NZ network to review if prank calls allowed

The Radio Network's GM of Content in New Zealand, David Brice (right), will review whether prank calls would be allowed on the stations he controls - ZM, Hauraki and Classic Hits.

"It is totally tragic what has happened and I just feel terrible for the woman's family. It's easy for people to forget how there can be unintended consequences and how being belittled in front of the world was so upsetting for her."

"It left us upset and frankly speechless."

He also went on to say that he thought a stunt such as this, if it happened in NZ, would be career-ending for those involved.

NZ radio prankster Iain Stables (left), told the Herald on Sunday that if in MC and Mel's shoes he would have made the same prank call.

"Should prank calls go ahead like this? Absolutely. You can't stop people having fun. I believe there is more to this than we know about."

"They (MC & Mel) need to go into hiding. No one will want to know them right now."

See more in the New Zealand Herald here.


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Paul Cashmere(9:24 09 Dec 2012)
Sorry Iain, it is not acceptable in the name of "people having fun". "Go into hiding. No one will want to know them right now". Are you a complete moron?

What needs to happen now is that the policies of every radio network need to to reviewed.

SCA broke clause 6.1 of the Commercial Radio Code. The greater ramification is that someone died as a result of someone breaking that code.

SCA rang a hospital and impersonated a family member to obtain confidential medical information. That alone could form the basis of a case. Forget who the subject is. A person is a person, regardless of rank and a member of the royal family deserves the same respect as you or any of your family in a hospital.

I am sure Mel and Michael are both too inexperienced and immature to handle the position they were put in and now are feeling the full effect of their actions.

The real impact should be pointed towards the people who allowed this to happen in the first place.

The very people who were having "a crisis meeting" today should be the ones this is fully directed towards.

Someone died people. How many ratings points justified that?

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