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NXFM drop breakfast show after 11 years

** see and hear what happened at their farewell here

“The Steve and Kim Breakfast Show” will not return to NXFM, Newcastle in 2013.

They have been doing breakfast at the station for 11 years. Their last show will be on Friday October 26. You can read the full statement from NXFM below.

General Manager Steve Smith said...

"One of the most difficult decisions in the entertainment business is to know when to wrap a show. The long-term plan for NXFM means that time is now. Whilst the show will not be returning, we‟re hopeful of working with each member of the show in some capacity in the future. For now, we just want to celebrate their achievements from 11 incredible years"

Steve and Kim said...

"We came in laughing, we'll go out laughing.‟

NXFM released an official statement which you can read here.

The day after the sacking, Steve Graham posted this on the NXFM Facebook page....

Published on Published on Monday, 27 August 2012 13:19

Mark Sales (3:29am 27 Aug 2012)
Sorry SCA Newcastle, but you dropped the wrong programme - should have been D&T at KO.. despite the fact I listen to them the show is getting past its use-by date.

I know S&K are the wrong side of 40 and very much the wrong side of your audience demos, but still they retained such love and affection from their audience.

And with Sarah, Sarge and St John going nicely on breakfast, you're going to have to come up with something special to retain #1 from KO.
Mark Sales (3:59am 27 Aug 2012)
Pardon me, idiot above should have said "nicely on breakfast on NEWFM..."
squinty (4:37am 27 Aug 2012)
Mark, your comments got me thinking... Could they Move the NX breakfast show to KO and move on the KO breakfast show?
Peter Holden (5:10am 27 Aug 2012)
Wasn't there some talk months ago about networking Kyle and Jackie O into Newcastle during Breakfast?
Dylan Finch (6:29am 27 Aug 2012)
I hope they dont end up pumping Kyle and Jackie O into Newcastle for breaky. I hope they find some new talent to pop into that slot or even existing SCA talent like Will and Woody or Heath and Normy - Its best to give new up and coming talent a go and not network a breakfast show
Mark Sales (6:34am 27 Aug 2012)
G'day Squinty,

Mate... you know it wouldn't be a bad idea, and I think Tanya and David's time would be limited (maybe one, two years at the most).

Perhaps move D&T to Drive (since KO doesn't take Merrick and the Highway Patrol) and put S&K onto Brekky... I like that idea mate.
robbo (3:52am 28 Aug 2012)
I worked with Steve at MMM Adelaide back in the Garth & Steve days. What a great guy, I wish him nothing but the best!!
Anonymous (7:59am 05 Nov 2012)
oh my god what a big mistake,Have only tuned in once since the last show and will not do it again,sadly missed
Anonymous (4:13am 07 Dec 2012)
Steve and Kim gone !!!!
Go oversea's for a couple of months and look whats happens. Had a quick listen to Heath and Normy zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Then flicked to NEWFM, enough said there, then it was over to KOFM. David and Tania are still there WTF ?
RIP Newcastle radio, hello Ipod.
Jason (2:57am 11 Dec 2012)
In bussiness decisions need to be made, not all decisions are the right ones, i beleive from a listners & advertisers perspective this was the wrong one.
Anonymous (11:40pm 27 Jan 2013)
I hate Newcastle radio so i listen to the grill team in Sydney. Id preffer to listen to MMM as its twice as good as an newcastle station.
Russell Clarke (10:56am 31 Mar 2013)
I have listened to so many radio stations over the years and never felt inclined to contact any, but I loved the Steve and Kim show purely because they had the most genuine relationship I've heard. Steve with his quick wit could have carved poor Kimmy up thousands of times but you could tell the respect he had for his on-air partner and vice-versa. Steve and Kim were the Ying and Yang but they complimented each other. I think NXFM have made a monumental blunder in culling something that was infectious, but in a good positive way.

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