Mix Sydney - Kiis, Kyle & a baby

With Mix 106.5 promoting all morning that they had a big announcement at 8am, many were assuming it would deal with the future of the breakfast show and the possibility that there will be a change.

Lukis and Stynes built it up and then revealed that Yumi is having a baby (hear the audio below).

In other Mix news, ARN reportedly registered a bunch of domain names in Australia early last week under the Kiss or Kiis brand (as Brad March revealed last weekend here).

US website RadioInsight has identified the full list of domains currently registered. They are KIISAus.com.au, KISSAus.com.au plus all of ARN's FM radio stations in Australia with KIIS and KISS options. See list below....


Mix 106.5 1065KIIS.com.au, 1065KIISFM.com.au, 1065KISSFM.com.au, KIIS1065.com.au, KIISFM1065.com.au, KISS1065.com.au, KISS1065FM.com.au
WSFM KISS1017.com.au
The Edge KIIS961.com.au
Mix 101.1 KIIS1011.com.au
Gold 104.3 KISS1043.com.au
97.3FM KIIS973.com.au
4KQ ----- (am station)
Mix 102.3 KIIS1023.com.au
Cruise 1323 ----- (am station)
Mix 106.3 KIIS1063.com.au
and .net variations of each  

Twitter handles @kiis1011 and @kiis1065 are also now active, although it's not clear whether ARN have these or someone else has taken advantage of the speculation and grabbed them.

Media in The Australian have also confirmed that the current licence restriction on 2Day FM by the ACMA will not apply to Kyle or the breakfast show if it was to move to another station. They also understand that he is not under a non-compete clause so could move without any restriction.

Hear Yumi's baby announcement:-

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

or hear it here

Anonymous(6:24 18 Nov 2013)
I honestly don't know how i feel about the whole KIIS thing, i love the L.A KIIS, but i would have thought that the KIIS brand would suit a station that sounds a little more like Nova or the Today Network. it will be interesting to see what the MIX stations sound like re-branded as KIIS.
Anonymous(8:13 18 Nov 2013)
A bit strange that Melbourne's Gold is registered?
BD(8:37 18 Nov 2013)
Would ARN really rebadge and change the musical format of its (part-owned with DMG) high-rating Brisbane station 97.3FM? That'd be crazy.
Anonymous(10:00 18 Nov 2013)
"Would ARN really rebadge and change the musical format of its (part-owned with DMG) high-rating Brisbane station 97.3FM? That'd be crazy."

They will do it IF it's been successful in Syd/Melb for 12-24 months. That's why they've registered the name now as insurance.
Anonymous(10:07 18 Nov 2013)
"it will be interesting to see what the MIX stations sound like re-branded as KIIS"

Umm errrr it's will sound like KIIS mate. Same jingles, same production values, probably even use the same US voiceover peeps.

SCA have clearly been inspired by Z100 and KIIS for years now, even down to the whole VIP thing which is straight outta the Z100 handbook. So as exciting as it will be to have the KIIS brand in Oz it will sound familiar because we've all been exposed to the best elements of that brand for years now.
Anonymous(13:36 18 Nov 2013)
Doesn't SCA have market exclusivity on RealWorld CHR (Production Vault) that uses Z100 as a platform (mix outs etc)
I'd imagine that agreement would have to stop?

The Edge already use Dave Foxx so a no brainer on using him as a VO

Would Edge rebrand again to block another competitor? Maybe they might rebrand as a rhythmic chr like kiis in LA leaving the now Mix stations running a Hot AC formaf?
Anonymous(20:50 18 Nov 2013)
If this goes ahead, is there enough audience to go around? Yes, you do have slight variations of the CHR format, but at the end day, can three CHR's be sustained in these markets?
Dave(22:10 18 Nov 2013)
I'm lovin' the new aggression shown by ARN the past year or so.

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