Paul Murray confirms he is leaving 2UE

A month ago when Jason Morrison was confirmed as leaving the 2UE drive show, it was being widely reported that Paul Murray was also on the way out.

Today, Paul has confirmed he is leaving 1 year into a 3 year contract to work fulltime at Sky News Australia.

Hear Paul's recap of his announcement :-

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or hear it here

ljames(23:49 01 Dec 2013)
Australian radio loses a massive talent on Friday the 13th! Lets hope Paul Murray pops up somewhere on our airways soon.
Trevor Fastlove(23:55 01 Dec 2013)
Big Man Big Heart Big talent.
whatever he does he will excel at or my name isnt Trevor Fastlove.
Anonymous(1:20 02 Dec 2013)
I love Paul like a brother. Well, maybe a step brother.. if you know what I mean.
Harry Groves(2:52 02 Dec 2013)
What on earth is happening at Fairfax Radio. Lots of high profile departures.
Right Wing Rob(3:26 02 Dec 2013)
Lots of high profile 'right wing' departures Harry. Funny what a conservative Government brings. Great comedic material at least.
Steve(3:38 02 Dec 2013)
is Adam Lang going to hire DB?
Carol Wardell(7:47 02 Dec 2013)
I'm so sad to hear that Paul Murray is Leaving the Show. I really loved his Honesty and he really is a Class Act.He always gave us The Facts,and I Really am going to miss Listening to his show as it Made my Day. Good luck to him in the Future.
mockery of shockjockery(9:11 02 Dec 2013)
Paul does a very good Alan.An opening soon??
Andrew Tomkins(9:27 02 Dec 2013)
I don't think there is any talent left for Adam Lang to hire. Hinch, Morrison, Murray, Collier, Cary, Hardgrave, Peter Dick, Sattler all recent departures. Seriously is there anyone left?
Margaret(5:16 03 Dec 2013)
Sad - enjoyed the show loads - particularly when he engaged with Mark Latham lots of fun. All the best for your future. No Paul and no Jason.
Christine wagner(7:13 22 Jan 2014)
I can't believe all the changes on 2ue, first time ever I am listening to other stations. Hoping I can find someone entertaining. Have to turn radio off when going to sleep as after 12 you don't need people talking over each other and joking around when you are trying to drop off to sleep. Glad dicko and Sarah have been kept they at least are worth listening to. Sorry but that's how I feel.

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