The Em Rusciano Radio Show with Harley Breen “We hope to excitify Sydney?“

Southern Cross Austereo have made a move on 2Day FM Breakfast, taking out Rove & Sam and putting in Em Rusciano and Harley Breen.

SCA say the decision came after Rove & Sam along with SCA executives took some time off over the Summer and after review, decided that the best route forward for all was to move their show into another time slot.

That “slot”, will see Rove & Saml move into a nightly national show from 7pm-8pm across The Hit Network’s 43 metro and regional radio stations from Jan 30th.

Em Rusciano and Harley Breen as the new 2DAY FM Breakfast will kick off from 6am on January 23rd, positioned as The Em Rusciano Radio Show with Harley Breen.

Gemma Fordham, Head of Content, Hit Network says “The feedback we’ve received around Em and Harley has been incredible. Nothing is off limits and Em connects with her audience brilliantly, her humor and honesty is obviously what’s driven her to have a combined social media following of over 350K and we look forward to Em and Harley waking up Sydney each day.”

Having just stepped off the Summer breakfast show and after successfully hosting a Sunday night show for The Hit Network, Em Rusciano says “I’m excitified at the thought of hosting breakfast radio in Sydney, that’s a combination of my two resting states: excited and terrified. I love radio, I’ve been in and out and in and out again for 12 years! I'm like the herpes of radio… wait, I probably don’t want those words near my name for all of time do I? This job is the holy grail, the philosopher’s stone- the one ring of Mordor! I'm bringing along one of my favourite comics and humans: Harley Breen and together we hope to excitify Sydney! “

On Rove & Sam’s exit, Rove McManus says “One of the pleasures of 2016 has been working with Sam so I am looking forward to continuing working with her in 2017 at a more civilized time of day”. Sam adds “I’m pleased to move on with my friend Rove to our next gig, as well as undertake other commitments outside of radio.”

On SCA commitment to Rove & Sam, Gemma Fordham adds: “Rove McManus and Sam Frost continue to be key members of The Hit Network with their national show which will have a larger focus on entertainment content.” 

Lk(1:02 06 Jan 2017)
Good on them something had to be done. Good luck to Em and Harley.
Anonymous(1:03 06 Jan 2017)
So when SCA employed Rove & Sam, I thought they hit rock bottom but nope, I got confused. They actually just hit rock bottom now. Wow.
Anonymous(1:12 06 Jan 2017)
Network Execs - "We are committed to NAME & NAME and look forward to building that show"
Fraz(1:39 06 Jan 2017)
I for one am very excited by this. Harley Breen is an exceptional comedian and listening to these two for Summer Breakfast was brilliant. I can't believe I'm saying it, but 2Day FM have picked up a listener.
Anonymous(2:32 06 Jan 2017)
Let's all play 2DayFM breakfast bingo! First draw is how long the current team will last and second is their replacements!

But seriously, hiring someone because they have a "strong" social media following is like hiring someone because they became a hit on a reality TV show. Sounds good in a press release but ultimately doomed to fail.
Damo(2:39 06 Jan 2017)
Harley Breen probably is amazing but his role on that show has been so marginalized that it's irrelevant.

it's the Em Rusciano massive go Show with ... "guy who talks 2 seconds of the show"
Roe(2:49 06 Jan 2017)
Hang on. Do we all remember the comments from late last year from Gemma and team. 'Full faith, we will win, we will
Improve' and the like.
You don't keep saying rubbish like that, knowing this was coming. Exec101. You cover it better and smarter.
I smell a massive rat. Something has happened.
RT, find out what....
Sam(2:59 06 Jan 2017)
This could be a really great move from SCA. I just hope they take Christian Hull with them as show producer. He smashed it for Summer breakfast. the online content he was creating for the show really got me hooked!
Anonymous(3:51 06 Jan 2017)
So how many breakfast show is this that SCA has committed to in the past few years?
Mel C and the team. Dan and Maz, Rove and Sam - all were told they were in for the long haul, and now this.
Rob(3:56 06 Jan 2017)
You can only win if you're gonna try something new & if it doesn't work, try something new again until it does.

Didn't the doomsayers cry foul of the whole Triple M expansion & cricket??

Good on them for having a crack. They would've only played the same 300 songs anyway.
Mel(4:15 06 Jan 2017)
Where will they get audience from ? Could get to 4% this year. Would do better with a good team around her. If I were F&W and K&J I wouldn't be too worried. Good luck Em. This should sell a few more books.
Tommy(4:17 06 Jan 2017)
Why not call it " The Em Rusciano Show " that's what it is after all.
Some wisdom(4:25 06 Jan 2017)
The 2DAY FM breakfast show is a poisoned chalice. Whoever takes it will be compared to Kyle and Jackie O and the veritable sushi train of presenters who have gone before them and they have everything against them to succeed.
But if Austereo just sit and wait and focus on making good radio, stick to a breakfast show for more than a minute and wait for their turn to come around again, they might just stand a chance.
Anonymous(4:26 06 Jan 2017)
Rove will be cool he still gets his $4mil a year. What the *****.
Anonymous(4:34 06 Jan 2017)
I am in no way an SCA listener but Harley and Em is a show I would actually consider listening to. Well done for thinking outside the square.
Benjamin Wasley(4:50 06 Jan 2017)
This is soooo good for Sydney, having worked on this show since it started on Sunday nights, I for one know they will kill it, as for suggestions Harley is being 'marginalized and is irrelevant to the show' you must not have listened much at all, he speaks whenever he wants to and even has a hilarious segment called 'Breen There, Done That' where he's pretty much the only one disappointing that after all these years of people saying women in breakfast radio are nothing more than a background laugh, that the minute a woman is front and centre and actually leading a show, she gets accused of not letting a man speak...really???
Claire(6:44 06 Jan 2017)
FM Commercial Radio is becoming a parody of itself.
It's lucky people who work in it still care because the constant BS, terrible shows, changes, lies & networking or sorry, dual programming have pushed what they call the punters further and further away.
ExCA(8:06 06 Jan 2017)
As someone who worked at 929 while Em Rusciano was there - all I'll say is good luck to everyone at 2DayFM.
Anonymous(8:36 06 Jan 2017)
I've never heard of Harley so I'll reserve judgement or predictions until I hear their show. But I must say I hate the branding - why not just say Em and Harley. Imagine 'The Kyle Sandilands show... with Jackie O'. Or 'The Hamish Blake Show... with Andy Lee'. It just doesn't sound right or sit well to promote one above the other.
Anonymous(8:51 06 Jan 2017)
Something something "talent pipeline".
Pierre(8:58 06 Jan 2017)
Why would rove and Sam bother doing 1 hr a day at night
Troy (9:38 06 Jan 2017)
Ben is right! I have been a listener from the start and em is fantastic on her on no doubt about it but that first week Harley was her cohost it was like magic through my ears like nothing had heard before! These 2 are going too bring something too Sydney radio that is missing, a women as lead will be fresh and having actual comedies who can actually make you laugh and the fact that em is just a bloody good announcer let alone just a gem of a human! I honestly can't wait too listen because there will be something fresh in Sydney breakfast!

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