions Administration Superstar. Details.


Authentic Entertainment has a role for a Head of Campaign Activations available.  Details


3AW Melbourne has a vacancy for an Integration Executive.  Details.


C91.3FM has a vacancy for a Journalist. Details.


Got a question? Got a suggestion?

Got a Story?

Email Blair anytime here.


Mike Cass is leaving his role as Assistant Group Program Director and Nova 100 Program Director to return to the UK.

Shayne Sinclair has been appointed Program Director for Star 104.5 on the Central Coast. He replaces Dan King.


Tess Lawley has been appointed SYN General Manager.


Beth Larsen has moved from Magic FM Port Augusta and is now an announcer at Hot FM Townsville.

Clive Dickens is leaving Southern Cross Austereo for the position of Chief Digital Officer at Seven West Media in the New Year.


After six years presenting Classic Breakfast Emma Ayres is hanging up her headphones with ABC Classic FM.


Amos & Dani are the new Breakfast team for SCA's re-branded hit107 in Adelaide. .


Rohan Brown will move into the role of Program Director for Nova 100 in Melbourne. Replacing Brown at Smooth will be Peter Clay.

Karen Mason has left her role on BayFM's The Morning Crew  in  Geelong


She has been part of the Hobart market for over 20 years and as December rolls around, Kim Napier is leaving the Kim & Dave breakfast show on Heart 107.3. 


Canberra Ratings

1 104.7 17.3 (17.5) SCA
2 Mix 106.3 16.8 (15.9) SCA
3 ABC666 16.4 (15.6) ABC
4 triple j 10.0 (10.3) ABC
5 Classic FM 8.2 (10.2) ABC
6 Radio National 7.6 (6.9) ABC
7 2CC 7.0 (6.6) Capital
  • 10+ overall share Mon-Sun, Survey 2/2014
  • GFK

Gold Coast Ratings

1 Gold FM 15.0 (17.1)* SCA
2 Hot Tomato 13.9 (12.3)* HT
3 Sea FM 8.8 (10.9)* SCA
4 triple j 7.6 (8.0)* ABC
5 ABC 91.7 FM 6.6 (5.6)* ABC
6 ABC612 4.2 (4.7)* ABC
7 4RN 2.7 (3.0)* ABC
  • 10+ Overall Share Mon-Sun, Survey 2/2014
  • * previous survey


Brisbane Ratings

1 97.3FM 13.0 (13.8) ARN
2 Nova 106.9 11.5 (11.7) NovaEnt
3 ABC612 11.5 (10.8) ABC
4Triple M9.6(9.1) SCA
5 B105 8.6 (9.4) SCA
6triple j8.4(7,5) ABC
7 4KQ 7.6 (8.0) ARN
  • 10+ share Mon-Sun, Survey 6/2014 (GfK)

Perth Ratings

1 Mix 94.5 13.6 (14.2) SCA
2 Nova 93.713.6 (12.4) NovaEnt
3 96FM 10.7 (10.7) Fairfax
4ABC72010.1(10.0) ABC
5 triple j 9.7 (10.3) ABC
6 6PR 9.6 (10.2) Fairfax
7 92.9 7.4 (8.0) SCA
  • 10+ share Mon-Sun, Survey 6/2014 (GfK)

Auckland Ratings

1 Newstalk ZB 13.4 (13.0) TRN
2 Coast  9.6 (8.1) TRN
3 The Edge 7.8 (6.0) Mediaworks
4 The Breeze 7.0 (6.5) Mediaworks
5 Classic Hits 6.7 (5.9) TRN
6 ZM 5.9 (5.6) TRN
7 Mai FM 5.2 (4.3) TRN
  • 10+ share, Survey 1/2014

Christchurch Ratings

1 Newstalk ZB 17.0 (16.1) TRN
2 More FM 10.7 (11.8) Mediaworks
3 The Breeze 10.2 (8.8) Mediaworks
4 The Rock 9.0 (10.3) Mediaworks
5 The Edge 6.9 (6.5) Mediaworks
6 The Sound 6.0 (6.4) Mediaworks
7 Classic Hits 5.7 (5.7) TRN
  • 10+ share, Survey 1/2014

Wellington Ratings

1 NewstalkZB 15.3 (10.5) TRN
2 The Breeze 13.7 (14.6) Mediaworks
3 ZM 11.3 (12.4) TRN
4 The Sound 7.5 (7.1) Mediaworks
5 The Rock 7.4 (8.3) Mediaworks
6 The Edge 6.6 (8.3) Mediaworks
7 Coast 5.7 (4.6) TRN
  • 10+ share, Survey 1/2014

Newcastle Ratings

1 KOFM 15.3 (16.1)* SCA
2 ABC1233 11.1 (12.0)* ABC
3 triple j 10.8 (11.2)* ABC
4 2HD 10.3 (8.8)* BOG
5 NXFM 9.7 (10.3)* SCA
6 New FM 9.3 (8.4)* BOG
7 Classic FM 4.7 (5.1)* ABC
  • 10+ Overall Share Mon-Sun, Survey 2/2014
  • * GfK  Survey 1/2014


Adelaide Ratings

1 Mix 102.3 15.2 (15.9) ARN
2ABC891 12.2(10.9) ABC
3Nova 91.9 11,8(10.4)NovaEnt
4 FIVEaa 11.1 (11.4) NovaEnt
5 Triple M 9.1 (9.2) SCA
6SAFM8.5(8.0) SCA
7 Cruise 1323 7.8 (8.7) ARN
  • 10+ share Mon-Sun, Survey 6/2014 (GfK)

Wollongong Ratings

1 I98 23.8 (28.5) WIN
2 Wave FM 16.0 (17.3) GRANT
  • 10+ Overall Share Mon-Sun, Survey 1/2014
  • IRIS Research

Central Coast Ratings

1 Sea FM 17.7 (12.4) SCA
2 2GO FM 13.2 (17.5) SCA
3 Star 104.5 11.4 (14.3) NovaEnt
4 ABC 92.5 10.7 (9.9) ABC
5 2GB 9.8 (8.9) MRN
6 Triple J 5.8 (5.2) ABC
7 WSFM 2.8 (0.7) ARN
  • 10+ overall share Mon-Sun, Survey 1/2012
  • Nielsen Media Research

Albury Ratings

1 Star FM 22.9* (22.7)** SCA
2 The River 20.7* (27.0)** SCA
3 2AY 16.6* (11.9)** ACE
4 ABC Local Radio 14.0* (11.2)** ABC
5 Triple J 9.9* (4.2)** ABC
6 Radio National 2.2* (1.6)** ABC
  • 10+ overall share Mon-Sun, Survey 1/2014
  • * Xtra Research/ ** Nielsen 

Melbourne Ratings

1 3AW 13.6 (13.9) Fairfax
2 ABC 774 11.0 (11.7) ABC
3 Fox FM 7.8 (7,8) SCA
4Gold 7.6(7.2)ARN
5Nova 100 7.3(6.8)NovaEnt
6Triple M7.1(7.6) SCA
7 smoothfm 91.5 6.4 (6.6) NovaEnt
  • 10+ share Mon-Sun, Survey 6/2014 (GfK)

CompanyStock IDPriceChange
Southern Cross Media
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APN News & Media
Oceania Capital
Ten Network
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Seven Group Holdings
Nine Entertainment
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