MC back on air at Fox FM

Michael Christian has returned to work at Fox FM this morning.

When MC left to take up the national nights position, Ryan 'Burgo' Burgess moved from SAFM to take his morning slot at the Fox. With Burgo returning to be part of the 2013 SAFM breakfast show, the station have been searching for a replacement.

Ever since the much publicised Royal prank call, MC has been on stress leave but will now permanently return to work and take up the morning shift again on Fox FM.

Hear 3 of his breaks from today below :-

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or hear it here

SCA CEO Rhys Holleran said:

"We are happy to have Michael back on air. We have always supported our talent returning to work when appropriate and today marks that occasion for MC. We look forward to welcoming Mel Greig back when the time is right."

A spokeswoman for SCAhas told the Herald Sun the network were not trying to “sneak” Christian back on-air.

"I don’t think the organisation was trying to hide anything," she said, "His return was never going to be the subject of a bells and whistles-type announcement.”

On the status of Mel Greig.....

"She hasn’t given any indication that she is ready to return," the SCA spokeswoman said.

Anonymous(0:38 11 Feb 2013)
Old mate Tim Arnold has done a stellar job filling in! And great news MC is back!
Adam D(2:00 11 Feb 2013)
So glad to have MC back on air. Happy to hear what sounds like a bit of a smile on his dial.

All the best mate - knock their socks off!
Graham G(2:27 11 Feb 2013)
So happy that MC is back at Fox FM Fox FM line up is now complete again and well done Tim Arnold for the fill in role you did so well
Riddles(2:35 11 Feb 2013)
Great news. MC is such a pro on the air, look forward to hearing him back at his best.
Tom Bell(2:52 11 Feb 2013)
This is the best thing that could've happened!

So stoked to have MC back on the airwaves...YEW
Anonymous(2:57 11 Feb 2013)
It felt right this morning. Welcome back :)
Dave-oh(3:18 11 Feb 2013)
Now that he's back, please get a new profile pic. Until now it's been a choice of 'mr happy go lucky' studio shot or the still from the news 'Mr trying to pretend I'm sad'
Wilko(3:39 11 Feb 2013)
Excellent news, welcome back MC.
Anonymous(3:53 11 Feb 2013)
Welcome back MC!
Melbourne radio is better with your return.
One of the true 'nice blokes' in the industry.
Pete Curulli(4:06 11 Feb 2013)
Stoked to hear this news! Good on you mate, great to see you back on your feet! Fox FM's the better off for it!
Nic Kelly(9:48 11 Feb 2013)
One of the nicest dudes in the business, a truly special talent & the reason I started. Welcome back man :)
Dancing Dean Kane(21:30 11 Feb 2013)
Ere' is alright ey!!!!! Good on you mate.
Joel Makings(1:48 12 Feb 2013)
good to have you back on radio mate
Peter, Liverpool, England(16:41 05 Jun 2013)
The day we have to stop telling jokes will be a very sad day. Great to see MC is back where he should be and awarded for it! Not everyone in the UK is as pathetic as the media make out!!! I have met no-one who cast any blame for the poor nurse; it was one of those unpredicatable things.
suburban boy(11:24 10 Jul 2013)
Yes great lets bring him back I mean nothing else matters does it, everything's just fine again.

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