Curtin breakfast host goes on massive rant

Peter Newman went on his breakfast show yesterday at Curtin FM in Perth and had a massive go at management after he received a letter from the Station Manager regarding an interview he conducted.

In the letter it outlined that listener complaints were received after Newman interviewed a former station newsreader. In the chat he asked if her 'boyfriend was good in bed'.

"This is clear intention by the station manager Quinn Glasson to dismiss my services," said Newman.

"It was a lighthearted remark when she referred to her boyfriend as the Italian Stallion and if people are offended by that I suspect they are of very delicate sensibilities," he said.

Newman then repeatedly aired the contact details for the station manager and PD and asked listeners to call direct and tell them what they think.

"I have no doubt that after 9 o'clock he will call me in and say that is unacceptable but I am candid, I am open, I tell my listeners what is happening I appreciate their point of view, I appreciate their judgement."

"I will not be judged by Quinn Glasson, judgement will be made by my listeners to Curtin FM 100.1."

The letter also said that it was the second time in a month he had been warned about his conduct on-air and off-air.

Here's the full audio (we have bleeped the contact numbers) :-

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or hear it here

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

or hear it here

The Station Manager yesterday posted this statement on the Curtin FM website.

Read more in WA Today.

Anonymous(22:08 10 Apr 2014)
Sorry PJ, I listened a lot to your show and I found you to be boring and politically bias.

Curtin is a great sounding station that a lot of commercial stations should take note of.. great music and great announcers like Ted Bull.
rob grant(22:33 10 Apr 2014)
newman has become an eccentric parody of a broadcaster and has reached the stage where it is best for all concerned for him to hang up the headphones..its over!!!!!!
Matt.(1:19 11 Apr 2014)
GODDAMMIT GET TO THE POINT MAN!!! That talk break goes about 40 minutes longer than it needs to. Think of your listeners. They don't care about your rubbish.
Anonymous(3:47 11 Apr 2014)
I couldn't listen to the whole thing. Bad radio is bad radio, and this is bad radio. Whatever mate... offf you go...
Rhys(6:18 11 Apr 2014)
Wally(7:16 11 Apr 2014)
The primary reason appeared to have come about by being issued with a second written warning by the Station Director ( Quinn Glasson ) for partaking in some jocular discourse with the newsreader ( Georgia ) who referred to her boyfriend as “The Italian Stallion”. In response, Mr Newman questioned Georgia about whether he ( the boyfriend ) was “good in bed”?

Apparently this was too much for a large proportion of Curtin Radio listeners who slammed their gophers into turbo mode, ripping off the defibrillator paddles as they lunged towards their telephones. Mr Glasson was, supposedly, deluged with complaints from near apoplectic Curtin listeners outraged at the intimation of rampant sexual activity between the cadet journalist Georgia and her beau. However, it should be noted that neither Georgia nor Mr Newman appeared concerned by the exchange of banter.

Now this is where it got sinister. Mr Newman, then accused Mr Glasson (allegedly a card carrying member of the Labor party) of using the risqué intercourse with his newsreader as an excuse to sack poor Pete under the three strikes and you’re out legislation. Mr Newman has on previous occasions made it blatantly apparent that he was not a great fan of Ms Gillard or Mr Rudd, but then again neither were most Australians as was proven at the last general election.

Anyhow, it made for riveting breakfast radio and was not unlike an audio version of the 1976 movie “Network” starring Peter Finch. See, another Peter?
Remember The Airhead?(8:03 11 Apr 2014)
Loving the comments published about this article.

Can always rely on Perth to bring out the most humourous comments.

Seems like all the former 'The Airhead' site contributors have found the site!

RIP Airhead, champagne comedy about less than beer budget radio.

PS. did anyone ever conclusively identify who 'The Airhead' was?
Irene Smith(11:55 11 Apr 2014)
Loved listening to Peter Newman, if there were more like him life wouldn't be so boring, his comments on politics was A1. Hope to hear you back where ever it may be.
Chris Brown(12:07 11 Apr 2014)
No they tried and failed to ever find out who was the Airhead
Steve Mulvey(12:58 11 Apr 2014)
Anonymous, Rob and Matt.

I bet you have never done a thing of importance in your life. To kick a man when he is down is as low as one can go.

All the best Pete.
Anonymous(22:29 11 Apr 2014)
Has mental health become the new black? panacea for poor behaviour....maybe Pete can catch up with Troy and drive the issue home!
Anonymous(22:40 11 Apr 2014)
Spare a thought for the real victim in all this...Journalist Georgia's sensational sex life have been used a scape goat to settle a manager's long standing grudge on a rogue presenter....
Leo VV(4:04 14 Apr 2014)
I'm 48 - lived in Melb, Canb, Syd & now Perth and I reckon PJN is the BEST radio host I've ever listened to.
It would be a real shame & catastrophe if PJN doesn't return to Curtn. If he doesn't - I will strike Curtin FM from my radio.
Come back Pete - we miss you already.
Anonymous(7:58 16 Apr 2014)
He is so damn self-important! I just listened to it again, the whole thing was so inappropriate. Yes it would seem that MH issues are the new black..........unbelievable.
Patricia Forsyth-Reid(16:39 20 Apr 2014)
PJN tells you everything the way it is. Ted Bull should be on the scrap heap. If the young lady in question was offended by the direct question she should have walked.
If PJN does not return to his breakfast job I will not be renewing my membership.
People without sin can through the first stone.
mavis wilson(9:57 28 Apr 2014)
I was dissappointed by Peters remark. I wish him well, and hope he comes back soon. But Curtin's presenters are all fantastic, andit will remain my only radio station. Keep up the great work!!!
Anonymous(14:05 05 May 2014)
I no longer listen to breakfast on 100.1. Ted Bull is probably a nice bloke but since he started with 100.1 I switch stations every time I hear his voice with that endless chatter about nothing in particular. I will not be renewing my membership or donating until Peter is back on air.
Best wishes to Peter. .
anonymous(5:30 12 May 2014)
When is PJN coming back.....I now listen to another early morning radio station, as I'm sorry to say Curtin is a tad boring lately.....Please let us know if and when Pete is coming back!!!! I can switch the dial again, thanks
Anonymous(2:15 21 May 2014)
I too have boycotted Curtain radio. As for Ted Bull he is boring and I wont listen to him
at the moment I have found another community radio station.
Come back soon Pete.
Andrew(11:16 30 May 2014)
She implied it buy saying Italian Stallion and he said it.So what u hear much worse in the news,to be worried about two friends having a joke and a laugh without hurting anybody else.
Ric(23:37 05 Jun 2014)
I'm not a regular listener of Curtain, but I do enjoy Alan Mannings on Sunday morning. I can imagine the zimmerframe brigade spitting their dentures at that remark. They obviously don't watch some shows on the ABC, where 4 letter words are a common occurrence. Best never to share your opinions on politics or religion, and politics is more likely to be behind this one. Better if Peter stays away, why bother being in a team of washed up used to be's ?
John(1:14 22 Sep 2014)
Grow up people im sorry to hear that PJ is gone but he did tell it as it was. I bet most of you believe what WW print. so much for peoples pov I will miss him but if he is not well I wish him a speedy recovery

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