Martin/Molloy placed into NFSA

The Martin/Molloy radio show was completely groundbreaking.

Whilst many people may not recall, at the time they started, there had not been a lot of 'content' programs on Drive, the timeslot at the time was dominated by music shifts, and there certainly had not been any truly national shows.

Martin/Molloy changed that, and in doing so paved the way for many personality shows in the drive timeslot over subsequent years.

Now, Tony Martin has gifted his complete Martin/Molloy archive to the National Film and Sound Archive. Speaking to Radio Today, Tony commented;

'It's been quite a job keeping all these cassettes out of direct sunlight for the last couple of decades. The problem for any potential archivist is that, being tapes, they have to be digitised in 'real time' - no 'drag and copy' shortcuts are possible."

"I feel for the person who will have to transfer them all; they'll probably be mystified by endless references to people like Mal Colston, Roy Hampsen, and Wa Wa Nee."

The collection of 185 (count them!) 90 minute cassettes, are a part of Australian radio history and it is fantastic that they will be placed into the NFSA.

Firstly a photo of the actual archive of Martin/Molloy cassettes;

Secondly a run-sheet for one of the episodes;

And as a sweetener, how is every sketch from 5 years of the Degeneration Breakfast show on Triple M.

More from the Degeneration;


The National Film and Sound Archive is a fitting place for the audio to be placed, as Tony Martin said however; "it will take them weeks to transfer it all to digital". Maybe so, but worth it.

And if you missed Scott Muller's interview with Tony Martin last year, you can read it here.


Luke James(3:10 20 Feb 2013)
Can't wait to re discover the radio gold!
Anonymous(3:23 20 Feb 2013)
Absolute legends. Possibly the greatest on air team ever in this country. Groundbreaking is right.
They paved the way for all the others Hamish & Andy, Fi Fi & Jules, Meshel, Tim and Marty ,
Merrick & The Highway Patrol etc etc etc. That show should be in NFSA as its Australian broadcasting history.
Maryanne(3:40 20 Feb 2013)
if you would like to see some information about radio at the NFSA head to
Matt(5:34 20 Feb 2013)
I loved that show, it was one of the funniest radio shows ever. That is until "Get This" came along.
Simon(5:35 20 Feb 2013)
So where can we sign up to do that job? :) :) Thanks Tony!
Anonymous(6:09 20 Feb 2013)
This is dizzy stuff folks.
Anonymous(6:54 20 Feb 2013)
It's great to see a piece of history being so well cared for.
Wayne Gibbs (9:59 20 Feb 2013)
I was wearing out, (if you can do that) The three cd's from that show till "Get This" "Brilliant Brilliant". Tony, you've floored me!, to get the chance to listen to those tapes is my Holly Grail, your the best!
Matt(12:07 20 Feb 2013)
Who could forget "Fully Grown Baby"?? These guys are legends.
Casey(13:00 20 Feb 2013)
Well I only have 500-700 full episodes to restore to the best quality. Who wants to help me with that!
tim lee(18:20 20 Feb 2013)
if only i could travel back in time and tell my 12 year old self, crying on the martyrs bus travelling to warburton (the sticks, victoria) on their last show that this most excellent day would come.
Dan King(20:20 20 Feb 2013)
Well said! A piece of all of us
Bianca Dye(23:58 20 Feb 2013)
I remember I had packed up my crappy little ford laser with everything I owned & was driving off to my new gig hosting The Nightshift on Gold Fm on the Goldy & i listened to "eat your peas" the WHOLE drive (from Gosford where i was doing brekky at Sea fm) & I nearly drove off the road crying with laughter - definately inspired me as a radio chick! A great day for radio royalty... LEGENDS!
Sebastian Bustamante(0:23 21 Feb 2013)
I know someone at the NFSA that actually does this job! I will be getting in touch with him that's for sure!

"More sheilas.....more grog"
Billows(3:47 21 Feb 2013)
This could be a stupid question, but does that mean this goldmine would be available to download?
Anonymous(4:07 21 Feb 2013)
I can never forget 'Crazy Lesbians Full Of Beans' remix. Only TM and MM can get Prodigy on air on a Today Network station.
Anonymous(6:22 13 Mar 2013)
For those who can never get access to the NFSA try here -

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