Nova unveils new branding and TVC

Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, Chris Martin, Niall Horan, Little Mix and Illy feature in a new Nova TVC which introduces the network’s “reinvigorated” branding - its first upgrade in six years.

According to Nova, the updated look and feel is "to reflect Nova’s passion for providing the freshest music and highlighting the power of live entertainment”, and for showcasing “Nova's commitment to brightening listener's lives and staying in touch with the vibe of each local city”.

Tony Thomas, NOVA Entertainment’s chief marketing and digital officer said that the Nova brand has always been considered one of the strongest media brands in Australia and the launch of the new positioning and will ensure Nova’s image remains modern, energetic and dynamic. 

“Great brands continually evolve, and it’s exciting to be able to build on the love for the Nova brand by our listeners from a position of strength into 2017 and beyond.”

The branding will extend across all touch points from on-air programming, new mobile apps (including Apple Carplay) desktop, mobile sites and social platforms and across all signage, merchandise and street teams. 


A statement issued this morning also confirmed a serious marketing commitment. 

The brand refresh includes an extensive marketing and national media campaign across TV, OOH, social and consumer and trade media from 5 February.

Nova’s last brand update was in 2011. 

More recently NOVA Entertainment invested in a significant brand study to provide insights and put Nova in a position to further develop its strong audience connection, now and for the future.

Nova’s reinvigorated look and feel in 2017 is designed to continue to ensure Nova’s image remains the dominate radio brand for the under 40 audiences.

Mason(19:29 02 Feb 2017)
Nova by Dr. Dre
george(19:48 02 Feb 2017)
wow. thats put a challenge out to the other networks. it looks slick
On point (19:51 02 Feb 2017)
Nova have nailed it with that TVC. Very strong positioning !
But the big question will NovaBoy still feature ?
Gary Radio(19:52 02 Feb 2017)
Looks like the Austereo template from 2010 minus Hamish & Andy/Kyle & Jack
Anonymous(19:56 02 Feb 2017)
"staying in touch with the vibe of each local city"
Yet the day-time announcers for NOVA100 are based out of Sydney and have no local content for the Melbourne audience
Toni(19:58 02 Feb 2017)
Now that is a great CHR tv ad. Good work Nova. One of the best Ive seen. Looks like they will have a good year off the back of this one.
Game on.
Anonymous(20:00 02 Feb 2017)
Copying Capital FM in the UK's colours and advert? WOW, Paul Jackson really does have 0 original ideas.
Yolo(20:01 02 Feb 2017)
Can Paul just rename Nova to Capital already?
Anonymous(20:02 02 Feb 2017)
Congrats Nova! The transformation to Capitol Radio is almost complete, announcers, station colours and carbon copy of their 2015 adverts.
Anonymous(20:10 02 Feb 2017)
The TVC is a copy of Capital UK's 2014 TVC
Anonymous(20:41 02 Feb 2017)
I've seen that logo before. That's right, it's on the mailbox at the front of my local shops. Just back to front.
Anonymous(20:42 02 Feb 2017)
Once again nova rips off Capital's idea and executes it incredibly poorly. Not a very cohesive tvc.
jims(20:49 02 Feb 2017)
haha. nailed it and based on the 'look over there' reaction there's some worry that the 'Kleenex Tissue' friends TVC isn't right for CHR
Seve(20:50 02 Feb 2017)
Not sure why people have an issue with rolling out an overseas TVC idea.
You SCA employees can't really think some girls driving in a car with the catch phrase 'music connects with me' is any better?

The same people who talked down Smooth are here to talk down Nova. Good luck to the guys. Wish I still worked in the biz
Anonymous(21:03 02 Feb 2017)
Sadly just a rehash of the creative used by Capital in the UK. So the question to be asked, does Nova bring anything new to the table, and why invest with them to creatively build your brand if the best they can do with their brand is replicate some one else... Not really a great endorsement for Nova.
Anonymous(21:06 02 Feb 2017)
Wow. Fresh. Well done Nova! This is really going to stand out in the market place. Especially the TVC against the tampon commercial Hit released late last year.
Anonymous(21:41 02 Feb 2017)
Is Capital a competitor in the Australian radio landscape? Looks fresh and is leaps and bounds above the others.
Gary Radio(21:45 02 Feb 2017)
LOL at that Capial TVC! Holy wowsers. That's embarassing
LOL(22:15 02 Feb 2017)
Whats embarrassing here is competitors not understanding the power of the biggest artists in the world endorsing Nova's music and not theirs. Gulp...
Viv(22:17 02 Feb 2017)
Great one Nova! Too many Anonymous haters...
Kelly(22:23 02 Feb 2017)
comparing the ad to capital and saying its not original is like saying the music ID's on air on each of the CHR stations aren't original. guess what guys its a music promo featuring some supersonic artists. its going to work its socks off with listeners. well done Nova
Jenny(22:49 02 Feb 2017)
I bet there's some stressed out programmers having meetings at SCA and ARN today. Winners put good work out, losers talk about it in meetings and social media

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